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As she watched Julien aproach, she got the sense that this was not the time to take him in her arms and ask him where a lovely dark corner was. Bowing slightly she smiled and turned to Stark instead.

“And who is this handsome Human?” she asked in a low teasing voice.

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  • Marihska

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Stark smiled. “I really think that the two of you can drop the pretence while I’m around, unless of course you want me to play along because of potential prying eyes which would seriously hurt my professional pride as I’ve had the area screened personally for listening devices etc”. He sighed and his dark ebony eyes were playful but with a hint of seriousness “It used to be me who had all the juiciest secrets aboard this vessel, but you two and the hot shot space jockey have left my shenanigans in the dust”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka had learned, early on, that when something was in play, one kept it in play. But at that very moment she could have kissed Stark, or Julien, or perhaps both. Instead, her burning silver eyes met each of their gazes and she remained silent.

Blasted replicators! Someone has to be messing with me. I’m not this bad. Hmmmm…perhaps its the age? pondered Orvos as he stepped into the lounge. No, I’m not that old yet. Surely I still have centuries left!

Orvos passed the trio and moved to behind the bar where the next problematic replicator was. He had been in the previous day working on a different replicator that had issues. It was a pain, and here he was, back at it again with a different one.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

That was Marishka’s queue to step fully into character.

She crossed the room with long silent strides and leaped onto the bar with ease. Looking down at Orvos she glared imperiously.

Orvos looked human, but his El Aurian nature was supremely different. He could sense the presence of someone behind him. Sneaking rarely caught him off guard. Even Stark Nightstalker had difficulty doing so. Odd he thought. The bar was, after all, immediately behind him.

“And just what the hell are you doing behind my bar sir? Perhaps you weren’t informed but this place is under new management and just in the nick of time from what I’m seeing here.” she paused for a second, “Well as long as you’re here, keep at it. And please check with me before you leave. I have a long list of modifications I’ll be needing you to make. This place has got to start earning it’s keep and deserving it’s name.”

Marishka enjoyed the chance to be haughty. It fit this facet of her personality quite well, but she didn’t want Orvos as an enemy either.

Julien gave Stark a quick warning look and spoke very silently, so that only Stark and Marishka could hear him. For that he stepped a bit closer and her scent itensified. Involuntarily he took a deeper inhale, his nostrils flaring slightly. How he had missed this scent.

“Too many crewmembers watching, Dr. Julien Smith wouldn’t know Marishka and if we seem overly familiar I may as well drop my cover alltogether. Nothing gets so much gossip on a ship than affairs among the crew, believe me I know.” he whispered quickly. Then he said loudly, with a nod and a face that was - as he hoped - as unemotional as possible

“My name is Dr. Julien Smith. Pleased to make your acquaintance, but I have been called back to sickbay. See you later Cmdr. Stark.” he said then he steeled himself and looked into Marishkas eyes. He thought he was managing to keep his face normal, but his eyes were full of fire.

“I shall see you later for your medical check-in. Until then.” he said and quickly made to leave.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Marishka glanced back at Julien and waved.

“Yes, I’ll be certain to get to it quickly.” she said turning away.

  • Marishka

Orvos turned about with a quizzical eyebrow upon hearing the new comer speak to him. He witnessed the doctor’s quick departure as he gazed up at the woman on the bar behind him. He was taken aback for a moment, attempting to process what exactly was going on. He’d have been a liar to say the woman was not striking. There was perhaps an allure about her he had not seen in some time. The last time he had felt it was a time ago, before Starfleet when he had been nearly captured by an orion trader. One woman had nearly taken on Orvos Legen. At the time a friend of his, who happened to be infiltrating the Syndicate at the time, snapped him out of it. It was no easy task, but Orvos had learned from that point on to seriously consider the motives before jumping head first into whatever natural inclinations were attempting to grip his mind…no matter how good it felt.

He had paused. This was not the same woman, but the feeling was not lost to him as he looked upon her. Never one to truly show off his true desires, he smirked. “Mr. Nightstalker, this entertainer here (spoken with a slight jest in his eyes) seems to want to interrupt an officer’s work. I’m really quite busy madam. So, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get a few things fixed before the real manager shows up.” And with that, he proceeded to the replicator somehow neatly tucked out of view. Its use was for those involved in the running of the bar.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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Stark couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the scene for a moment. “Orvos, this is our new bartender Marishka, Marishka this is our Chief Engineer Orvos Legen. Orvos I’d suggest if you like your drinks done to perfection that you give the lady some leeway, and Marishka, it’s not a good plan to annoy the person whose team fixes your sonic shower and replicators”. Stark looked at them both and continued grinning.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

The CE’s demeanor did not go without notice. Marishka had known a few El Arurians in her time but, at the moment, that was information she kept to herself. Marishka’s smile and silver eyes softened a bit but she remained standing on the bar.

