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Posted April 8, 2019, 2:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) (Julia Hager)

Sickbay Three in the Engineering Section on deck 39 had undergone a major overhaul after the last mission and S’Raal had wasted no time including all the latest gear in his secret lab that had been built partitioned off as part of it. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he’d be working on a being such as Julien here. Originally it had been where he and Stark had come to remove the nanite infection Archimedes had installed in the dark Caitian. It had also been used to research a prosthesis for the Captain up until the point that it was no longer necessary.

Invitations had gone out to Orvos, Julien and Stark to gather here and continue the work necessary to maintain Julien’s systems, and perhaps even to improve on them. Michail had also asked for the use of it as a bolt hole if need be. Mounted on the wall of the small space was a replica of a silicon rock painting.

S’Raal waited patiently for the others to arrive.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow
OOC Forgive me for fast tracking this Linds as I’m assuming here that this was all done with Captain’s approval and foreknowledge.

Julien joined them first, wearing simple black slacks and a black muscle shirt showin more of his deeply tanned skin than his uniform. He looked kind of sober, his mismatched green eyes business-like as he greeted S’Raal with a nod.

“Dr. S’Raal.” he said while pulling off his shirt. “Nice hide-out, perfect location.” he said in a conversational tone, while unbuttoning his slacks and letting them drop to the floor. He obviously had no qualms about stripping. Now that he stood there in just his shorts, it was a lot more obvious that he was not fully human. While they had done a great job matching the artificial skin of his right body half to his human skin in tone and colour, the artificial skin was smoother. Julien was in amazing shape for being in his fourties, thanks also to his enhanced genes, but his natural skin did look somewhat different. His natural muscle tissue was impressive and wiry on the left side of his body, on the right side it the little bumps and curves were just a bit smoother, less refined. There were three scratch marks on his left shoulder.

“How are you doing? Ready to be a father?” he asked S’Raal outright.

  • Julien Smith

S’Raal showed a momentary flash of anger in his amber eyes that quickly subsided into a rueful look. “Yes, I’ve been informed that my services as doctor in that department are no longer required”. The rueful look turned into a small half smile as he finally let it go. “My wife is an implacable lawyer and impossible to reason with when she knows she’s right which in this case I had to admit, finally, that she was, so in answer to your question, yes I’m ready to be a father and thank you for your assistance”.

Orvos had not been long and walked in to this sight. He frowned slightly. “I really must learn when to arrive. Either that or people need to not be so…” He lost the words mumbling to himself as he set a case down and set up his equipment.

Not looking at the man, Orvos spoke up. “You seem to have quite the scratch marks on your back. What happened there?” he inquired curiously. He finished set up quickly and then turned full face to him, analyzing every feature he needed to. Truth be told, he could get passed the awkwardness of the situation. It was typically only the shock of the situation that caught him off guard.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark walked in as Orvos was asking the question, at first he thought that perhaps the scratches had been his fault from the fight in the holodeck then his eyes narrowed and one and one became two and he clamped his mouth shut with an almost audible click.

Julien gave a rueful smile, looking at his own shoulder in a mirror. “Oh dear, I hadn’t noticed that.” he said and grabbed a dermal regenerator, applying it to the scratches while chuckling.

Orvos raised an eyebrow. Hadn’t noticed? he thought to himself.

“Don’t be shy Orvos, we’re two doctors and have no inhibitions when it comes to some nakedness. I realise this is new and strange for you, but when it comes to me, you are just as much a doctor for me than Dr S’Raal. I’m very used to stripping in front of throngs of Starfleet personell. Back at the center of cybernetic developments I am told whole classes of students in cybernetics were watching the specialists working on the right side of my body. So I had to let go of any feelings of shyness a long time ago.” he said and winked at Orvos, while hopping onto the biobed in a sitting position.

  • Julien

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos raised an eyebrow, curious as to whether there was something hidden behind his words. He let the curiosity go. Some stories were best left untold.

