Deck 38, Arboretum 3- A Casual Meeting

Posted April 15, 2019, 8:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Benjamin Grey (Chief Medical Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Deck 38, Arboretum 3- A Casual Meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Benjamin Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Deck 38, Arboretum 3- A Casual Meeting

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Deck 38, Arboretum 3- A Casual Meeting


Inhaling deeply, Ghubari smiled slightly, she shook her head. “It was because of me. When the Athena, the previous Athena, went down, we…”-she twirled her empty glass in her hand before holding it out to him so he could refill it-“barely made it. It was one of those assignments that Starfleet really didn’t expect us to come back from. So the fact that seventy-five percent of my crew made it was kind of a miracle, even if I didn’t see it that way back then. But we were on Outpost 42 for a time and then we found out that we were getting a new ship. We were days from shipping out and suddenly my mother shows up trying to board the ship… without credentials, of course, because who needs those?” She smirked.

Benjamin took a moment to decide which bottle to choose which bottle pour from. After a short deliberation, he chose the Single Malt, grabbing the flask and pouring carefully.

“Anyway, she told me later that she had a vision.” Ghubari spoke more cautiously now, but it wasn’t in embarrassment but more in recognition that she was speaking on a deeply personal level. “My tribe believes we are connected to the past generations and that through the Ancestors we can learn our most significant life lessons. They also believe in benevolent and malevolent spirits. She… I nearly died, Ben. I remember distinctly having one of my own visions like I do when I meditate deeply, and I knew I was dying, but at first I wasn’t sure that I wanted to live. We were far from a proper medial facility and I knew even before we escaped our situation that I was gravely injured. I had accepted death as an outcome. So… suddenly I had a choice. I chose, after probably too much consideration, to live. And the weird part is that I never told my mother that much, just that I had been very injured and nearly died. But she knew. Because she had her own vision and knew at least in part what I had gone through. So she left Earth and showed up, in her words, because I needed her. And I did. More deeply than I realized. I felt broken and lost and it was enough to compel my space-adverse mother to travel all that way just to help however she could.”

She knew it was far-fetched in many ways, but her and Akeela stood by their understanding of that strange sequence of events. It was because of that that their relationship had finally reached the depth they both had always wanted.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

For a long moment, Benjamin was quiet. He’d read researched the topic of genetic memory and telepathic visions during his medical studies but never found much interest in the topic. He finished his drink and poured himself some more blue liquid before responding “It must be nice, to have such a powerful connection with your mother. Most Humans don’t get that strong a connection with their family” He seemed to freeze for a moment. After a moment a rigid hand went on the inside of his jacket and pulled out a small pendant, raised it to his nose, opened the pendant and inhaled deeply through his nose. A moment later his muscles relaxed “My family is very close and I couldn’t begin to understand this sort of connection.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Air filled her lungs and for a moment she held it before carefully exhaling. “I don’t know if it’s simply because I’m an empath, or because of our belief system, or some strange combination of the two. I do know that when we are in moments of great distress, we have the ability to pick up the other’s distress. So far, there’s only been two very distinct moments where distance has not been a factor.”

Ghubari sipped on the whiskey and felt it slip warmly down her throat. “Tell me something unusual about your family I don’t already know.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Benjamin let out a nervous snort, an amused chuckle that he didn’t have time to stifle. He looked at his drink and after a moment seemed to make a decision. He took another careful sip “Well in the early days of Starfleet the first member of my Clan left Earth, my ancestor Charles Grey was the first Grey to leave the Sol system, I’ve read some of his journals from the time. A brilliant scientist and absolute madman, he did dangerous experiments on himself and his…” There was a slight pause “Reproductive system, He was trying to cure some debilitating neural disease that he didn’t disclose to the Fleet, made him see things.” Ben shook a hand casually in dismissal forgoing the rest of the long story.

“These experiments didn’t show a negative effect in his children, in fact, it seemed to work until the late 23rd century when my Great Grandfather was afflicted, it seemed his mother had a dormant genetic defect that reactivated this neural disease. He did experiments to heal himself which brings us to me” He pointed at himself for emphasis and humor “High intelligence, excellent memory and the nose of a bloodhound” He smiled absentmindedly “Since I and my family were not directly genetically manipulated and the fact that high intelligence is somewhat of a family trait we’ve not been ostracized from Federation society. the only genetic advantage I have is the ability to ‘sense’ people as it were” He raised the locket “You’ve seen me use this a couple of times, it helps calm the effect, the human mind wasn’t designed to handle such nasal prescision.”

Dr. grey- CMO

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