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Welcome to The Foremost Fleet

"That is a Terrible Idea....When do we start?" - Random Wise Person

Welcome to the Fleet 1, STF's First and Foremost Fleet. Historically, though, it was not the first STF fleet (that paradoxical title goes to now defunct Great White Fleet). Our Fleet currently has six ships: the USS Ark Angel, the USS Asimov, the SS Bonaventure, the USS Manhattan, the USS Memorial and the USS Leviathan.

Fleet Reports: Please note that Fleet Reports are due by the 5th of each month. This is a mandatory requirement for all COs, XOs and GMs. A reminder will be sent out prior to the report being due. In your reports, please be sure to currently answer the questions we are focused on and include crew spotlights for the monthly awards and crew recommendations, if applicable. If you cannot complete your report please let myself or Mel know. Thank you.

Fleet News

The October 2020 Fleet report Check out how we did this month!

Fleet Identity Survey Get involved and share your views.

The September 2020 Fleet report Check out how we did this month!

August 2020 - The USS Leviathan officially joins the Foremost fleet as our newest Alt-RPG environment! Welcome!

August 2020 - We welcome Ben Simons as our Fleet Command Assistant

August 2020 - Cale Reilly Retained as FCOMM and Melissa Aragon appointed AFCOMM

Did you know GMs are part of what makes our club go?! Ever fancy being a GM? Now is the perfect time! Check out the Gamesmaster dept for more details

The May 2020 Fleet report Check out how we did this month!

The April 2020 Fleet report Check out how we did this month!

MOTD update - Huge thanks to Sharon Miller for our MOTD update!

The March 2020 Fleet report Check out how we did this month!

December 2019 - Cale Reilly appointed FCOMM and Joe P appointed AFCOMM

Monthly Fleet Award Winners

The Boat that Rocks - Ship of the Month: October SS Bonaventure

The Golden Gleeman- Writer of the Month: October Samuel Stroud

Starship Troopers- Players of the Month: October James Sinclair and Nathan Miller

Dungeon Master- GM of the Month: October Robert Archer and Jason Lee

USS Ark Angel
CO: Robert Archer
XO: D Grisham
GM: Robert Archer
Speed: Average
Vacancies: JOs
The USS Ark Angel is a Mythology Class Deep Space Explorer. Its missions entail exploration, first contact, and scientific survey work with a healthy mix of combat, mystery and intrigue.
USS Asimov
CO: Ben Simons
XO: Sam Pennington
GM: Jason Lee
Speed: Slow
Vacancies: JO's
The Asimov is a Chandley Class Light Cruiser boasting a relaxed (5/7/10) posting speed. It focuses on detailed sims, while supporting STFers who may not have the time to post on frequent posting ships.

SS Bonaventure
CO: Melissa Aragon
XO: Steve Johnson
GM: Robert Archer
Speed: Slow
Vacancies:JOs all departments, Marines
The Bonaventure (Bonny / Bonnie) is the STF's only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era ship. Its missions place a great emphasis on character building and involve exploration and adventure elements.
USS Manhattan
CO: James Sinclair
XO: Steven Sigle
GM: Gene Gibbs
Speed: Average
Vacancies: GM, JOs in All Departments
The Manhattan is the lead ship of its class. Its missions involve character driven stories and exploration of the unknown.

USS Memorial
CO: Kirt Gartner
XO: Jennifer Ward
GM: Lindsay Bayes
Speed: Slow
Vacancies: JOs in all departments. Helm JO
The Memorial is a Memorial Class ship. Its missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature.
USS Leviathan
CO: Sharon Miller
XO:J Ridgley
GM: Self Sim
Speed: Average
Vacancies: JOs in All Departments
The Leviathan is an Anomaly Recovery Unit (ARU) ship a Top Secret Starfleet division, tasked with the recovery, containment and study of those entities classified as 'space anomalies', with the purpose of protecting other Federation vessels and also nearby civilian populations from the anomalies powers or effects.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Melissa Aragon FComm Yes Melissa Aragon
Captain Ben Simons AFComm Ben Simons
Captain 2AFComm

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