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Koraia exhaled in an almost sigh. “Very long story short we… did a bit time travel to prevent a major disaster. The ship was destroyed and we escaped to a planet where my my crew fought a desperate battle on the surface while Laraan, Stark, myself and others went back in time using… a time portal, to a moment from before the ship was critically damaged to prevent its destruction. Which we did, and then we were able to beam up the rest of my crew, but now all those of us from the… future, that survived had a duplicate. In order to correct that imbalance, we each merged with ourselves, with one version remaining as the continuing version.” Gods this was convoluted! “Because we are forbidden to create time paradoxes by allowing multiple versions of ourselves to exist in the same Universe.” She gestured, turning her palm upwards. “Again, balance must be achieved. But I can understand how that could be a problem now for Laraan. What can we do?”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Both Shaleah and Filiah frowned in unison and gave each other a look, very likely mind-talking through Shaleah’s channel.

After a bit of awkward silence, Filiah turned back to them. “We need to keep Laraan here for a bit and work with her. My healing channel and Shaleah’s telepathy channel combined will probably get her out of the shut-down and then… then she’ll just have to learn how to live with that extra energy. It could be that her channel will be extraordinarily strong for a while… or it may have other side effects. We don’t know because there is no recorded incident of something like this in all of Heleen’s history.” she sang.

Shaleah’s deeper voice tuned into Filiah’s soprano “You do know about our tabu.” she sang, looking at Stark. “The tabu that only I am allowed by the government to disregard. Laraan might show… signs of it. You can not put that into your reports or logs. If the Heleen government finds out they could arrest her.” she sang.

  • Laraan

Stark nodded mutely, there was no need to reply and he didn’t trust words out loud any way. There was too much at stake for Laraan’s future with her people. He opened his mind and mentally requested that he be allowed to stay and elaborate on other things that had happened once this discussion was over.

  • Of course you can stay son. I wanted to talk to you anyhow about our bonding ceremony. * he heard Shaleah’s mind-voice in his head.

Benjamin listened intently, this was way beyond his pay grade. He took a step forward, raising his hands slightly “Hi, yes sorry. Is there any way I could get access to Heleen Medical journals and texts, this isn’t like searching for information on Vulcans or Andorians, knowledge on your kind is not part of the basic medical curriculum in the Academy. I’d need detailed records from physicians.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Filiah the healer looked at him and smiled. “Yes of course Dr. Grey.” she sang. Then she walked away into an adjoining room but returned within seconds and handed him a data crystal.
“We are happy to share since you have the daugther-of-the-Kantaar-Shaleah on board, but our healing process is very different to yours. I have found yours most fascinating though, because it enables anyone to heal with the proper training. I had to learn how to channel to healing energy for 60 years before I was allowed to heal the first scratches.” she sang.

  • Laraan

Benjamin nodded slightly as he took the data crystal. He examined it for a moment before securing it inside his medpack “Yes the differences are quite interesting, or so I’m learning. But any insight into how your kind are treated.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Filiah smiled. “The same way you treat other different species, minding their different physiology. We have a saying it’s easy to injure us, but hard to kill us, because of our two hearts. Both have to be stop together for a longer time in order for us to die. The surest way of diagnosis is if you look at our frillings.” she said, indicating the light green, filigree, tattoo-like designs that covered her skin like a garment the same way Laraan was covered in red frillings.

“Their colour depth and the way they seem to move and pulsate tells you all about our emotions and physical condition. We can see each other’s state just by looking at each other’s frillings. WHen a Heleen dies of natural death, between the age of 500 and 600 years, they become almost invisible.” she sang.

  • Laraan

Stark stayed quiet but alert. He knew his time would come and right now he just wanted Laraan to be okay.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“Do you think there will be long-term effect on Laraan from this extra energy? What possibly should be expect?” Koraia asked, gazing softly at her counsellor and for all intents-and-purposes, her sister-in-law.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

OOC: I think this is probably over right? I mean Laraan is still out cold, they get her back to normal and return her to the ship, but not without some side-effects (which Stark is currently finding out in his thread with her). But if you want to find them out too, you can ask Laraan in your meeting with her and Janna, that thread is post her return :)

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