Rear Adm. Rear Admiral Lindsay Bayes
Commanding Officer

Welcome to Exodus! Congrats to Ian and his award winning sim!! We're moving along towards the finish line, so keep up the great writing.

Please pay attention to these notes regarding posting on the new site.

As always, my inbox is always open for your questions, concerns and suggestions!

~Linds, 11 Jul 2018

Posting Limits

  • 3 days - CO/XO/GMs
  • 5 days - Department Heads
  • 7 days - Junior Officers
Fl Capt Fleet Captain Jeremy DeSpain
Executive Officer

Okay all, we are doing great, Love the quality as well as the quantity of posts we have these days. The Emmas will be coming up soon, so let's WIN! some more Awards

We aim for Green Green Green, and we are almost there. Master Roster will be checked on a 3 day basis, expect friendly reminders if you are not on schedule. Posting limits are 3/5/7 days as expected, by general standard we move much faster than that, while it is not a requirement to post faster than that, we hope you want to post so often that it is almost real time. :)

Way to go to our own Ian Kirby stepping into the gauntlet, and using us for his Game Master Training Sim. So far it is an amazing Sim, and I am loving it, lets keep everyone involved. If you need help finding a place in the main sim, get with myself, Lindsay, or Ian, and we will gladly assisst you.

As Always if anyone needs help with a side sim, or character development, my door is always open, come see the XO in his office, or just shoot me an email. My #1 goal is to make sure everyone has places to post and is enjoying doing so. Also for side simming purposes there are a few hidden unrostered Characters that can make appearances.

Fleet Captain Jeremy "Ox" DeSpain

April, 23rd, 2018

GM's PipsCaptain Ian Kerby
Gamemaster Trainee

On the Edge of Forever
Mission Start Date: 6 Jan 2018
Place In Mission: Middle
Mission End Date: ---

Time travel... as the song goes "It's too late to apologise". The Department of Temporal Investigations is coming to do what they do... investigate! However, they are not the only force perched on the "Edge of Forever". What happens next could destroy the very fabric of reality.... Time travellers galore seem to be hell bent on wiping the Athena and it's crew out of existence. On the one hand that's sort of flattering, on the other.... Time to go back and make everything right again. Who's the Guardians of the Galaxy now then!

Important Threads/Posts:
  • Athena’s Sacrifice
  • Triage on the planet.
  • Security Threat.
  • Conversations with Forever
  • The Final Showdown?
  • Side Sims

    Return To Heel
    Things went seriously awry in the long awaited Caitian bonding ritual between Laraan and Stark. Rescued from the mirror realm after being kidnapped by "Temporal Knights" Laraan learned that the legendary Heelar of her race not only exist but have power over time itself. Will they complete the ritual and live happily ever after or will something else disrupt their happy ending?

    The Game of Things
    Time for a game in the lounge run by Tony. Who thinks they know the others the best? We shall soon find out. Read the rules.


  • 23 Jun: Welcome to Exodus and a shiny new site.
  • 6 Jan: Our very own Ian Kerby begins his Gamemaster Training sim on the Athena. Brace yourselves!

  • CIO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Stark Nightstalker
    Chief Intelligence Officer

    Well aren't you in a pickle?

    CTO's PipsLt. Cmdr R'han
    Chief Tactical Officer

    Nothing more to shoot at- abandon ship!

    COS' pipsLt. Konral Vander
    Chief of Security

    Abandon ship!

    CSO's PipsLt. Liam Madison
    Chief Science Officer

    Abandon ship! What are the consequences of being so far back in time?

    CMO's pipsLt.(j.g) Benjamin Grey
    Chief of Medicine

    Abandon ship! Be prepared for the fallout of people landing in their escape pods on the planet.

    CE's PipsLt. Orvos Legen
    Chief Engineer

    Sorry to do this to you so soon in, but abandon ship!

    CNS' pipsLt. Laraan Baillie

    Oh dear, not again! Abandon ship and be on standby for the crew.

    CDO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Kaylee Baxter
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    Abandon ship!

    Unrostered Crew/Civilians

  • T'Pon, Groundskeeper
  • S'Raal Cran Moonshadow, Doctor
  • Nico the Treecat, CO's mischievous companion
  • Michail, Ship's Enigma
  • Horace Harkness, Chief of the Boat, Senior-most Crewman
  • MOTD designed by Lindsay Bayes

    » Read Notes | Post Note
    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia Captain Human/Napean 5'11" 141 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (0)
    Commander Adam Chryst Executive Officer Android 200lbs 6'6 Jeremy DeSpain LOA
    Lieutenant Commander Kaylee Baxter Chief Diplomatic Officer Human/El-Aurian 5'9" 130lbs James Harrison OK (2)
    Lieutenant Commander Stark Nightstalker Chief Intelligence Officer Caitian 1.71m 65kg Ian Kerby OK (4)
    Lieutenant Commander R'han Chief Tactical Officer Romulan 5' 11" 181 Luke Hung Late (5)
    Lieutenant Laraan Counsellor Heleen 5'4" 119 lbs Julia Hager AWOL (15)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston Assistant Counsellor Human Lindsay Bayes OK (0)
    Lieutenant Liam Madison Chief Science Officer Human 5'7" 180 lbs Janice B. OK (2)
    Ensign Dan Jones Scientist Human (Texan) Dan Snell OK (1)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Benjamin Grey Chief Medical Officer Human 1,89M 89kg Hjortur Ingi OK (3)
    Ensign Karina Niles Doctor Human 5' 7" 175 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (3)
    Lieutenant Konral Vander Chief of Security Betazed 6'2" 170 lbs Steven Sigle OK (3)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney Security Officer Human 5'6" 130 Amber DeSadier AWOL (9)
    Lieutenant Orvos Legen Chief Engineer El Aurian 5'11" 200 lbs Tony Findora LOA
    Ensign Jayden Bennett Engineer Human 6'2 200 Christopher Bennett OK (1)
    Civilian Lounge Host
    Gamemaster Madam of Mayhem GMM Lindsay Bayes
    Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist GMT Indeterminate Much taller than in reality. Reducing Ian Kerby Late (4)

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