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Posted April 15, 2019, 6:02 p.m. by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) (Miriam W)

There’s a saying that everyone on the planet is connected by seven or fewer degrees of separation. When extended to other civilizations on other planets, the statistic gets a little more complicated, but something that is definitely true is that among the people of Galdor, connections are even more important than among humans. So, when a notable number of them leave the planet to become a part of a different system, they tend to keep in contact with one another. Enter the SGS - the Starfleet Galdori Subscription.

Each evening (or morning, as the case might be) after her shift was over, Luka would pull out a device and read all the fascinating communications that were happening on the SGS irc chat. Sometimes she would join in, but today she was more interested in passively reading. A Lt. j.g. Sathut, it seemed, had gotten his paws on a fascinating combination of Galdori and Federation technology, with the help of a team led by a young Raka engineer named Kaia. The results were something that Luka, as she read the report, found fascinating. By combining the superior immersion of the Mind Chamber with the superior character simulation technology of the Holodeck, they had been able to create a unique experience. It seemed he was going to be testing its capabilities on his vessel.

Luka began to type, asking about the specifications and the practical applications, and thinking about how she might use such technology. Reading further up in the chat, she saw that Sathut had planned out a particular simulation and was sending out the files for anyone to try - if they had the chops to get the technology on their vessel, hand-adapt it to add the Federation tech, and try it out. Luka grinned slightly. This might be fun. She thought over the crew manifest, wondering if Orvos was any good at programming.

Regardless, she quickly sent a communication to Skybase, requesting a small Mind Chamber room, along with a few other supplies. Hopefully they would approve of her request and would send the supplies needed to build the device.

Luka, XO

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