Time Fluctuations Are Weird

Posted March 16, 2019, 1:59 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Assistant Counsellor) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Assistant Counsellor) in Time Fluctuations Are Weird

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Assistant Counsellor) in Time Fluctuations Are Weird


Isabel seemed to consider… whether the bulk of her thoughts were about the Counselor doing the soft inquiry or if it was about the security team, it seemed unclear on the outside. On the inside though, Isabel was a bit of a mess. How much did she want to talk about Security and her place in it? Or what had happened on the surface? There had been moments she was not proud of, like when the Chief Engineer had to help her get out of the pod because panic had caused a flashback. There had been moments she was proud of though, fighting against the enemy and helping the Chief of Security to safety.

The doors to the lounge opened to reveal the chief engineer with a kit in hand, mumbling something to himself. Likely something involving how certain engineers of his seemed to slacking off with the little things. It was always the little things that mattered most to the crew. Things such as the replicator he stood in front of that apparently had been creating quite a squabble with lounge folks.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

The newcomer drew Janna’s attention and she followed the CE as he moved through the Lounge. She tried to be surreptitious about it, but Orvos was someone who demanded her attention and it was hard for her to pretend otherwise. A small smile tugged on her mouth before she returned her attention to Isabel.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

As if to punctuate some of her thoughts, Legen came in presumably to fix something and she frowned ever so slightly. However, her own troubles were a little lost as she saw the small smile. Finally she spoke casually. “Well, while my beginnings are in Marine life, Security suits me fine these days. I am not as connected to people here as I was to the people on my last ship, but a lot of things could account for that. The primary source being that I have not been here very long of course. I’m sure I will get there eventually.”

Janna nodded. “But I can imagine that even if you’re not close with the rest of the team, you’re aware of how everyone is doing? Generally?”

“Yes. Generally I have a good idea of the energies even if I do not know the specifics and have not made any close friends. I couldn’t do my job otherwise.”

“What’s his story?” She asked, indicating Legen with a discreet nod before sipping her drink.

Delaney, Sec

Kingston sipped her drink and gazed back at Delaney. “That is something I’m still trying to figure out,” she said with a hint of eager intrigue. “And I think we’ve already established I do like mystery people to figure out. I’ve noticed in my interactions with him so far that he’s genuinely kind. And thoughtful.”

OOC: We’ve decided to place the whole Nexus side sim at this post sim timeline rather than before. Less muddled timelines that way. :)

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

(OOC I havent read the nexus timeline thread. Ill check it out soon)

“I would agree. He seems to be competent and his team works for him without trouble as far as I can tell. There doesn’t seem to be any drama among the scuttlebutt concerning him.” She glanced with a knowing expression. “Is he a mystery you like figuring out because you like mysteries, or because you like him?”

Delaney, Sec

Janna froze slightly and then took a sip of her drink. Lowering her glass, there was a noticeable flush to her cheeks. “Uh, well, honestly, maybe a bit of column A and possibly a bit of column B,” she said quietly. It wasn’t something she had actively thought about but as soon as Isabel has voiced the idea, she knew she couldn’t fully deny it. “We’ve had some really interesting conversations. I like talking with him.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS


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