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The pod could be seen coming like an avenging angel across the battle field. One of the beings was well ahead of it and making straight for the flickering portal of the Guardian of Forever. It’s trajectory spelled the doom of the Athena, present, past and future as it leapt into the air and soared to dive through into the past…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

The first thing to appear was a hand coming from the other side of the Portal, it held a long barreled disruptor, which flashed a single blast into the leaping creature. Following the arm came the 2 meter form of a being wrapped in dark silks hooded and appearing to flow from the surface of the portal. From within the hood were two bright blue glowing eyes. It moved an eerie nearly perfect grace.

“You might want to follow the Good Doctors Gentlemen, this is going to be close.” The being said looking towards S’Raal. The voice was very familiar, but not immediately placeable.

The other hand lifted a second disrupter as the hooded head swiveled to look for other threats.

“Sorry Father, I cannot be neutral this time” It appeared the being stated to the Guardian itself.

Gho’lem Epoch, Time Agent

“To be painfully honest,” Liam stated bluntly over his shoulder, “I’ve been pretty much doing that such the beginning, so there’s no logic in stopping now.”

Liam quickly followed S’Raal toward the tunnel the doctor indicated.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

S’Raal was pretty sure he knew this being and his mind was being blown for the third time in the last ten minutes. He also knew that there was only seconds before the blast hit and they needed to get further inside. Medical professional still, he shoved the scientists ahead of him in the tunnel planning to apologise for the rough treatment later. He would have been intrigued to see how Liam would have reacted to the blast but he wasn’t going to chance it at this intensity. As he watched the “stranger” move he became more sure of his theory as to his origins. This was turning out to be a day to beat all days…

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow CMO

Dan responded to the CMO shoving him along by trotting along faster. Dan was curious who that person was that stepped out of the portal. He had called the guardian father. Dan wondered if that was an honorific title or if there was an actual consanguineous relation between the two. Dan hoped he had time to find out after the dust settled.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

OOC consanguineous… :-) That’s my new word for the week!
There was a dull thud of an explosion followed by a fire ball and a rush of air that blew them all onto their faces in the tunnel. Whoever had just stepped out of the portal would have had to have been blindingly quick or near indestructible to escape the plasma. Then there was the Guardian to consider as well…

Rxzyth appeared coming up the tunnel, widening it as she came. As a silicon based creature she didn’t possess a face… however something about the way she was coming through seemed to convey a certain amount of panic and concern…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Sometimes it paid to be neither blindingly quick, nor indestructible. This however was not one of them. Whatever the being was as the flash of plasma poured through the area, there was no move to make the tunnel, instead there was a step backwards as it continued to aid with fire as needed, and went back into the portal, to some other time and place as protected by the guardian itself, if it survived the blast.

Gho’lem Epoch, Time Agent

Survival seemed to be on the top of Liam’s to-do list, his figure shoved down the tunnel and into what they hoped was safety. How his feet managed not to tangle was a mystery he might ponder later. His luck ran out when the fire hit the Guardian of Forever’s position. The CSO’s face suddenly found ground as he fell forward, grit dug into his softer flesh leaving pebbly imprints. Shaking the results off, Liam began to pull himself upright once more.

“Is everyone all right?” He couldn’t help but ask, his worry laced his words.

The sounds of someone or thing approaching caught his attention. Liam’s head twisted into the direction, observing Rxzyth moving closer. Not fully knowing who or what it was, his figure immediately tense at the sight of it.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

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