Meeting the Senior Staff - Meeting Room #2 (Attn: R’han)

Posted Dec. 18, 2018, 4:48 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander R'han (Chief Tactical Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) in Meeting the Senior Staff - Meeting Room #2 (Attn: R’han)
Seeing as the Chief Tactical Officer’s main place of working was on the bridge, such a meeting-place would not be suitable, so Luka settled for a different way of getting the officer and her in touch. She send R’Han a message, requesting his presence in Meeting Room #2 at a particular time. No context was given, just that the officer’s presence was requested.

Luka quietly awaited the officer’s arrival, tapping her foot to a song that had gotten stuck in her head a few hours ago. Persistent little bugger. She wondered if she should ham it up, but then decided against it. One thing that she wondered was whether the officer would be early, late, or exactly on time. Romulans were an enigmatic race, that was for certain, so she couldn’t predict the man’s behaviour.

Luka, XO

OOC: It is not on his official record that his is a Romulan, as opposed to a Vulcan, although there are people who suspect and a few have come up with reasons why they know…

“Commander,” R’han said as he entered the room. He scanned the area as a matter of habit but it was not a particulars quick or thorough review indicating that he felt safe or had pursued other means to determine that there wasn’t something strange going on. “Your request was both specific in matter of time and location, but vague in terms of topic.”


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