Rear Adm. Rear Admiral Linds Bayes
Commanding Officer

Our epic sim is over and now between missions, our new crew boards. We have a crossover sim with the Ogawa and keep an eye out for a post-mission awards/celebration thread.

You also all have been summoned to the lounge. Make sure those dress uniforms are impeccable!

As always, my inbox is always open for your questions, concerns and suggestions!

~Linds, 27 Oct 2020

Posting Limits

  • 3 days - CO/XO/GM
  • 5 days - Department Heads
  • 7 days - Junior Officers
Cmdr Commander Miriam W.
Executive Officer

Hey all! Welcome to the Athena.

Just like Linds, my inbox is open for any questions, comments, or concerns you might have!

~Miriam, 15 April 2020

GM's PipsCaptain Ian Kerby
Junior Gamemaster

Broken Mirror
Mission Start Date: 9 Feb 2019
Place In Mission: Finished!
Mission End Date: Oct 2020

The Mirror Universe has been broken but no one knows it yet. Imagine you'd spent your whole life looking at a broken mirror but had never seen what a real one looks like... that hazy broken visage would be all you had ever known. However there are beings in the universe not bound by such "linear" thinking. They know what's wrong and they have chosen the crew of the Athena to fix it... to fix the Broken Mirror.

Important Threads/Posts:
  • Sunset on Risa
  • Sunrise on Rura Penthe
  • Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly
  • 1:47pm on Starbase 157
  • Afternoon tea with the Prophets
  • Transporter Room One: An Early Evening Rendezvous.
  • Sickbay: A Late Night Snack
  • Science Lab: Midnight Howling at the Moon
  • Tea and Cookies in the Conference Room
  • Side Sims

    To Be Updated


  • 2020, Jul 21- Well this is embarrassingly out of date. Let me go gather stuff and fix this.

  • CIO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Stark Nightstalker
    Chief Intelligence Officer

    There is much to learn in the mirrorverse. Not all is what it seems, tread carefully!

    CTO's PipsLt. Cmdr R'han
    Chief Tactical Officer

    The Taurus Pact see the Athena as a threat, be ready for anything.

    COS' pipsLt. Konral Vander
    Chief of Security

    Watch out for dopplegangers, someone on board isn't who you think they are.

    CSO's PipsLt. Liam Madison
    Chief Science Officer

    Where is all this extra matter coming from, and why is some matter disappearing? Gather the threads of information before it is too late.

    CMO's pipsLt.(j.g) Benjamin Grey
    Chief of Medicine

    With rising tectonic activity there may be need for triage on the planet soon. In the meantime work with Science to find out why Ensign Ceres is suffering from "food poisoning" .

    CE's PipsLt. Orvos Legen
    Chief Engineer

    Risa's in trouble and the Athena is being afflicted by increased matter in the Heisenberg Compensators. Are these issues related?

    CNS' pipsLt. (j.g.) Séan Iven

    Familiar faces with unfamiliar psyche could be the beginning of some serious command issues here in the mirrorverse. Your perspective will be challenged, make sure that your fellow officers heed your guidance.

    CDO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Kaylee Baxter
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    Your doppleganger is an assassin and yet you have to be a diplomat. While helping Eddington bring in a new era of your back!

    Unrostered Crew/Civilians

  • T'Pon, Groundskeeper
  • S'Raal Cran Moonshadow, Doctor
  • Michail, Ship's Enigma
  • Julien Smith Doctor

    MOTD designed by Lindsay Bayes

  • Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia Captain Human/Napean 45 5'11" 141 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (1*)
    Commander Jennifer Wallace Executive Officer Human 36 yrs 5'5" 150 lbs Miriam W OK (1)
    Commander R'han Chief Tactical Officer Romulan 42 5' 11" 181 Luke Hung OK (0)
    Lieutenant Commander Kaylee Baxter Chief Diplomatic Officer Human/El-Aurian 32 5'9" 130lbs James Harrison LOA 2020-11-24 (12)
    Lieutenant Commander Stark Nightstalker Chief Intelligence Officer Caitian 31 1.71m 65kg Ian Kerby OK (3)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston Assistant Counsellor Human 36 1.63m 52 kgs Lindsay Bayes OK (1*)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Séan Iven CNS Human (Irish) 29 years 6' 3" 260 lbs Matt Evans OK (3)
    Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison Chief Science Officer Human 37 5'7" 180 lbs Janice B. OK (1)
    Lieutenant Scientist
    Ensign Viyara Nazeen Scientist Trill (unjoined) 29 5’4” (164cm) 132lbs (60kg) Silke Fahl LOA 2020-11-30 (7)
    Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen Medical Researcher Human 34 5`6" 110lbs Crissy N AWOL (30)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Benjamin Grey Chief Medical Officer Human 30 1,89M 89kg Hjortur Ingi OK (0)
    Ensign Karina Niles Doctor Human 26 5' 7" 175 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (0)
    Lieutenant Konral Vander Chief of Security Betazed 36 6'2" 170 lbs Steven Sigle AWOL (9*)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney Security Officer Human 29 5'6" 130 Amber DeSadier AWOL (11)
    Ensign Juvri Dei Security Officer Betazoid | Human 26 5'55 115 lbs Nicole C OK (6)
    Lieutenant Orvos Legen Chief Engineer El Aurian 949 years old 5'11" 200 lbs Tony Findora OK (3*)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Va'rek Engineer Vulcan 37 6'1" 185 lbs Dave Eads OK (5)
    Ensign Thollin bav Crirv Engineer Tellarite 27 163 cm 95 kg Jared Kurz OK (6)
    Civilian Marishka Lounge Host Klingon/Orion 34 178cm Catt Bennett OK (1)
    Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist Weaver of Webs Indeterminate Half a century and now I'm stopping. Much taller than in reality. Reducing Ian Kerby

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