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Posted April 15, 2019, 2:50 p.m. by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) (Julia Hager)

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Marishka didn’t bother keeping track of time very often anymore but it was sometime after the party in the lounge and she had promised to announce it’s new name by tomorrow afternoon. So she said goodnight to her staff and walked into her office and, seemingly, straight through the wall behind her desk. Stark wasn’t the only one with tricks. She had spent extra time in her office setting up holo-projectors that created a small secret room big enough for two to four people to sit cozy if necessary. It had been an amazing evening but now, she was alone with other matters to attend to. Instead of making any comms, she sent Julien a text.

‘If you’re awake, please come to my office. I have a legitimate medical reason to see you at this strange time.’ she sent and waited.

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‘On my way’ came the short answer.

Julien hadn’t even known there was an office attached to the lounge, but then this huge ship had a lot of extra facilities that, given the size of the crew, made not only sense but were necessary. Like a reception room and waiting room for five counselor suites for crying out loud. The Genny was tiny against this ship.

He entered the office as the door wasn’t locked, but it was empty. Empty to most of his senses… but not his nose. And her scent was unique in all of the galaxy and inhaling it, a smile spreading over his lips, he knew she was here… somewhere. How like her, he thought and switched to heat vision on his android eye. His smile broadened as he closed in on the holographic wall and walked through it.

He had a med kit with him, although he was doubtful about her reason of calling him, but he hadn’t bothered putting on his uniform, he had been off duty so he still wore his black slacks and a simple black shirt, his usual MO.

“Here I am. What is the nature of your legitimate medical emergency?” he asked with mischief in his mismatched green eyes.

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