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Posted Oct. 16, 2018, 9:38 a.m. by Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist) (Dan Snell)


“Well, the creature is irritated but it is behaving so far. How much longer that remains will depend on our situation,” Liam answered honestly about his symbiote, disregarding his own well being in the situation.

As he stepped out into the destruction, his eyes scanned the horror that met him then into the space above the planet. He wasn’t sure what he might see. Only that it was better than standing here, among the wreckage, and feeling useless. Maybe the answers lied in the scenery rather than what was happening around them.

His eyes snapped to Dan, catching his words about the future. It was true. The future was always changing based on the actions of those creating it. Anything thoughts toward solutions felt pointless without the actual knowledge of what was happening and how.

“S’Raal, T’Pon could use your support,” Liam said quietly to the now ex-CMO of the Athena. The tone wasn’t an order, but rather a suggestion and hint that she needed emotional support from the person she loved the most. He stepped forward to join Dan.

“He’s right. Time is complicated, full of cause and effect. We have to understand them because it gives us variables and understanding how it influences the outcome,” He stated to no one particular.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

S’Raal looked at him and nodded. T’Pon, drawn to Rxzyth laid her hands on the Silicon lifeform and initiated a mind meld, her face a mask of concentration.

Meanwhile a crackling sound could be heard above and a large energy bubble started to slowly descend upon them from the heavens.

T’Pon straightened her hands still on the Horta and she looked at Liam and S’Raal. Her voice was different and had a metallic quality to it as she relayed Rxzyth’s words. “I must sacrifice of myself so that the Guardian may live again, science and medicine combined must repair him”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Liam noticed T’Pon mind meld with Rxzyth. Patiently he waited, then listened to the Vulcan reveal the Silicon’s purpose. His thoughts were interrupted when a loud crack caused him to look upward. An energy bubble seemed to bud at the top and flow downward, encasing them in the area. Once more T’Pon’s words demanded his attention when she spoke of science and medicine were required to fix the Guardian of Forever. The statement felt a little ambitious to him.

A little confused, the CSO looked at S’Raal in hopes the physician might’ve had a clue in how they could do this. Liam decided to ignore his small fear of artificial intelligence as it wouldn’t help this endeavor. Though he would be lying to say he wasn’t looking forward to it.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

S’Raal turned to the scientists. “Tell me what your scans of the Guardian revealed” he said hastily, “I’m not sure how to proceed”. He looked at T’Pon but she had sunk back into the meld and didn’t look like she was going to come out of it soon.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

“Well the scans did not reveal much, but here is what we have.” Dan reached for his tricorder to access the data.

Dan was distracted by the cracking sound and the energy bubble that as descending and thought to himself ‘Now what?’

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

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