17/18 Forward- A gathering (All Crew!)

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Orvos had been talking to some young man. A chip was handed off. And then the young man departed leaving Orvos to turn around and find himself face to face with his assistant engineer.

“Afternoon Chief.” Jayden greeted as he approached. “You look happy, what’s going on?” He asked.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: Pasting Dan back in.

Dan walked in to the room wearing his dress uniform. Dan wasn’t sure what to do now that he was here. Dan looked around hoping to see a familiar face.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

Behind him, Janna slipped in, eager to see the crew together again and in a much better situation than the last time. Her demeanour was quieter than usual, but she still tried to smile. “Find comfort in your uniform, do you?” she asked Jones, gazing at him curiously as she came to stand beside him. Everyone else had opted to take the captain up on the chance to not wear their uniform, but that didn’t mean she had banned it.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Orvos tried subduing his grin just a bit. “Just glad to be relaxing Jayden. How was engineering when you left her?” he asked, hoping to talk about something other than what the engineer may or may not have seen. \

Jayden had noticed the exchange, but decided to say nothing. It wasn’t his concern what his chief did. “Nothing out of the ordinary, sir.” He said with a slight smile, his only acknowledgement of what he saw.

Stark walked in wearing his customary “dress uniform” of dark leather jerkin and pants that enabled him to look respectable but at the same time armoured in case of trouble. S’Raal and T’Pon came in with him, S’Raal wearing the same as Stark but in brown suede. T’Pon was quite obviously pregnant now and her floor length leather overcoat had been altered to accentuate the fact, she was most definitely a proud mother and glowed as mothers tend to do. S’Raal and T’Pon moved off and started arguing slightly over the fact that S’Raal wanted T’Pon to sit down and T’Pon rather indignantly thought that it wasn’t necessary.

Stark grinned slightly at the banter, it was good to hear that again after all they’d been through. He smelt Laraan before he saw her, her diminutive stature making her hard to see in a crowd. Purposefully he walked in her direction and the crowd melted before his path, such was the intensity of his purpose. He saw her next to the Captain and was transfixed. Nodding to the Captain he looked at his powerhouse of a wife and then turned to the Captain speaking from the heart but with a slightly sardonic overtone. “She has absolutely no idea what affect she has on people does she”.

Grinning slightly he looked at the Captain’s attire and sighed, “Why must there always be dancing at these functions?” Then he relented “Don’t mind me, enjoy”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos could sense the CIO’s presence as he and his family entered 18-Forward. Chatting with Laraan and the Captain. Good on him.

Laraan could feel his energy behind her before she heard his voice and turned around, beaming at him. “Sweetie, there you are.” she said and took a hold of his furry paw, eager to feel his touch again as always, their energies mixing like age-old friends. “I have to admit I am curious to see you… dance, with the Captain.” she sang, a very bemused smile on her face.

  • Laraan, CNS

Stark wrapped his tail up and around her waist briefly and then grinned. “Ghubari is just sad that the last time I “danced” it was with the Borg Queen. You see the only true dance my people embrace is the dance of death”.

His eyes darkened briefly at the memory and then the light resurfaced and he continued “However I have shown I am now ready to try some new things… like marriage” he chuckled “Who saw that coming”. He smiled again looking happy for the first time in decades.

“I’m an excellent dancer… now,” Ghubari said with a grin. “I always was, but it never felt natural to me with the prosthetic. I’m eager to flex my muscles, as it were.”


Orvos then led Jayden with him over to the bar as he grabbed another drink.

Kaylee walked through the doors, taking a pause just inside the room to observe. Her blonde hair was as usual in its high ponytail. Her dress was black, one shouldered and came to just above the knee. She wore strappy black stilettos, and a large strand of black pearls around her neck.

She walked over to Jayden and Ovros at the bar, giving a nod to Ghubari, Laraan and S’Raal as she passed. Sliding her way in between the two men, she signaled the bartender for a beverage.

Ghubari nodded back to Kaylee and gave her a smile in return.

She looked at Jayden and Ovros. “Gentlemen,” She said, smiling. The bartender handed her a very large glass of red wine. “Cheers!” She said, holding her glass aloft towards the two men.

-Kaylee Baxter

Orvos grinned as he lifted his own drink. “To merry times!” he stated as he took a swig. Orvos gestured to Jayden. “Kaylee Baxter, I’m not sure you’ve been introduced to my junior engineer, Mr. Jayden Bennett. Jayden, this is Kaylee Baxter, our Chief Diplomatic Officer.”

Orvos was aware of Kaylee’s and Jayden’s personality. Seeing the two mix…well…he would sit there for that.

