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Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Stark bent over the prone form of Nico still lying next to the dead body of Pierce. Nico was breathing steadily but for some reason Stark didn’t want to disturb him just yet.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

It wasn’t that she had ignored Nico but with everything going on, Ghubari’s attention was fractured. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Stark crouch down by her companion and she frowned. There was a strange feeling in her she couldn’t exactly explain. “He’s okay, but… something is happening,” she said softly with a frown.

Fl. Capt. Koraia, CO

Nico rolled over as Nico appeared from the turbo lift. The two started a conversation in sign language that was so fast it was impossible to follow. Finally they stopped and it was obvious to all that they were communicating by a more direct method.

Meryidiyth crouched down next to them and Stark, wordlessly Nico and his counterpart held each others hands and then held Meryidiyth’s. They both smiled toothy smiles as Meryidiyth merged them together flowing them together like toothpaste coming somehow from two tubes and becoming one. Stark noticed that Meryidiyth had tears in her eyes.

Finally with Nico restored and snuggled in her arms Meryidiyth turned to the Captain. “It is time for Nico to leave Captain” the purple haired young woman said sadly. Adam and he have adventures laid out for them and they’re going to need each other. As we speak Adam has already left through the Guardian. He left a message for you in your quarters”. Meryidiyth looked nervous as if she wasn’t sure how Ghubari would react to this sudden upheaval. Nico looked at Ghubari and waved three of his paws in farewell, he looked excited about what laid ahead but then he signed to her, “Not goodbye, until we meet again Nightskin, Korn-rows will look after you, I go on big adventure”. Then we looked at Stark “I no have time to finish your training Shadow Brother, you too young still, stay sneaky thieving weasel, stay alive”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Ghubari’s pale amber gaze was intense in its confusion at first, though it quickly shifted to understanding. Then there was aflash of pain that disappeared as quickly as it had surfaced. Through their very special bond, Ghubari sent only reassuring thoughts to Nico. She would be okay, and so would he. Even as her heart was breaking she somehow knew it was right.

Dan walked out of the turbolift and made his way to the science station. “Ensign Jones, reporting for duty” Dan announced once he reached the station. Dan was still a little out of sorts from the integration but eager to get into the usual routine. Dan began by calibrating the ship’s internal sensors.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

“We’re in standby for the moment, Ensign, but be prepared for us to take our leave of this place soon,” Koraia replied.

Stark stroked Nico’s head and chucked him slightly under the chin. “You look after Adam” he said seriously but with a hint of amusement, “He’s not a sneaky thieving weasel like you, he’s naive and carries all the wonder of innocence within him, he not streetwise and a fighter like you. You two need each other but come get me if you need me out there, my claws are your claws. my teeth are your teeth”. Stark stepped back and bowed slightly flipping his tail into a paw as he did so.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Meryidyith locked eyes with Stark and with Nico, sans backpack, still in her arms she touched a console built into her sleeve. With not even the whisper of a sound they were whisked into the ether leaving a gaping hole on the bridge of the Athena and a bigger one in the hearts of those left behind.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

To say that Ghubari Koraia was a stoic woman was an understatement. But over the years she had learned to let down her guard in public and to embrace her whole self, such as it was. Nico had rather unabashedly torn open her cool facade and shown the entire crew that their captain was about than just duty and justice. Her heart was warm and her compassion strong. Mere moments before he and Meryidiyth disappeared, she sent one final telepathic thought to the creature that broke her open in a very different way than any of her other relationships had. Thank you.

The captain wiped away the path of moisture that caressed her cheek and she took a deep breath. “All stations report in. Once we have confirmation that all is secure and as it should be, by all means”- she raised her voice as if speaking elsewhere-“get us home.” That comment was for Michail, and she knew he’d know it. She had finished almost wearily before she took her command chair, gripping the arms as if it could provide some reassurance. Oh, there would be much to work through later. But later, not now.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Michail stepped up to the front console and tried to look casual as he blithely entered command codes that he wasn’t supposed to have. =/\= Timeship One, we’d like your assistance with our Feynman Curve re-entry into positive time. Any chance you can bend our trajectory back to Starbase 157 rather than our original entry into the time stream? =/\=

A very familiar voice answered and Michail shuddered slightly at hearing his older self coming across the airways. =/\= We are extending our warp drive matrix over yours Athena, you are clear for entry into positive time =/\=

Michail took one more look at the planet housing the Guardian of Forever. The Aegis of this time period had been preserved, Rxzyth was in place for her millenia long mission and the rock in the Arboretum was just a rock again. Meryidiyth was in place to be born in her own good time and Adam and Nico were in place to unravel the time stream and remake it around those they loved for their protection and destiny in positive time. Michail sighed a little and whispered to himself “I love it when a plan comes together”.

He hit the button.

Time and space warped around the Athena, for the first second the time dampeners of Timeship One held them steady, then they were in the time stream and everything twisted into a multitude of different directions. Michail closed his eyes to avoid the worst of the mind bending trip but this time it was over in seconds.

Athena popped majestically back into space at a dead stop two kilometres from the Starbase. The very, very irritated voice of Gariff Lucsly hailed them from the Station.

=/\= Welcome back and congratulations Athena =/\= The voice intoned in deathly tones =/\= Michail, what have I said to you about grandstanding and fancy dan’s! =/\=

There was a muttering, “Young people these days, no sense of decorum, the time line isn’t some kind of child’s play thing, I ought to bust him down to ensign, the paper work Marion, trying to explain this quietly, for pities sake…”

The voice of Marion Dulmur came from the back ground “The comm system is still on Gariff”

“Oh”, there was an audible click as the comm system was switched out of active transmitting mode.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (GMT)

Dan was slightly disoriented from the trip. It felt as though the ship had had traveled in a direction that could only be felt, not measured. As if the travel was in every direction at once but at the same time traveling nowhere. Yet they had arrived someplace. Dan tried accessing the stellar cartography database to determine where and when they were.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

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