Main Sim - Afternoon Tea with the Prophets

Posted April 1, 2019, 10:28 a.m. by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) (Lindsay Bayes)

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Main Sim: Afternoon Tea with the Prophets

Ghubari found herself surrounded by smoke and chaos. Immediately she would recognise the scene as it was indelibly written upon her mind.

This was where she had lost her leg…

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OOC: Thank you for keeping things going! I’m envisioning that she’s watching the scene play out but from a third-person’s perspective. If I assume too much here, feel free to shift me where we need to go.
A sharp sound sounded from her mouth as Koraia inhaled, her eyes fixed on the scene before her. Moments later, her mind snapped onto the fact that she was here and not on the bridge of the Athena.

The woman lying on the ground stuck under the broken and sharp beam was shaking in pain, unable to move. Nor were her companions able to do anything to really help her. She knew by the panicked look on Stuart’s face that the doctor had just realized his med it was back in the lab they could no longer access and that they had minutes at most to do something or the woman he loved would die. Any second now she’d give the order to do the unthinkable but necessary action that would ensure she made it out of this underground facility alive.

Watching from her vantage point, Fleet Captain Koraia watched the younger commander and felt her own hands shake. Even though she had done a great deal of healing since that day, the memory was still a visceral one that surely would never leave her. But why was she here? Where was here? Tearing her eyes away from the gut-wrenching scene, she surveyed the rest of the space for clues.

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