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Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet!

A bit eccentric to some, Pioneer Fleet is the best fleet in STF. With amazing ships and the folks who crew them, you can't find a more interesting and exciting bunch to roleplay with..

Reports are due by the sixth day of the month. If you have any issues or have questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Golden Gleeman

Writer of the month

James Sinclair

The Boat That Rocks

Ship of the month

USS Atlantis

Starship Trooper

Player of the Month

Melissa Aragon

Magical Marionettist

GM of the month

Ian Kirby

Fleet News:

Fleet Jan 2021 Cale Reilly appointed as Assistant Fleet Commander.
Fleet Jan 2021 December Fleet report posted Click Me
Fleet Jan 2021 Matt Evans appointed as Fleet Commander

Outpost 42
Gamma Tiltium

Commanding Officer: Adam "Chimpanzee" W.
Executive Officer: Kate "Border Collie" O'Neill
GamesMaster: Liam Schoepp
Posting Speed: 5/7/10 days
Ship Class: Outpost

USS Athena

Commanding Officer: Lindsay "Beaver" Bayes
Executive Officer: Miriam W
GamesMaster: Ian Kerby
Posting Speed: 3/5/7 days
Ship Class: Mythology-Class

USS Atlantis

Commanding Officer: Kate "Collie" O'Neill
Executive Officer: Gene ‘Wookie’ Gibbs
GamesMaster: Luke Hung
Posting Speed: 3/5/7 days
Ship Class: Mythology-Class

USS Dresden

Commanding Officer: Joana Ribeiro
Executive Officer: Ben Z
GamesMaster: James Sinclair
Posting Speed: 3/5/7 days
Ship Class: Maverick-Class

MOTD Created by Steven Sigle

USS Ogawa

Commanding Officer: Cale "Panda" Reilly
Executive Officer: Lindsay "Beaver" Bayes
GamesMaster: Geoff “Wombat” Joosten
Posting Speed: 5 days
Ship Class: Nightingale-Class

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