He then whipped out a tricorder, getting basic readouts on Julien before delving in. “Your not the first cybernetic being I’ve had to do checkups on,” he remarked aloud. “So I suppose in a way I am a doctor of sorts.”

Orvos then glanced over to S’Raal. “How are his readings?” he inquired.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

S’Raal was getting heightened levels of several things but being the soul of discretion his mouth was shut. “Everything fine here” he said noncommittally his golden eyes intent on the readings and nothing else.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

Julien laid down on the biobed and looked at his right hand. “There is an access panel in my right lower arm. Should I be unconscious you can trigger it by bending my middle finger backwards all the way to the back of my hand. When I’m conscious I can open it.” he said and a slit appeared on his right arm, so he could open a hatch, revealing his android arm that had an interface in it.

“This interface gives you access to this little control interface that can show you a damage report and the exact location I’ve been damaged. It’s all in the specs I’ve shared with you. If you need to get to another android part, you’ll have to simply cut away the skin first, it’s artificial and easy to replace where it covers android parts.”

  • Julien

Stark was hanging back watching but couldn’t help comparing the workings to another being he had encountered. The workings were different but somehow eerily similar.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos eyed the readouts closely. “Does it take into account areas of your body that are organic? Or would you need a doctor for such things as that?” he inquired as he started pushing buttons on the display.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“Well the only cross-over are all my body fluids. That’s why I can actually regulate them to a certain extend, like make myself vomit to get out of a conversation.. something I’d prefer not to have to do again, which is why I’d like you to build in a trigger that gives a signal to all of you, so you can com me and give some pretense that allows me to leave a situation where my cover may be blown. Last night the XO wanted to chat me up in the arboretum and she doesn’t know my real identity yet.
Anyhow. Most of my organs are regrown human tissue, except for my liver, so that would be Dr. S’Raal’s part.” he looked at S’Raal and grinned.

“Yes that means I can theoretically flush out any toxins from my blood stream if I choose to. It works both ways. On the Genesis we were once attacked by kraken-like aliens that attached themselves to our bodies and injected a toxin to kill us slowly. It came in very handy back then.” he said, the memories coming back to his mind.

  • Julien

“What maintains the bio-cybernetic interfaces?” S’Raal asked collecting readings, “I’m assuming the compatibility issues between them come at an elevated cost in power to keep them functioning within normal?”

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow CMO

Julien was silent for a minute, reflecting yet again how strange it was that he was more ok with talking about his android body parts than about his very own genetic abnormality.
“Yeah, you cut right to the chase there. I’m not surprised.” he said. From the little he had already seen, S’Raal was a first-rate physician. He drew a deep breath.
“That’s what makes this whole set-up kind of unique I guess. When I was an embryo I had a genetic defect. My mother, who is a genetic scientist, changed that and while she was at it, quite a bit more in my favour.”
He knew he shouldn’t feel guilty for it, but he had never quite been able to shake it and there was this other thought of not knowing who he would have been without the meddling.
“She upped my IQ, my body ages slower and heals faster. When they found out, after the fighter accident that ripped me apart, they knew I was the perfect subject for their trial run of merging android with human parts. While I was in a koma, they made my mother sign the approval. She had no choice really, as it was clear she had meddled with my genes. The answer is, the bio-cybernetic interfaces don’t really work, but due to my extra genetic make-up they do. They simply heal faster than they break down.” he said.

  • Julien

S’Raal looked at his readings again and his smile returned, “I had kind of figured that out but I wasn’t sure if it was something you wanted revealed”. He looked at a readout and zoomed in to the cellular level, “A pretty efficient solution all up, I was trying to achieve it with the Captain with nanites but this system eliminates the middle man and elevates your own cellular function to a level to match your implants.” He stopped and looked at Julien, “You must be almost perpetually hungry” he said with another smile.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

Julien gave him a half smile, not in the least surprised that S’Raal had figured it out so quickly. “I do eat a lot, and I take some supplements twice a day. In emergency situations though I can lower my metabolism though forcibly, almost to a state where I appear uncoscious but am not. I just can’t keep that up for a prolonged time.”

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