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The scan of Rxzyth was illuminating, it showed clearly that she had partitioned herself off into three entirely seperate areas. One was the size and shape of the picture they had studied throughout their journey here, one other had minimal electron activity and had essentially become inert ready for patching the Guardian. What was left housed Rxzyth in her true nature that would continue after the operation was complete.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)
OOC Nearly there people, the end is nigh :-), or perhaps the beginning…

“I think that might work” S’Raal said enthusiastically, a nod from T’Pon seemed to agree. Then it dawned on him what the hail for Chryst meant. “If the Captain’s hailing does that mean that they were successful and the Athena is back? They have the transporters we need!”

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow CMO

There was an audible tone of relief as Koraia replied. =/\=Good. You’re still there. We have dealt with the timeship, but its demise had the unintended consequence of shifting us forward in time slightly. And somehow there is an entire civilization down there with you. But we’re safe up here and while it’s complicated, I think we should reconvene the party up here. What’s your status?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Dan heard the Captain’s message and informed the CSO that he was fine. Actually Dan was shaken up by all the events that had happened so suddenly. Dan wondered if it was the timeslips that made it appear that everything was happening at once.

Dan continued to run his scans of Rxzyth and record the data for later analysis.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

OOC: Sorry for the lengthy reply, I wanted to give everyone something to reply to and progress a bit. It’s also fun watching Liam take the leadership role when he feels pressured.

-Janice B.

IC: Liam clicked his communicator and began to catch the captain upon their solution.

=^= “Captain the crew all appear healthy, but the Guardian has been heavily damaged,=^= Liam revealed, waiting to allow the CO to absorb the information before he continued. Time was of the essence and they had none to spare.

=^= “We might’ve figured out a way to fix the Guardian of Forever using a piece of Rxzyth, his protector. However, we need to use Athena’s transporters in order to splice the piece of Rxzyth and the Guardian together,”=^= Liam took a breath then continued.

=^= “Officer Jones will be monitoring the Guardian and S’Raal will likely need to ensure the patches are placed correctly. If the theory works, the Guardian will be fixed.”=^=

Koraia processed this for a moment and then nodded. =/\=Understood. Keep us posted.=/\=

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

S’Raal nodded all business now. “I’m going to need the areas we’re splicing to be liberally coated in silicon gel as well to absorb the heat of reintegration of the electron pathways, both the Guardian and Rxzyth will need it”. He suddenly started as he remembered a conversation T’Pon had had with Lucsly right back when this had all started in a boiler room long ago… or forward. He looked at his wife who looked at him with a small smile from where she was communing with Rxzyth.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

Dan nodded to his department head in acknowledgement of the orders.

Turning towards S’Raal, Dan started a continuous scan of the Guardian and said “Ready to begin Lieutenant.”

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

Liam nodded at both S’Raal and Jones, accepting the information. Noting the lack of Silicon Gel on his person, the CSO decided the only way to get it was to request it from the ship. HIs hand pressed against his badge comm then spoke again.

=^= “Madison to Transporter Room, I need you to beam down some silicon gel now.=^=

The ship acknowledged the order and it wasn’t long before the request was fulfilled.

When the silicon gel came down, he snatched up the tubes. He then passed one to Jones and kept one for himself. He rubbed the gel into his hands before applying it into the Gaurdian’s crack upon its surface.

“Jones, first apply the gel to the portion that T’Pon indicates should be coated in silicon. S’Raal, I believe you need to get the smallest piece. It’s about roughly the size of a painting, wouldn’t you agree?” Liam hinted to what the ex-CMO might have to use it for, recalling the information he had gotten from both the scans and T’Pon.

He generously applied the gel to the Guardian of Forever. Being this close to the creature stirred up memories best left forgotten, he swallowed them down. Now wasn’t the time to be consumed by old pain. By the time he finished, Liam quickly pulled his hands away and checked to see if the others were done.

When he was confident they were, he contacted the transporter then gave the coordinates for the portion to be merged into the Guardian and the Guardian of Forever itself. Then he gave the command to start.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

=/\=Koraia to Madison, Grey, R’han and Vander. Commander Baxter is going to be beaming down to the Guardian site to meet with an Aegis operative to facilitate the removal of our people from the planet without causing a diplomatic incident. Get the crew ready to return to the ship and offer her any assistance needed. Once everyone is back, each person will need to re-integrate themselves. Lieutenant Grey, make sure to identify anyone who is not mobile so that you can have help from the rest of the teams down there. Stick together people and good luck. We’ll see you all soon. Koraia out.=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

=^= “Understood,”=^= Liam replied then turned to the rest.

“Time we wrap this up and make it like we were never here. Collect what silicon gel is left, your gear and then we’ll be heading back to the ship shortly,” Liam stated to Jones, assuming the rest had gotten their own orders.

His tone sounded less than pleased about it. It likely because he was recalling his struggles to resolve what he now viewed to be a simple solution. If he had known this the whole time then he could’ve skipped the whole running around like a chicken with its head removed.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

“Yes Chief” Dan said as he began applying the silicon gel as directed. Dan wasn’t sure what his alternate self would be like.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

OOC This marks the point where everyone starts to arrive at the Guardian which will continue to be repaired as you arrive. Then after that it’s back to the ship for a good conversation with yourself before reintegration. Any questions? My email is open :-)
Merydith and Meridyth arrived in time to see the beginnings of the transporter operation, they seemed to be looking for someone. Minutes later Michail also moved into the area and after a quick consultation with T’Pon he leapt on top of a nearby rock and addressed the multitude that had gathered, he broadcast to to the ship above via a communicator patched in.

“I’ll make this short because time is short” he said with a small snort at his own inevitable pun, “You have won a great victory today and it would take too long to try and explain it right now. Know this though, very shortly we will have a visitor and she is of the same race that you have been fighting desperately against”.

Murmurings erupted at this pronouncement from what amounted to a total stranger to most that we’re there.

Michail waved his hands at the crowd in an attempt to placate them and mollify those that had lost loved ones in the attack. His words rose and somehow through technology unknown it reached clearly to the edge of the crowd. “Of the same race but not of the same purpose as those who attacked you”.

Michail looked down at the faces around him in the hopes of getting some kind of support for fear that if he didn’t the envoy that was coming was going to get a less than cordial reception.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

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