“Well perhaps you and I should come to an understanding then. I’m going to guess that you like your drinks as strong as I like my showers hot.” she said alluding to her half Klingon heritage. She gracefully jumped from the bar to stand near Orvos as he worked.

Now he could sense her directly behind him, and surprisingly, could feel her body heat as she stood. He stood and met her gaze, meanwhile fighting to keep his natural inclinations in check. Orvos enjoyed some good banter. But this woman was having strange effects on him. There was a part of him that found almost a thrill out of it, and yet another that was trying to beat the inside of his brain in order to stop him from making a mistake.

“Perhaps I do like my drinks strong?” he said almost to himself curiously.

“Now if you can get all these replicators up to spec that would be most appreciated. There’s also some major redecorating to do. I don’t expect you to deal with interior design, that’s more my field but, I might need quite a bit of marble replicated. And as for the office, I think I’m going to handle that myself. Never question a lady’s inner sanctum.”

Marishka was speaking calmly but the teasing undercurrent never left her voice. She had much to do and this was just the beginning.

  • Marishka, Lounge Mistress

“You’ll get the replicators. Anything else, just let me know and I will see what we can do. But nothing extravagant!”

Stark was looking around the bar, “Marble” he mused, “Black marble, with silver highlights that catch the light”. His eyes had a far off gleam as he remembered the chamber where he had first met Skotos, the dark living sword. He knew he should snap back into the present but the memory was so powerful it had him transfixed.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos heard the chief intelligence officer, but felt something else. He was stuck somewhere else for the briefest of moments. Curiosity always got the best of Orvos.

As soon as Julien was out of the lounge he went to the next wall panel interface and put in his access code to the medical crew files to check the list of new arrivals and quickly found her record. He scanned it quickly and his suspicion was confirmed, her past record had been amended to rationalize her being here as the new lounge host. That of course could only mean one thing. He needed to talk to Stark…
another voice in his head whispered to him seductively… you need to realise what it means that she’s here… for you! His heart beat went up a few notches and a fierce smile spread over his lips as he realised all the things this could mean. He needed to talk to her more than anybody now. He checked the medical records again and gave a nod.

Turning around, he schooled his features into the diligent doctor he was, brought down his heart rate forcibly and re-entered the lounge, taking measured strides back to the group, a pleasant smile on his face.

Having arrived at the trio he shortly cleared his throat. “Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind, but as I couldn’t quite place you, I’ve checked and found that you’ve recently joined the ship but haven’t had your boarding physical yet. As you probably know it has to be done within the first 24 hours and as it so happens I currently have a free spot right now in my schedule. Would you like to get it over with?” he asked, looking into her meszmerizing silver eyes as if they didn’t touch him at all.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Marishka held his gaze for a few seconds longer than might have been appropriate for a human female. Luckily she was not Human.

“I’ll be along shortly. It’s something I have been made aware of. Thank you.” she said pleasantly.

  • Marishka

He gave a business-like nod, not showing even a whif of what went on inside of him and, with another short nod at Orvos and Stark, turned again to leave. He thanked the gods above yet again that he had the aid of his artificial body parts to regulate and control his features as well as most of his bodily reactions.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Orvos never let even the subtlest of scenarios pass him by. Why had the good ‘doctor’ come back? Was it a façade or did he really want to make sure the lounge manager got her physical done quickly?

Stark sat at the bar and awaited the next development in the saga that was unfolding around him. “Never a dull moment” he mused to himself as he watched the ebb and flow of people at the bar.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

The replicator was not far at all from where Stark sat. Orvos was handy in many ways. Drinks was something he knew how to handle. Giving Marishka a sly smile, he strolled up to the bar. “And what will it be today Mr. Nightstalker?” He knew the man did not take to ales really, so he half expected him to ask for a simple cup of milk.

Stark would know however, that Orvos was curious about his noticed reverie. Typical El Aurian fashion as it were.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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