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Suddenly a wave of life energy touched all of them except of course the by now dead Pierce. It felt like a wave of warm air engulfing each one of them and then warming them from within. With that warmth came a powerful burst of renewed energy and strength, as if they had all taken a 2 week vacation in a spa in the last 3 seconds and the fatigue, exhaustion and pain fell away from them like dust.

Laraan stood in the far corner of the bridge… next to Laraan. The right Laraan held the left Laraan’s hand in a death grip and their respective outer hands they held in front of them, palms facing the bridge, as if they gave a weird kind of mutual blessing.
Both had their eyes closed and both of their chests rose and descended fast, they were both in deep concentration, combining both of their channeling abilities to channel life energy to the crew. One Laraan usually needed to touch the recipient of the channel, but apparently both of them were able to amplify the effect in quite a powerful way.

  • Laraan, CNS

Past Ghubari looked over at the two Laraans and smiled. “Right on time, Counsellors,” she said as she gazed down at Current Ghubari. She could feel the shift in her heartrate and knew she’d be okay.

Fl. Captain Koraia x 2

The lifeless weight of the tree cat hit the ground sprawled out behind the helmsman’s console. There was not much more to be said about what had happened. What they had asked, and needed of Nico had been done. The other Nico, knew it, Ghubari knew it, but he was not gone, just this flesh separated from the collective.

Nicodarius Laughing Leaf, Tree Cat, Captain’s Companion

Stark’s looked at Laraan’s and then looked at each other with such similar expressions that it was comical. “Now I know how Andorian’s feel” one of them quipped while the other stooped to attend to Nico relieved that the courageous feline was still with them.

“I know you are all having a moment, but we are about to be incinerated in a moment or two.”


=/\=Aye Captain. I have a way to keep the ship in one piece.=/\= he replied momentarily waiting for transport and considering that all avenues had been taken to ensure the ship was safe.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Past Ghubari looked over at her tactical offer and gave a grim smile. “Or maybe not” =/\=Understood, Lieutenant. Whatever you’re going to do I would suggest you do it very quickly!=/\= She was calm while her voice conveyed the urgency of their situation.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kaylee kept her eyes and the phaser trained on Pierce and slowly walked over to where the servo lay on the deck, motionless. She gingerly reached out the tip of her boot to touch it, as if to see if it was still active.

-Kaylee Baxter

A communique came through to the bridge, not through the hidden channel. =/\=Legen to bridge. Maneuver for warp. We may yet still get out of here if we push the engines again.=/\=

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

=/\=On it, Lieutenant. Going to warp.=/\= Past Ghubari turned to the conn. “Helm, get us out of here. Warp 9.98, or whatever you can actually give me.”

Running was a tactically sound move at this juncture.

The CounterStrike vessel shuddered in space as it fired a volley different from what they had experienced up until now. Purple crackling energy flowed out from the ship in a continuous wave reaching out like a monsters maw to swallow the Athena whole…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Current Ghubari murmured as she opened her eyes to find herself gazing at, well, herself.

“You can thank the Counsellors later,” Past Ghubari said with a grim smile, helping her counterpart into a sitting position. “Otherwise I’d be worried about a likely concussion.”

Reaching out and grabbing the other woman’s hand, Current Ghubari got to her feet and exhaled. “Well that was misguided.”

“Orvos, yours of course, says he has a solution and we’re going to warp now.”

Current Ghubari didn’t voice the concern that her crew was still down on the planet, but first things were first and they had to keep the ship intact for anything to fixed.

Fl. Captains Koraia, COs
OOC Important point I need to clarify. At this time this crew is on the ship not on the planet below. The order to abandon ship hasn’t been given in this timeline. The ones on the planet are far far in the past buying you “time”. That said if I misread your meaning, I apologise :-) Ian

OOC: Yeah, when I say ‘Current Ggubari’, I mean the one whose crew is on the planet, while ‘Past Ghubari’ is the one from before the call to abandon ship. Time is confusing. :P

R’han did the math, “Course 173 mark 355 is the optimal path for retreat.” It would maximize distance and force the hostile ship to alter course to pursue buying key moments which could translate into hundreds of thousands of kilometers when the ship was at warp.