“We have, Good Evening Commander.” Jayden responded politely. “She sat down and listened to me one time when I was reflecting on the loss of my father.” Jayden explained to Orvos.

Isabel took her time getting ready. Her mother would have been proud to see her stroll into the 18 Forward Lounge decked up like a princess. Her dress though seemingly covered in feathers of pale blue and crystals was deceptively light. Her hair, growing longer every day was now past her shoulder blades in length. She had styled it carefully into a tame fountain of fat auburn curls collected and displayed over one shoulder and pinned in place with a crystal hair clip that matched the crystals at her shoulders. She even wore heels for the occasion, wanting to be taller than she was normally.

She seemed confident and happy as she walked into the Lounge, at home in the dress as she was with her uniform or her hand knit bulky Irish sweaters. Apparently a young Engineering Ensign had been waiting on her to arrive. He walked up to her, considerably more nervous and after a brief exchange, they moved to the dance floor and began to dance the waltz. He didn’t do too badly, but she positively glided across the floor. Growing up with as many brothers, she had had many a day where she was the dance follow because they needed to learn to dance. Her mother had been insistent they all learn.

Delaney, Sec

OOC: Izzys Dress: https://i.imgur.com/FfepKzb.jpg (Woops Wrong link last time, this is the correct one)

Out of the corner of her eyes, Ghubari caught the dancing and smiled wistfully. She couldn’t quite explain her eagerness to also be out there, but it was as much a part of her experiences with the Guardian of Forever and everything that assignment had wrought as it was about finding peace wit her new leg.

Orvos noted how Isabel glided so well in her dance. She was quite prettily dressed as well. Her dress looked reminiscent of other wedding dresses he had seen. He wasn’t one to assume, but if he had been her father, he certainly would be proud of her. He turned back to the two next to him as they continued their conversation. He was always looking for an out, so he allowed the two to get involved in conversation before he slipped away to check on some other things.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Parties weren’t really R’han’s thing, as there were too many people for him to track comfortably thus giving them a tactical advantage he didn’t care for. On the other hand people were likely to be drinking and they might reveal secrets that they wouldn’t normally discuss. An excellent intelligence gathering moment. R’han was dressed in a brown grey suit of a bumpy fabric with a bright teal wide sash from shoulder to waist.

He looked about the crowd for a moment seeing how attractively garbed the crew was… particularly the females… Hmm… he thought to himself and reached out for an alcoholic drink… “Perhaps they won’t be the only ones revealing secrets tonight.”


Konral arrived wear a sleek white suite with black shirt and white tie as he looked around. He knew Ghubari had to be hear, he presence was close and she had to make all the plans and set this all up. Noticing R’Han he came up to him putting a hand on his shoulder. “Nice for us to not be in a trench for once.” he said with a smirk as he scanned the room some more. “I might need something strong, I can’t beleive I agreed to Ghubari wanting me to play again with her.” he said as he found a drink to as he downed it.

Vander, CoS

Ghubari watched the group for a few more moments, letting everyone find their way. Your timing is excellent, she told Konral. Telepathy had its perks, especially in a crowded room.

Looking to Stark and Laraan, Koraia winked. “Time for the more serious stuff before the party can begin. If you’ll excuse me,” she said.

Slipping away, the captain moved with an ease in her heels that she had not demonstrated since she had been an XO on the Cheyenne. Moving towards the stage area in the corner set up for the entertainment later. After having the background music killed, she grabbed the microphone and switched it on. “Can I get your attention, please?” she called out, Ghubari’s voice carrying easily over the group. She waited till it was quiet.

“I hate to interrupt the fun, but tonight’s proceedings do have some formalities to address. So if you can join me downstairs, we’ll take care of those so we can all enjoy the rest of the evening.” Turning off the mc, she simply gestured for people to go on, and let them head downstairs.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Stark led Laraan downstairs surrendering for once to the situation and not being on point, he reasoned that with R’han present he could afford a vacation anyway. S’Raal and T’Pon fell in step with the two and as Stark acknowledged their presence he fleetingly wondered what Michail was up to.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Dan followed the group downstairs. Dan did not feel in his element when it came to social situations. Dan preferred mixing chemicals to mixing with people, but understood the importance of social gathering. Crew solidarity and all that.

Ensign Dan Jones (Scientist)

Jayden followed everyone else downstairs. He hoped to find someplace where he wouldn’t be seen. He still wasn’t sure what he was doing there and wasn’t at home in large crowds, preferring wide open spaces to the presence of lot of people.


“Ulterior motives, of course.” R’han said quietly now the party made sense.


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