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Posted March 17, 2019, 3:59 p.m. by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) (Julia Hager)

Posted by Ensign Kin Va’Ser-la (Security Officer) in CNS Office - On-boarding Review

Posted by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) in CNS Office - On-boarding Review

Kin made her way to the Counselor’s office and pressed her knuckles against the chime. She felt no trepidation, as this was not only protocol (which still made her more comfortable than she cared to admit), but she had had to deal with a good many Counselors over her past few years. Being the only one of her species in Star Fleet meant countless reviews, interviews, panel discussions, cultural information exchanges, and on and on and on ad nauseum. And the vast majority of these had been either been attended, if not conducted, by Star Fleet Counselors. So the task was not unwelcome to her, it was simply a repetition of a pattern she had grown accustomed to.

Va’Ser-la, Security

The door swished back upon her touch, revealing a large oval room with a reception desk and a little waiting area with a few chairs where two other crewmembers were chatting. There were five doors on the opposite side, all had different colours.

Behind the reception desk sat an extraordinarily beautiful Risan woman with long blond hair like an angel. She looked at Kin and beamed a smile.

“Hi there, please come on in. I’m Cherry. You must be Kin Va’Seh…sehla? Sorry if I’m not pronouncing your name correctly.” she said.

  • Cherry Blossom, PA

“Va SER-la.” Kin sounded out for her. “No apologies necessary. It is a new dialect for most. Yes, I am Ensign Va’Ser-la. Reporting for my on-boarding assessment, Ma’am.”

Va’Ser-la, Security

Cherry nodded. “Yes, let me see…” she checked a PADD. “Yes you’re with the head counselor Laraan, that’s the blue door over there. She’s expecting you.” Cherry said and beamed a dazzling smile at Kin.

  • Cherry Blossom, PA

Kin nodded once and said “Thank you, Ma’am.” and moved to the blue door. Pressing the chime, she clasped her hands behind her back and squared her shoulders.

Va’Ser-la, Security

The door swished back revealing the view to a spacious counselor suite dominated by a comfy looking coffee table with two arm chairs and a sofa standing around it. Behind it were several potted plants and to the far right corner a standard desk with a chair.

The counselor was a tiny bald woman. She didn’t look bald though, because every inch of her skin, except for her face, was covered in red filigree tattoo-like designs, swirls and cirlces that adorned her scalp in such an intricate way that it looked as if she had red curly hair.

When she heard the door she looked up from a padd she had been reading in one of the arm chairs and stood up, smiling at him. Her eyes were slightly larger than human eyes and had a very light grey colour, almost white with a dark grey fine line around the iris.

If that wasn’t enough, her voice was very different as well, it was a singing voice and her words were pronounced a bit like a song, a very beautiful song at that.

“Hello Kin. I’m Laraan, please have a seat.” she sang.

Laraan, CNS

Kin bit back the immediate response to correct the Counselor with regards to using her first name before they had both spoken, as that was not a protocol followed by many outside her native culture, and said simply “Yes, Ma’am.” and took a seat- back straight and eyes forward. She used her peripheral vision to look at the office. It wasn’t like any other part of the ship she had seen so far. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am.” she added as an indication that she was ready to begin.

Va’Ser-la, Security

Laraan sat down as well in one fluffy corner of the sofa, facing Kin. “Same here. Please call me Laraan like everyone else here. How was your trip here, have you already had a chance to settle in?” she asked in her beautiful, multi-layered voice.

  • Laraan

Kin shook her head slightly and said “No, Ma- um, Laraan. I have not had a chance yet. Protocol and regulations were very specific that all check in examinations and reporting must be done as soon as possible. I only saw my quarters long enough to drop my bag on the floor, actually. But my check-in’s will be done before this evening.”

Va’Ser-la, Security

Laraan kept her smile and nodded. Reciting protocol to a Lieutenant was never a good start of a conversation, so she changed her approach a little.

“Tell me about yourself Kin, I’d like to get to know you a bit better.” she said.

  • Laraan, CNS

Kin took a deep breath and began reciting what she had had to say for the past few years to all of the officers she had to explain herself to. “I am Kin Va’Ser-la. I am Kreetassan, and as far as I know I am the only one of my species in Star Fleet at this time. I am the only child of Mashi Va and Ditri Ser, respected and notable personages in their own right on my home world, as they tend the Alvera Tress in front of Diplomacy Hall. I was one of two Kreetassan accepted into the Academy, but my friend Toklan could not make the adjustment to living without courtesy and protocol… at least as my people understand it… and he left after a year. I have been very fortunate to have a good deal of mentor-ship both in my time at the Acdemy and prior to my departure from Kreetassa, and I while I do have difficulty sometimes, I think I am learning to curtail that same need Toklan longed for.” and she paused and reflected a moment. “I think a good deal of that learning came from my direct mentor Lieutenant Commander Gron’lik. As a Tellarite, he showed me that what is considered ‘polite and courteous’ by one may not be seen the same by another. That helped a great deal, and also led me to my training specialization.”

Va’Ser-la, Security

Laraan nodded silently and watched Kin while she was talking.

  • Laraan, CNS

OOC: That’s an invitation to describe how she looks, as it would help in my roleplay to have a mental image of her in my mind :-)

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