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Posted April 15, 2019, 8:28 a.m. by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) (Miriam W)

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Luka closed her eyes for a moment as they entered the anomaly, and suddenly her consciousness was no longer on the bridge of the Athena. She glanced around in alarm as she found herself in a blank white-space with no frame of reference. After a few moments of this sensation, she felt the presence of another being behind her. She turned around swiftly, and gasped as she saw the figure of her mother standing there.

“The Luka has faith,” her mother spoke, tilting her head.

“Faith in prophets of another world,” another voice spoke, and Luka spun around to see Captain Shore. Her eyes widened.

“What the… where the… who… what is this?” she stammered, stepping away from the form of her mother. It couldn’t be her mother, her emotions were locked away.


The figures shifted when she glanced away, and she saw the faces of Ghubari and her brother in the place of her mother and Captain Shore.

“The Luka does not understand.” ‘Ghubari’ spoke.

“The Ghubari understood. The mirror needs the Ghubari,” ‘Rishu’ added.

The pair glanced over to the side. Luka’s vision went white again, then the scene changed…

Luka found herself in a wooded clearing. Sometimes in a dream, things that in reality one would find strange are accepted as normal. It seemed the same effect applied here, because the silver and grey of the leaves and grass didn’t perturb Luka. In fact, she saw these colours and thought, ‘Of course. What other colours would they be?

In the middle of the clearing, there sat a small platform made of the dark silver wood of the trees around the clearing. It was only about half a foot tall, but on the platform sat a meditating female figure who, upon standing up, would be over 12 ft. in height.

She did not do so, instead opening her eyes. “Ah… My child,” she spoke, her voice seemingly endless, echoing in Luka’s head, and the officer immediately knew who this was. She bowed low to the one her people knew as Lu’ne.

Lu’ne stood up, but did not increase in height, shrinking her visage to match the size of Luka. She stepped over and placed her hand on Luka’s shoulder, lifting her to her full height. “My child…” She spoke, her voice softer and less resonant than before.

Luka, XO

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