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Packing up a portable comm unit the Asian woman flicked her hair out of the corner of her eye, the Athena had the coordinates now and by the time they actually arrived at them the spurious readings she had fed them through the voice modified comm relay would actually have started to be a reality rather than a fiction. She had been concerned they were going to question the fact that the communication was a request and not a directive from the Starbase’s brass but it seemed that the legendary Starfleet curiosity had won out and they had taken the bait.

It had taken Memory Omega many years to create the technology she was in possession of and they only used it in dire need. She quickly slipped up behind the ensign on duty in the Starbase 157 cargo transport bay and slipped a hypo spray to his neck. She’d picked this man specifically because he had been suffering from insomnia recently and she hoped that when he came to in a few minutes he would think he had just fallen asleep.

Careful to set up her transport so that it would erase itself from the memory banks she activated the inter dimensional transport system. Less than a minute later she materialised in the mirror universes secret asteroid base of Memory Omega. Shortly after that she was face to face with a statuesque Vulcan woman of obvious age and authority.

“We’re you successful Keiko?” The woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

Keiko nodded thoughtfully in response to the question. “Yes Director Saavik, I believe that should all our other operatives efforts bear fruit, the Athena will soon be here…”

“And what of Orvos?” Saavik asked with an almost unvulcan look of concern.

Keiko also felt a brief pang of worry but she was confident as she spoke “We have our best people on it, Director, Broken Mirror is a go”

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