Luncheon with the XO - All JOs invited

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“Hello Miss Delaney. I hope you find something you like. Do try the apples. They’re fresh from… I’m not certain where anymore. I try to bring as much non-replicated food as I can to each event.” she explained.

  • Marishka

“No need to apologize, Isabel. We started eating early,” Luka replied, dipping her head while she held a plate in one hand and a slice of cheese in the other. She acknowledged Marishka’s acceptance of her offer with a small nod as she placed the cheese on her bread bun and reached for some sandwich meat.

Luka, XO

Karina took a small plate and helped herself to a piece of fruit and a couple pieces of cheese. Moving to one of the empty seats at the table, she looked to the XO and the rest before speaking up. “Ma’… I mean, Luka… How has your stay on the Athena been, so far? I know at times like this, Officers usually gather Junior officers to ask how we are fairing, and what suggestions we have. But I thought I would ask that of you first.” She smiled softly as she cocked her head, wondering how her bold approach would be received. Most times, it got her in trouble. “What would you desire of us as your Junior Officers, or suggestions you would make if given the opportunity?”


“It has been quite pleasant. It is not nearly as difficult a transition as my first one, coming to a Starfleet ship for the very first time right from the Galdori Fleet. As for my desires and suggestions for you as Junior Officers, I only ask that you be passionate about your work. If you find yourself facing days of monotony, talk to your department head about switching around your duties. They are all wise officers and want you to thrive. The Federation is made up of people who do what they do for the betterment of all,” Luka reflected. The XO finished grabbing her food and placed it on the table, slipping over to the drinks cart to get some water.

Luka, XO

“I’ll make sure to remember that. And make sure the ones who don’t make it here know as well. And,” she laughed lightly and looked around, “I think we need to make sure our DHs don’t get too humdrum either.”

As any good hostess, Marishka seemed to anticipate the XO’s needs and poured from a large decanter then silently handing the water over. She didn’t know much about the Galdori species and would have to do a bit more research.

  • Marishka

Another figure stepped into the space looking tired. Glancing around, the blond curls of her hair swayed until she spied the XO and others invited. Janna was glad for the break, and much like she was advocating on a near constant basis to everyone she counselled lately, she was recognizing when she needed to step away from her work and give herself a rest. And since she was a social person by nature, Kingston naturally was glad for the invitation.

Moving over to join them, she cut a petite figure that moved quietly, even as her intense green eyes took in everyone with a practiced quick assessment. She wasn’t tense, but the keen intelligence in her gaze spoke of someone analytical. Her expression softened as she approached and smiled sincerely, the fatigue there but pushed to the side a bit. “Good day everyone. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but here I am,” she said with a slight grin as she helped herself to a sandwich and found a seat next to Karina, giving Isabel a tiny wink of acknowledgement since they were the two of the group she already knew. “I’m Janna Kingston, from the counselling department, for those of you I have’t met yet.”

~Janna Kinston, Assistant CNS

Karina smiled at Janna and murmured a hello to her as the Assist CNS got her food and settled beside the Doc.

OCC: Not sure how I missed this.

IC: Jayden walked in not soon after looking a little tired, having just gotten off an engineering shift. He was a slightly taller then average man in his mid-twenties and appeared to be in good shape. He wasn’t sure what to make of this luncheon though and it showed on his face. His brown eyes looked around apprehensively while he found an empty seat. He generally kept to himself so he wasn’t to familiar with everyone, having seen most of them only in passing.

“Good day Commander, everyone.” He said respectfully, taking a seat.


“Hi, Bennett,” Karina smiled to the tired engineer. She didn’t know him well, but recognized him from the time or two she had seen him in medical.


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