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Posted Jan. 4, 2019, 12:44 a.m. by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) (Julia Hager)

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The final stop of the path to active duty brought Conner to the realms of the ships counsellor. He stood outside the door filled it’s an uncomfortable sort of trepidation. While starfleet officers were no strangers to the probing of a psychological specialist it only just occurred to him that the process on a real ship might be slightly different. Maybe they questions he was used to answering wouldn’t be the same questions and, if he gave the same answers, rather than finding himself admitted to the duty roster he’d find himself on the first shuttle back to the academy.

Closing his eyes he shook his head and tried to get a hold of the rising panic. “Get a grip.” He said outloud and reaching out pressed the chime.

Cadet Quinn

The door swished back before she could really press it and she came into an oval rather large reception area with a few waiting seats and a reception, including a Risan receptionist. She looked over at Quinn and smiled.

“Hello there. May I take your name so I can check with which counselor you have an appointment?” she asked.

  • Laraan, CNS

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