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OOC: Each crew member should post your integration piece here. It’s not a single location but rather a single subject. The gist is that at some point after arriving back on the Athena, your character will be given the small device. You hold it, press the button while touching your counter-part and voila, you’re one person. The one holding the device is the one that continues to exist. Feel free to add details about the location, your characters’ thoughts and feelings, and just as important, how you came to the decision which one gets to continue to exist. Remember that your ‘past’ self (the ones still on the ship that didn’t evacuate the Athena) will have slightly different memories than the ‘Current’ version of your character, who went through the evacuation and ship’s destruction. The ones still on the ship won’t have experienced events on the surface. Either way, you’ll all have great fodder for future character development. I look forward to reading each of your pieces!

Also, if you want to do aftermath posts and interact with other characters after the reintegration, please start fresh threads for those and save this one solely for the reintegrations.
Standing on the bridge amongst their crews, the two Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraias gazed at each other. The current version held the integration device in her hand, yet her eyes were locked with her other self. She held the device flat in her palm and open to the other woman. So, to me it makes sense that you stay, but I figure that you would want to argue the point for a minute just for the hell of it.

The Past Ghubari was quiet and thoughtful. One way or another it had to be done, but that didn’t mean they had to like it. She sighed. Always wanting to jump to the noble
self-sacrificing option. You know Konral would have something to say about this. He might want a say in which wife comes home to him.
It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought of this, but they had all been through too much. You should stay for one simple reason- she gestured to Stark and Laraan and R’han- your crew went through something difficult and you led them through that. It seems only right that the captain that remains is the one that those from your time experienced everything with. It would be easier for me to stay and not have that memory, and to have experienced giving that order yet again, but it wouldn’t be right.

Closing her eyes, Current Ghubari cursed the Ancestors for making this other version of herself make too much sense. She felt a hand touch hers and opened her eyes. Past Ghubari had folded her fingers around the device and smiled sadly. “It’s the way it’s meant to be and I’m okay with it. You will be too,” she said aloud.

In many ways it would have been easier for them to do this in the privacy of the ready room, but if the rest of the crew was to do this, then it made sense to set an example and show them the way forward. Current Ghubari nodded. “Alright then,” she said softly, reaching her hand out to cup her other self’s elbow.

“Tell Konral-“

“I will. Promise.” And without delaying the moment any further, Current Ghubari pressed the button. Everything became a shimmer of light and odd sensations, not unlike a transporter. She had a strange thought that she hoped none of her crew would develop a transporter phobia from this experience, but the process finished before she could acknowledge that though.

She stood alone.

Without so much as a reaction on her face, she simply passed the device to the next person. “Next! Keep it orderly. We’ve got a large crew to get through.” Leaving everyone, and her senior staff to manage things for the various departments, Ghubari sought sanctuary in her ready room.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO (Once again the only one)

Stark looked at himself and looked back at himself. He had argued hard and long with Michail about why there should be two of him and had ultimately lost. Michail’s point had been succinct. It was forbidden and both the Aegis and many others would hunt down and kill both versions if he didn’t comply. His point about multiple copies or Pierce running around had also scored some points with both dark haired Caitian’s, too much of a good thing meant too much of a bad thing as well and a universe that was going to get seriously overpopulated in the long run.

Future Stark held the device and hugged himself. Pressing the button he felt disoriented as his mind melded with his mind and then the overlapping points started to mesh and the feeling subsided. He felt a sense of profound loss as if he had just watched himself die but lived to remember it. He stood staring at the device like a snake and then readily handed it to the next in line. He couldn’t look at anyone, especially Laraan, what was coming next was just going to be too hard. He strode from the room without a backward glance. He would apologise later but right now he needed to get to a holodeck and kill something.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Liam took the device with a frown then walked purposely toward the science labs.

When the doors hissed open, his eyes caught the mirror image of himself. The man was hunched over the stone, analyzing and attempting to find dead end answers. Frustration laced his figure while he paced from counter to another seeming to come up empty each time. He was an ignorant individual, Liam thought, struggling over the stagnant situation.

Unlike others, he didn’t see this experience as ending a life. It was about which memories could he live with. His past self hadn’t been hauled through a plot that should’ve been in a sci-fi holo novel or would have to live with those consequences. He exhaled through his nostrils and leaned against the wall, waiting for his past self to become aware of his presence.

In the meanwhile, a dark thought flashed into his mind causing his eyes to close for a moment.

Did he honestly want to exist with this set of memories?

The question drove a worrisome nail in his brain. He had a choice over which one of the ‘Liams’ existed. The urge was tempting to just eliminate the memories from his mind and move forward. He would be happy with it until his crew members brought up the mission. Then his past self would forever loath his future self for denying him knowledge. This made his answer obvious.

By this time, his eyes opened to reveal his past self glaring at him. A heavy set frown lined his jaw and his eyes hardened, not liking one bit the doppelganger before him.

“With you being here, I’m sadly disappoi-,” past-Liam began, only to be cut off by his counterpart with a hand gesture.

“Yes, I do know better and it wasn’t by choice. Now, it’s time to fix things,” a device was held out in full display.

“Let’s get this over with…” Past Liam sighed as they grabbed each other’s arm, bracing for the effect.

Future Liam pressed the button. A shift in time rattled through their being as they merged into one, memories mingled then one set overwhelmed the other. A sense of emptiness drowned the current Liam before he passed on the device. Now, the true test would come.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Dan walked in to the science lab just as his DH was integrating with his past self. Thinking to himself That didn’t look too bad Dan searched around with his eyes until he located his past self. As their eyes met, past and present Dan walked towards each other.

“Well this is it, I reckon” past Dan said as he looked at the device present Dan was holding. “Yes. In a way it is” present Dan said. “As scientists we are certainly not strangers to obliteration by incorporation though. ” Noting a PADD on a work station, present Dan asked if there were any notes his past self wanted to leave. Past Dan replied that no there would be no point to such an endeavor and reached out his hand. Present Dan took the hand and pressed the button on the integration device.

Dan felt a slight tingling as the integration occurred. When it was over Dan looked over at his DH and said “You know Chief. I’ve seen some weird stuff during my time in Star Fleet, but this is by far the weirdest.”

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