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The weapons fire tore Past Ghubari’s attention and she moved over to her Captain’s chair, letting their ‘guests’ handle their intruder for a moment. It was more than mind-boggling, but at the moment, the other vessel was her priority. “Arm phasers and photon torpedoes, fire when ready.”

OOC: Luke, you can play your ‘Past Self’ here. As can anyone else who was on the bridge earlier.

R”han spun in his chair squinting at what had to be at least a dozen temporal paradoxes in the making. Although somehow he was more concerned that he wasn’t one of them. That could have meant he died in the previous time line… which would mean he would have to be extra focused not to die in the current one. “Aye.” He said with a slight tone of incredulity. He guessed his role was to pretend there wasn’t a mass of hand to hand combat occurring on the bridge as he was ordered to fire the phasers and photon torpedoes. “Firing.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kaylee watched both what was going on with Pierce and also what was happening on the view screen. At this moment, she felt mostly helpless. Somehwere in this timeline, she was probably following a cat who would later turn into a woman.

Doing the only thing she could think of, she rushed over to Past Ghubari’s side, taking a seat next to her. “Captain, that man is a threat to our very existence,” She said. “He must be stopped.”

-Kaylee Baxter

“Oh, I’m well aware of that, Commander,” Past Ghubari said, her pale amber eyes fixed on the screen as weapons first from the Athena moved to strike their opponent. It seems people have it well under control.” She allowed her gaze to shift to Kaylee. “You’ll forgive me if I try not to wrap my brain around this too much at the moment. Since I’m clearly behind in all of this, I figured it best to focus on keeping the ship in one piece, while you lot save time… or whatever it is that the end result will be.” Was she weirded out by the fact that a version of herself was on the bridge? Most definitely. Not the craziest thing to ever happen to her, but it was vying for a top slot. “If you want to help me, tell me how to keep the Athena intact.”

Nico, also known amongst his people as Laughing Leaf, the Captain’s companion, and current combatant for the control of the wand thing with Crazy eyes stupid hat. Nightskin needed to have time to fight back. That was Nico’s job at the moment. It was instinctual, Nico somehow knew there could not be two Nico’s when this ended. There was still the other Nico far below him, coming to this point in time. The cat was an empathic creature that was Intune with the world around him. Few understood that could sense emotions, even fewer knew that he could communicate mind to mind. Pierce was truly out of his mind could sense the chaos that was his mind glow. It was angry, confused, and needed to lash out. It had a need to hurt and cause pain. As the wand turned towards Nico, Shadow brothers were tearing the flesh of the man, and still the man wished to cause the pain to Nico instead of surrender. So instead Nico surrendered to him. Turning the entire arm, letting the wand touch his face, at the same time it touched Pierce’s. With every ounce of Empathic power Nico had he reached out to the Chaos of Crazy Eyes stupid hat. Rubbing his soft furry chin against the man’s cheek, Nico gave a bone rattling purr, and poured love, safety and hope into Pierce. Making him comfortable with doing what it was to the both of them.

Nicodarius Laughing Leaf, Tree Cat, Captain’s Companion

There was surprise from both Ghubari’s at the treecat’s actions, of which both felt keenly. Of course, sometimes in a fight, stopping the fight was the only answer.

The surge of love unmanned Pierce in a way that nothing else could have. Years of temporal narcosis, stress and a nagging guilt complex were utterly consumed in that moment. Pierce’s hatred and anger had been the only thing keeping him alive and as the adrenalin surge was wiped, he simply… died.

Also In that moment the servo’s inbuilt security system kicked in and blasted Nico with a bolt of concentrated energy. Unfortunately Pierce and two Stark’s were attached at the time. All were blown in separate directions and lay still on the ground with the servo left spinning on the floor in the middle of it all… like a clock telling the time.

A second blast hit the ship and the servo skidded across the floor…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

“We are overmatched Captain.” He looked at the sensors, “Minimal damage to the target. Firing again.” Well he wasn’t going to give up the ship without emptying his chambers.

