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Posted by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) in Sickbay

Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in Sickbay
Seeing Julien’s green mismatched eyes in the lounge had snapped Marishka’s devious mind into overdrive. It was troublesome walking into someone else’s spider web but she had a plan for that too. After spending a considerable amount of time modifying her domain, she was glad to be out of the lounge for the moment. She stepped into sickbay all dangerous Orion curves and Klingon strength. Hopefully Doctor Smith would be available.

  • Marishka

As soon as she stepped into the large sickbay a nurse zeroed in on her with a smile. “Dr. King is waiting for you in one of the suites, please follow me.” she said and led Marishka to a separate examination room with two biobeds that were empty. Julien was standing with the back to them at the terminal at the opposite side finishing up some work as it seemed.

The nurse left and the door swished shut behind Marishka. As soon as it did she saw Julien’s frame tense up and his deep baritone voice said “Computer, lock room and initiate security protocol Stark 3-beta.”
The computer beeped an affirmative and Julien turned around to face her. The expression in his green eyes were just as she remembered them. Gone was the tame doctor.

He forced his android limbs to lock in place, otherwise he would have crossed the distance to her in a few strides, picked her up against that door and… oh how he hungered for her touch, her passion, the true Marishka behind that ravishing exterior… but many months had gone by and they hadn’t separated on the best of terms. He could not presume that she still wanted him. He couldn’t help inhaling her scent though, and he made no effort to hide the fact as his nostrils flared. So many things to say, how to start..

“I’ve missed you Marishka.” he said. “We can talk openly, here, Stark’s protocol gives this room some extra protection.”

  • Julien

Talking wasn’t the first thing on Marishka’s mind when she saw those fiery green eyes. It didn’t matter how long they had been separated or what burden he chose to torture himself with, the fire in Julien’s eyes, at that moment, Marishka felt would always belong to her.

She walked slowly towards him and stopped at the last second. Raising one hand, she slapped him hard.

“That is for the past.”

Leaning in, she took him in her arms and kissed him deeply, passionately, this was for their future.

  • Marishka

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