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Posted Sept. 25, 2018, 10:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney (Security Officer) (Amber DeSadier)


Isabel came out of nowhere with a phaser rifle in hand and took a position behind some rocks. Her hand had become steady in the few minutes it had taken her to rejoin her department. The visions, though leaving her a bit mentally shaken, could not keep her from her job. The feel of the rifle in her hand was calming and soothing. This was cold steel and with it in her hand, she could be just as cold. These creatures were not going to survive.

=^=Wait.=^= He said again as he continued to move towards a little outcropping of rocks that he spotted. He would have to worm himself into the slight cover that he saw, but that would only be partial cover.

^= Okay, Ceres… light it up.=^=

R’han CTO

She carefully aimed and steadied herself on the rock, making a few adjustments to the gun with a calculating demeanor that could only come from a hardened soldier. Then, on R’Han’s order, she fired.

Delaney, Sec

Ceres didn’t even reply but the blast off could be heard for miles, the man was not being subtle this time around and the pod flew at near parallel to the ground only thirty feet up. A veritable hail of phaser fire streaked across the blood strewn ground. People had abandoned the stun setting and limbs of the enemy were flying, but even with all this still some were getting through and one was all they needed. They were coming now in fours, three in front taking fire and one behind heading to get past…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Well this was a fine mess he had ended up in. He knew what he had done the moment he had stepped out. Here was something that needed to be done, so it was a things that he had done. With a rictus grin as they tangled, Horace groaned out. “This is gonna hurt bad!” Just as he triggered the Phaser rifle between them, attempting to use the blast to separate them.

Master Chief Petty Officer Horace Harkness, Chief of the Boat

R’han watched Harknees for a moment… it was unlikely that that would be the last high risk behavior that R’han would see from the Federation this day.

R’han was not much for self-sacrifice although it was looking more and more like that was becoming a likelihood. On the other hand he was logical enough to understand if he was going to die anyway he might as well die for something, and for the possibility that others might live instead of quivering like a coward.

=^=Prepare to engage at point blank range. Hold to the last…=^= R’han stood and opened fire. Statistics indicated that people were more courageous when their leaders shared the risk. Ironically, they were more cowardly when their leaders fell taking those risks, so it would behoove the tactical situation if R’han survived… something he was okay with.


“R’han, we are gonna make it… just focus the fire. We got this…” Konral said, knowing this could be the last.

Vander, CoS

Phaser’s were blasting, necrotic blood was flying in all directions and hand to hand was being hampered by being outnumbered in the appendages department. However the numbers were on the side of the Federation and for every person who went down or was blinded there were more rushing out from the central mass to support the beleaguered security officers. Even children were picking up phasers discarded by the blinded and entering the fight. They were all caught between fire and blood and they all fought with a conviction that what they fought for was worth it.

Suddenly, it was over, no more were coming. Only a few of the enemy had got through, Harkness lay dazed with phaser burns a dead weight upon his chest. R’han was still standing but could feel the blood eating into him, slowed only by the strength of his own blood. Vander had a sharp piece of metal rammed into his right shoulder that grated as he moved causing intense pain. Ceres came clambering over the hill ignoring a dislocated wrist and multiple contusions.

“Reporting” he said with a grimace as he looked around at the carnage.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

“You are one of the few. Rally who you can, and reform the line, I’ll hurry medical along after we clean up the ones who broke through.” R’han took a moment to use a torn swatch of cloth to wipe away some of the blood that wasn’t his as he took a visual accounting of the limbs he continued to possess. He nodded towards the Guardian, the direction he would head first. He would start there and clean out the octopii as he moved out in concentric circles.

=^=Medical your assistance is needed… everywhere. Triage as you deem appropriate, but start on the main line.=^=

R’han CTO

Izzy stopped shooting as soon as there was no more movement from the enemy. Carefully, she scanned the surrounding area, wanting to be sure the firefight was over, even if it wasn’t entirely finished. IT was the smell that hit her first, oddly familiar. Was that something burning? Slightly chemically in scent and… She looked down. Smoke drifted from her uniform jacket as caustic blood ate through the fabric without end. She let out a little shriek of surprise and quickly unzipped it and threw it aside. She checked her rifle next to make sure it was safe, then her phaser on her belt and the rest of her person. Satisfied she was safe from the substance, she turned to begin helping, finding her boss with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of his right shoulder.

“Lt. Vander!” Izzy stepped forward and began looking at the wound. “How did you let this happen?”

Delaney, Sec

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