Current Ghubari utilized all her physical training and the opportunity available to her to grab that servo. Keeping low, she dropped to a knee, grabbed the servo with her hand and rolled away, all the while aware of the fact that the ship was about to be destroyed if something couldn’t be done. One hand holding her phaser, there other holding the servo, she tapped her commbadge with her fist to activate their special communications channel. =/\=Koraia to Orvos. We have the servo. Tell me you have a way to keep this ship in one piece or else it’s going to be a bunch of pieces again.=/\=

Looking over to the side, Current Ghubari was focused. “Stark, either of you. Secure Pierce!” Then she looked to Kaylee. “Kaylee, catch! If he moves, stun him again,” she said, tossing her phaser very adeptly to the diplomat.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kaylee gave a nod, standing from there she was seated and caught the phaser deftly, spinning it in her hands. Her arms reached out and she trained the weapon on Pierce, her eyes full of determination.


The servo’s inbuilt security system kicked in again and Current Ghubari was stunned into oblivion and thrown unceremoniously into the Captain’s chair. Once again the servo fell free and skidded across the floor.

There was an ominous pause in the fire from the other ship. The Athena’s shields were shredded and the other ship was equally manoeuvrable and circling in for the kill.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Past Ghubari looked at the other Ghubari who was unconscious at her and Kaylee’s feet. “Well, shit,” she murmured. “No one touch that servo with your bare hands,” she called out as she crouched down to check her counterparts vitals. There was strange, weird and even insane elements to all of this, and heck, to most of her career, but gazing at a person who was ostensibly yourself and then making physical contact was beyond words.

Past Stark managed to crawl over to Nico, as he got closer he could hear the little fellow’s irregular heart beat and breathing. Present Stark got to his feet unsteadily and looked down at Pierce’s lifeless body. If the body so much as twitched he was going to kill it… again.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Suddenly a wave of life energy touched all of them except of course the by now dead Pierce. It felt like a wave of warm air engulfing each one of them and then warming them from within. With that warmth came a powerful burst of renewed energy and strength, as if they had all taken a 2 week vacation in a spa in the last 3 seconds and the fatigue, exhaustion and pain fell away from them like dust.

Laraan stood in the far corner of the bridge… next to Laraan. The right Laraan held the left Laraan’s hand in a death grip and their respective outer hands they held in front of them, palms facing the bridge, as if they gave a weird kind of mutual blessing.
Both had their eyes closed and both of their chests rose and descended fast, they were both in deep concentration, combining both of their channeling abilities to channel life energy to the crew. One Laraan usually needed to touch the recipient of the channel, but apparently both of them were able to amplify the effect in quite a powerful way.

  • Laraan, CNS

Past Ghubari looked over at the two Laraans and smiled. “Right on time, Counsellors,” she said as she gazed down at Current Ghubari. She could feel the shift in her heartrate and knew she’d be okay.

Fl. Captain Koraia x 2

The lifeless weight of the tree cat hit the ground sprawled out behind the helmsman’s console. There was not much more to be said about what had happened. What they had asked, and needed of Nico had been done. The other Nico, knew it, Ghubari knew it, but he was not gone, just this flesh separated from the collective.

Nicodarius Laughing Leaf, Tree Cat, Captain’s Companion

“I know you are all having a moment, but we are about to be incinerated in a moment or two.”


=/\=Aye Captain. I have a way to keep the ship in one piece.=/\= he replied momentarily waiting for transport and considering that all avenues had been taken to ensure the ship was safe.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Past Ghubari looked over at her tactical offer and gave a grim smile. “Or maybe not” =/\=Understood, Lieutenant. Whatever you’re going to do I would suggest you do it very quickly!=/\= She was calm while her voice conveyed the urgency of their situation.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kaylee kept her eyes and the phaser trained on Pierce and slowly walked over to where the servo lay on the deck, motionless. She gingerly reached out the tip of her boot to touch it, as if to see if it was still active.

-Kaylee Baxter

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