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Posted Dec. 15, 2018, 6:29 a.m. by Lieutenant Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) (Tony Findora)

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It had been a few days since her arrival on the Athena when Luka realized she hadn’t met the Chief Engineer yet. Well, no time but the present in which to fix that. She checked her schedule to make sure it was clear before heading down to Engineering to find said CE and meet him. Orvos Legen. An interesting name. All she knew about the man was that he was not human like most of the officers aboard most Starfleet ships.

She pressed the chime and waited for Legen to respond, simply smiling at whatever engineers passed by her. She was happy to see that a few of them barely gave her a second glance - either they had seen her species before, or had encountered even stranger aliens before.

Luka, XO

Orvos had been busy inside reworking some of the tricorders that had gone haywire since their reintegration. He had not remembered them so finicky before, but perhaps it was another thing his engineers were trying to pull on him.

Orvos heard the door chime and took a moment to get up and open the door. When the doors slid open, he jumped and yelled, “Ah!!” Just as quickly as they opened he slammed the door shut again. He quickly went over to his computer and opened a comm to the entirety of main engineering.

=/\=Engineers of the beloved Athena, I know the last week has been particularly difficult. And I’m all up for a little joke here and there. The holographic pterodactyl at my door was funny, albeit a bit frightening at first. But seriously, whoever you are who seems to enjoy this, you ought to know that a Laleri is much taller than myself! That’s just plain ignorant. Disable the hologram and I may consider a light punishment. Leave it running, and you’ll be certain that you will be running shortly after that. Legen out.=/\=

And with that, he went back to work rewiring the tricorder on his table.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Luka honestly didn’t know how to react, initially. She just stared at the door for several moments, listening to the comm message. She blinked, then slowly reached her hand up to her commbadge. Taking a deep breath and doing her best not to laugh out loud at the admittedly hilarious situation, she pressed the button.

“Computer, transmit my words to the CE,” she spoke.

=/\=Lt. Legen, I assure you that I am as real as yourself. I would advise you to be more careful in the future before you accidentally close the door on your Executive Officer again…=/\=

Luka, XO

OOC: that was hilarious.

After a brief moment, the doors opened once again to the chief engineer. Only this time, he moved aside and said, “Ah, Commander. Very sorry about that. Ummm. Do come in.” He gestured inside his office for her to enter, a bit embarrassed at his unfortunate predicament.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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