The command to hit warp speed was given and the Athena shot forward at an unexpected angle of attack. It shot across the bow of the advancing chroniton weapon setting off a massive surge that fed back through the weapons system of the Counter Strike ship. compensating for the energy inrush too slowly the ship was caught in a temporal wake that washed them and the Athena forward through time 1 day, 1 hour, 47 minutes and 16 seconds. Both ships came out of warp simultaneously but unfortunately for the Counter Strike ship it’s warp core had an added extra to it’s matrix in that over the 1 day, 1 hour, 47 minutes and 16 seconds the device that had been beamed into space from the Athena 1 day, 1 hour, 47 minutes and 26 seconds ago had drifted to precisely that spot. The device activated within their warp core and the entire ship exploded and then imploded directly into a temporal anomaly leaving empty space where it had just been.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Both Ghubari’s shielded themselves from the blindingly bright light and when it faded Current ghubari sighed. “Well, one problem solved.”

“Captain,” one of the NEs on the bridge said, clearly to Past Ghubari. “We’ve moved ahead in time over 25 hours.”

“And another problem,” muttered Past Ghubari.

Current Ghubari looked at her away team and then at her counterpart, exchanging a simple, May I? between their minds. Past ghubari simply gestured for her to go ahead.

“Scan the planet for lifesigns,” Current Ghubari ordered. the NE looked between them uncertainly and then back at his CO, whom simply gave a nod. “Scanning the surface…”

“R’han, scan for any signs of ships out there. We don’t anymore surprises if we can help it.”

Fl. Captains Koraia, Daring CO Duo

The NE Brawn came back in his broad scots accent “Captain, um Captains, it seems that we’ve jumped back to a little bit after we left the crew down there. There’s signs of a massive plasma explosion and some kind of energy bubble shrinking over what remains of the crew”. He looked at his console again and shook his head in wonder “Saints and begora, there’s a whole civilisation down their now… reading over three billion life signs outside of the barrier in some kind of city”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

“How does a civilization just appear out of nowhere?” Current Ghubari said with bewilderment.

“Are you sure you haven’t accidentally changed the timeline?” Past Ghubari asked with a frown.

“No idea at all. Time stuff gives me a headache,” Current Ghubari replied. “The Guardian of Forever wanted us to go through. We did what we were supposed to. Or at least that was the assumption.”

“But the ship had a chroniton weapon. They are unpredictable, at best.” It was true but it still didn’t help either of the captains know what to do now.

“Let’s see if we can make contact with any of the crew on the surface,” Current Ghubari said, tapping her combadge. =/\=Koraia to Chryst.=/\= Would she get a reply or were her people even still down there. She hadn’t forgotten about the device in her pocket, but she didn’t think it was time for it just yet.

Past Ghubari turned to her crew. “Find out about that energy bubble.”

OOC: I’ll let you cross-post Ian if the comm is able to go through.

Fl. Captains Koraia, Daring CO Duo

=^= Yes Captain?=^= Adam responded.

Commander Adam Chryst, Executive Officer, USS Athena NCC 17819-D

Ghubari could feel the relief flood through her. =/\=Good. You’re still there. We have dealt with the timeship, but its demise had the unintended consequence of shifting us forward in time. And somehow there is an entire civilization down there with you. But we’re safe up here and while it’s complicated, I think we should reconvene the party up here. What’s your status?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Science NE Jacobs ran a sensor sweep of the area trying to determine just how far forward in time the ship was.

Noticing the civilization that was now on the planet Jacobs ran a scan to determine their level of technical sophistication. Jacobs did not want to contaminate a pre-warp culture.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist) as NE Jacobs

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