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Posted March 20, 2019, 4:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) (Julia Hager)

Posted by Ensign Caser Luj (Scientist) in Checking in- Counselor’s office

Posted by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) in Checking in- Counselor’s office

“I’m very well thank you. Oh you refer to Cmdr. Stark? Don’t worry, my husband can’t help himself, he is by nature an extremely curious being, even if he wasn’t the CIO.” she said and laughed. Her laugh sounded like a choir of bells chiming in harmony at the same time.

“It seems he didn’t scare you.” she added.

  • Laraan, CNS

OOC: Wow. Just lobbed that one in for me. XD

IC: Luj chuckled a little at the statement about the CIO’s natural curiosity, remembering a phrase he picked up during his studies on Earth. “He should be careful, Counselor. As I understand it, curiosity can be bad for members of his species.”

“No. He didn’t scare me. Although that’s probably because that wasn’t his intention. I’m sure he can be scary when he needs to be.”

Ensign Caser Luj

Laraan just nodded with a knowing smile and sat down on one of the arm chairs, motioning to the other one and the sofa.

He thought briefly about the couch, decided that sitting there would be a little on the nose, and sat in the adjacent arm chair.

“Indeed he can. Please, make yourself comfortable and tell me about your first impression of our big happy ship.” she said.

  • Laraan, CNS

He thought for a moment, nodding his head. “Well, it’s certainly not what I expected,” he said honestly. “But the expected can be boring. Being on my toes is more fun.”

Ensign Caser Luj

Laraan smiled. “What are your main areas of study in science?” she asked.

  • Laraan, CNS

He returned the smile, happy to discuss his passion for science. “Well, I received a bachelor’s degree in nuclear chemistry from the Academy, then I went to the University of Notre Dame to complete my studies, graduating with a master’s and a doctorate in stellar chemistry. I’ve always loved the stars, ever since I was a kid.”

Ensign Caser Luj

“Oh that is interesting, I never heard that before… nuclear chemistry. Is that like a kind of antique science for historical reasons? Or does it play a part when discovering new civilisations that are still at this point in their development?” she asked curiously.

  • Laraan, CNS

He tilted his head slightly in confusion. “Um…no? Nuclear energy…radiation and such…are what makes life possible.” To prove his point, he pointed out the window at the stars. “Those right there, Counselor, are where we all came from. Those are giant fusion reactors that create the elements…the building blocks to life.” He fought off the temptation to chuckle a little bit. He knew his mouth had a tendency to get him in trouble sometimes, and he decided that, for now, he should just try and rein it in. “While some civilizations have used nuclear energy…sometimes to their detriment…the stars always use nuclear energy. The will until they burn out. Even when they die, with very few exceptions, the elements brewing around inside them will move out into the galaxy, possibly forming the seeds of new life. And isn’t that what Star Fleet is all about, Counselor?” he asked with a smile.

Ensign Caser Luj

OOC: I actually did misunderstand, lol, but I do know what you mean, I just didn’t know that term was used in English for it too (English is my second language). So I’ll actually be able to mirror that misunderstanding in Laraan :-)

“Oh sorry.” she said. “Now I know what you speak of. I believe the universal translator translated it right, only my connection with the word in my lanuguage is a different one than in your language. Well that is very interesting, because it sounds as if you speak of the energy that our universe consists of - to say it as a non-scientist.” she said with spiked interest.

  • Laraan, CNS

OOC: No problem. I figured that was the misunderstanding. But I think it made for a nice moment. ;)

IC: He smiled, waving it off with a hand gesture. “Quite alright, Counselor. And you’re right. There’s more than just what we can see in the universe. There’s a scientific basis to it, but there’s still something…it’s hard for a scientist to explain in non-scientific terms…tangible yet almost metaphysical about the language of the universe.”

Ensign Caser Luj

OOC: This is going to be cool, because I have a keen interest in quantum physics and I actually believe that even on a sub-atomic level, there is someting that connects everything with everything and I’ve based the ability of my custom-made species (the Heleen) on that theory - all logical, not mythical or magical.

Laraan smiled at him warmly. “What if I showed you? I’m no scientist, but my species is driven by science, because we’ve harnessed millenia ago the ability to feel this energy that is all around and within us and channel it into another type of energy or matter. Never taking away, or adding, always maintaining the universal balance. It’s simply an accelerated shift of forms of energy if you will and each Heleen spends a minimum of 60 years to learn it.” she sang.

  • Laraan, CNS
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