New beginnings - shuttle bay 2 - new crew

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The shuttle door opened and Julien inhaled as he set foot on the USS Athena. Oh the sweet smell of a standard shuttle ramp, he thought and had to chuckle under his breath as he strode towards the officer on duty.

So young, he thought as he went with the Ensign through the boarding protocol. Had he ever been that young? It seemed like ages ago, but it really wasn’t. He just felt older, especially since he had become a father. 43 was not old though, not by any means and indeed, now that he was on a Starfleet ship again he immediately felt 10 years younger!

“No thanks, I can find my way on my own.” he answered in his deep rumbling voice.
“But.. it’s a really big ship.” the Ensign insisted.
Julien tapped his temple under his short cropped black curls “And I have a really big brain. No worries, I’m good Ensign.” he said and the Ensign came to attention so hard he could almost hear his spine crack.

He would have to be careful with his command voice, Julien thought. It came way too naturally to him. He winked at the Ensign with his right eye that was just a bit of a brighter shade of green than his left eye and left shuttle bay. Big brain indeed he thought with an inward smile.

Walking along the corridors, he studied the details with interest, he had always wanted to see a mythology class ship from the inside. It would be so easy to be one of many here, much easier than on … he didn’t finish the thought. Some things were still hurting. No, he should be happy for her. This was her ship and she had deserved it.

His quarters were on deck 11, just above sickbay 2. A ship with two sickbays, he couldn’t wait to see them, work in one again. Over 1000 crew and civilians… there was enough to do and he was looking forward to use his hands again, to do something again he was actually good at.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

A presence appeared next to him seemingly appearing from some other dimension and coalescing into the dark form of a Caitian. Keeping step with the doctor the being spoke in an almost lazy way that belied his ability to be sneaky.

Julien turned to him with a smile on his face, he didn’t seem surprised at all.

“Welcome aboard the Athena, Doctor Smith, I am Stark, Chief Intelligence Officer”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Julien nodded. “Pleased to make your acquaintance in person. Shall we go somewhere where we can talk?” he asked and his right cybernetic eye zoomed in very quickly on the corridor corner ahead of them, at the exact moment as a crewmen rounded it. It zoomed back again to normal instantly again, the black pupil becoming a normal size again, but for a second there his eye had looked almost completely black.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

PS: S’Raal has to take Julien’s boarding physical exam.

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