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The sun rose slowly over Rura Penthe… or at least Ben thought the sun was rising by the gradual change from murky black to murky grey. Fifteen years he had been stuck here, blackmailed against his better judgement into performing genetic experiments for the late great Intendant B’Elanna of Ardana.

At first being able to work with the DNA of a being like Kes had at least added some interest but it seemed such experiments had come to a hideous dead end. With the Intendant long gone he’d been left at the tender mercies of Rovan and for Rovan the fact that Ben was human was enough for the Ktarian to torment him. Only the steadying hand of his beau Alison had stopped Rovan from killing Ben long ago. For some reason Rovan didn’t lump Alison in with other humans citing that she was “different”. Rovan thought Ben was intentionally failing at his job… Rovan was right, partially.

The latest in a long line of “failures” was Liam Madison. Trying to continue the genetic experiments Rovan had found a new supplier, people who were experimenting with strange symbiotic creatures and Borg nanites. Following orders as “best he could” Ben had worked with these people to create Madison’s abilities, but the procedure whilst partially successful had unhinged the man and now he had had to be locked up because he was completely intractable and uncontrollable. Ben had never intended that side effect, it left him sleepless most nights thinking about it.

The door slammed open behind Ben shaking him out of his reverie. Rovan walked in looking very pleased with himself.

“Fresh meat” he said with a sneer.

Ben tried to keep the look off his face but failed and the Ktarian slammed him hard into the transparent aluminum of the window.

“None of that from you or you know what will happen to those you love… meat”.

Rovan always addressed him as “meat”, his way of belittling the human race as a whole. The Ktarian breezily continued.

“We’ve caught a break, hit one of the troop carriers of the new burgeoning alliance. Scored ourselves a whole family of nine, one red headed woman and her eight brothers. Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on a genetic sample like that, right doctor.”

Rovan was enjoying Ben’s discomfort but Ben couldn’t keep the fire from lighting up in his eyes.

“One day” his eyes were saying, “One day…”

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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Rovan was about to leave and then turned swiftly as he remembered something. “One more thing meat. We’re going to have a special guest who’s going to be working alongside you for a while. Hopefully his help will mean we’ll finally get some results”.

Ben’s eyes were wishing that the Ktarian would just leave but that only served to fuel the fire of Rovan’s pleasure in staying. “The guy should be right up your alley, medical training, genetically enhanced, bioengineered and with a chip on his shoulder almost as big as yours Benny Boy”.

With that Rovan swept away laughing to himself. Ben waited sixty seconds and then slammed his fists down on the table in impotent fury. Nine faces appeared on his heads up display almost in mockery of his pain.

“More meat” Ben said in a whisper a tear falling from his eye.

A soft voice came from the back of the room, “Sweetheart, don’t let him get to you”.

Ben turned to his wife and the tears fell as she hugged him. “Oh Janna” he said, “What will we do?”.

to be continued.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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“We’ll bide our time until there is something we can do to turn the tables and get out of here.” Janna spat with venom, “Don’t forget Ben that in the midst of this hell hole we found each other”.

“Found each other!” Ben said angrily, The intendant ordered you genetically modified to have a life threatening disease just to force me to save your through the Borg nanite therapy! Some introduction!”

Janna stared at him until he shrugged and started to calm down continuing quietly. “Which I then managed to cure through a brilliant breakthrough that could I get out of here could be put to some good use”.

“That’s my Ben”, Janna said warmly touching his face, “One day your cousin Jack is going to get out from Rovan’s clutches, we’ll find each other and then start over…”

“Who’s Jack” a suave voice spoke coming from the other side of the metal door. The door swung open with a loud clang revealing a tall black haired individual with mismatched green eyes. He smiled and a dimple lit up in his face that seemed somehow sinister in the grey lighting. “Sounds like someone I want to meet…”

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ben froze as he wondered how much the man had heard and then he decided the hell with it. “Jack is the cousin Rovan is keeping in thrall to force me to work here… and just who are you?” Janna looked at him warningly and for her sake he backed back off his anger a bit.

“Julien” the man said with his head cocked slightly to one side, “I’m here to help”

Ben was about to make an acerbic reply but Janna bet him to it as she stepped forward and warmly shook the man’s hand. He looked slightly taken aback for a brief moment but then his face went into a neutral pose, an obviously well practiced manoeuvre.

“We should see to the new arrivals” Julien said his voice also neutral, “They’re in stasis with their minds hooked into the neural holomatrix. They’re all playing out the fantasy that they’re still part of the Terran Rebellion but I’m not sure how long that will keep them docile, we should get to work right away”.

Without waiting for a reply the new arrival walked through two connecting door. Ben followed trying not to mutter to himself. There before them across one wall were ten pods, nine of them filled with an assortment of pale, Irish faces. Ben looked down into the pod containing the young lass with a buzzcut that was just growing out into flaming red hair. He was about to check the readings on the pod when he startled suddenly realising that the young woman’s eyes had just opened and she was staring him full in the face. Alarms started going off all over…

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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All three went to work with practised skill and speed. Ben knew that the trauma of prematurely coming out of holosleep could unhinge even the strongest mind and the look in the young woman’s eyes warned him that perhaps he was too late to save her sanity.

Janna called out the readings quickly, “Power drop Ben, it’s dropped her connection to the mainframe”.

“Madison” Ben spat out vehemently, “I told Rovan it was too dangerous”.

“Explain” the newcomer said as he casually inserted his finger into the mainframe data port and interacted directly with it.

“Liam Madison was modified through a Borg enhanced symbiote to absorb and transmit energy, his mind snapped so Rovan integrated him into the holomatrix systems as a living battery and power source. I warned him the man’s mental fluctuations would create problems but the fool wouldn’t listen!”

to be continued…
Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ben was frantically trying to reroute power but even in the midst of the alarms he distinctly heard Julien whispering something at his wrist, it sounded a bit like a name but then it was gone.

“Powers flowing in” Janna called out from her console.

Ben looked at his readout, “From where? We’re maxed out”.

“Haven’t the foggiest” she replied shrugging her shoulders and looking at her own readings mystified.

Seconds later Ben had reconnected the red haired lass to the mainframe. He flicked his viewer to show what she’d be looking at and was dismayed to see that the holomatrix was showing a grey pattern that showed that she’d passed into a coma.

“Dammit” he spat.

There was a sound from the door and Rovan strode in. He took one look at the readout and backhanded Ben full in the face knocking him to the floor where he sat with a bleeding lip and a heart full of hate.

“One more mistake like that “meat” and you’ll be in the pod” The Ktarian hissed. Janna looked like she was going to come to Ben’s defence but Ben warned her off with a look.

Julien unhooked his digit from the system and looked calmly at Rovan, “Using a biological battery in a holomatrix system is ill advised”

Rovan looked at Julien, Julien looked back. Rovan’s fists clenched, Julien tilted his head and pursed his lips into thin bands of disapproval. Ben waited to see if his wildest dreams were about to come true…

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The unmoveable object continued to stare at the unstoppable force for a moment later and then both turned to the console as one to survey the damage. Ben was left thinking that perhaps finally this meant a shift in power in this hell hole. Maybe the newcomer would be more reasonable, maybe an opportunity to get out would present itself.

Ben turned back to try to figure out where the sudden power surge had come from. It had been applied from an external source but strangely it seemed to have been applied directly to Madison himself… it was as if Madison’s radiation power had fluctuated and something had simply “recharged” him restoring power to the system.

Janna looked over his shoulder speaking calmly into his ear relieving his tension creating a bubble of normalcy from the tension coming from the two men at the other console.
“That’s super strange Ben” she said with a chuckle, “Someone’s looking out for us”.

“Someone or something” Ben replied, “I’ve never seen anything that could apply energy directly into a biological system like that…”

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ben was a very observant man and his time here had honed his senses to razor sharpness and that was why when he made his pronouncement he noticed that the newcomer flinched ever so slightly.

“He knows something” Janna said quietly into Ben’s ear, she’d noticed it too.

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Rovan saw the two of them whispering and started moving towards where they were huddled together his fists already clenched to bring swift retribution. Suddenly a woman’s voice cut through the stillness over the comm system.

=/\= Rovan, I need you in the power plant, something’s wrong =/\=

Ben sighed in relief, Allison was the only thing that could stop Rovan’s murderous rampages. Rovan turned to go when suddenly the comm system chirped again.

=/\= Rovan! Rovan! Aaaaaaaah! =/\=

The scream was chilling, sepulchral, final. Rovan was through the door and heading for the power plant room before the scream died on the air. The others followed swiftly filled with dread.

Peace descended on the room they had left and inside a pod a young woman with red hair in a glass prison twitched once… and then again…

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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