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Three days had passed rather uneventfully for R’han, in fact he’d rather enjoyed seeing everyone prepare for the other delegates. Poor Orvos had been run off his feet preparing quarters for the Taurus Pact. Tholian’s weren’t known to be the easiest of beings to work with and when you added the Breen and the Gorn into that mix he’d seen Orvos come close to a meltdown.

R’han had invited them all to a karaoke night but only the Romulan delegation had acquiesced and they had left half way through R’han’s rendition of “I did it my way” which he thought was particularly rude as he had spend a great deal of time practicing that song for them in particular.

The Terran delegation was the last to arrive and had been made fashionably late due to a sudden freak ion storm that had appeared out of nowhere. The Bennetts however had been very happy about the delay as it gave them longer to set up security. He had caught the two of them surreptitiously running holodeck simulations with their team against multiple opponents of the various races, most of which they had lost badly Gorn being Gorn etc. The problem was that they weren’t supposed to kill anyone whilst restraining them… very limiting in Rhan’s opinion.

He heard a light footstep from behind him and turned slowly away from the pool and his continual contemplation of the aesthetics of perfect body form. Standing behind him was a balding man wearing what looked like a black jump suit. He’d only ever seen one other like it…. hanging in Orvos secret “batcave” wardrobe. R’han raised an eyebrow slightly in a question at the newcomer.

The man smiled haltingly and then spoke in an accent that wasn’t quite placeable and therefore probably an affectation. “Name’s Reg” he said with another attempt at a smile, “Reg Barclay”.

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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OOC Glad you’re enjoying it :-)
“Are you a friend of Orvos?” R’han said with a sickly saccharin sarcastic smile, “He didn’t mention you we’re coming”.

Reg rubbed his hand over his near bald scalp and eyeballed R’han and R’han could tell by the way he stood that the man had backup somewhere close by. Finally the man spoke in his halting accent.

“You can act dumb if you like but if it’s alright I’d rather we worked more at a professional level as there isn’t much time before the assassination attempt” Reg’s blue eyes were level but they betrayed that his back up was behind and to the right. R’han caught a glimpse of black clad Klingon in the shadows.

“I’m assuming you mean the mother daughter team of Barbara and Kaylee Baxter, Mr Barclay” R’han said with aplomb, “My security have it handled”.

Reg smiled and at precisely that moment Jayden Bennett came over R’han’s commlink.

=/\= They’ve disappeared boss =/\= was the short succinct message.

R’han smiled yet another sickly saccharin sarcastic smile and then replied tersely =/\= Acknowledged Jayden, please find them at your earliest convenience =/\=

There was no reply, people knew better than to reply when R’han used that particular tone.

Reg smiled and tilted his head to the side mimicking R’han’s smile, “Would you like our assistance Mr R’han” he emphasised the “Mr”.

“Not necessary” R’han grated, “I already have a “Memory Omega” operative.”

A half Klingon woman stepped out of the shadows, R’han was momentarily stunned by her looks but quickly rallied, now was not the time to lose ones’ composure.

“K’Ehleyr” she said by way of introduction, “and we lost contact with Orvos’ sub-dermal transmitter a little over an hour ago”.

R’han started to let out a string of words that were both colourful and vituperative, he widened his range to several dead and extinct languages and then just settled on combining cuss words which were for the most part made up…

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

OOC: This R’han is more colorful and openly hostile and emotional. Interesting.

OOC I could never hope to copy the original so I’ve deliberately made them different :-) You did ask for hedonist lol

OOC: Certainly not complaining, its just dangerous to be that hostile unless he’s very powerful. So here’s to hoping.


OOC I appreciate you and everyone else giving me permission to modify and create from the original templates… needless to say, not all is as it appears :-)
Barclay waited patiently for the words to stop whereas K’Ehleyr seemed to be enjoying it immensely and be slightly in awe of R’han’s command of language.

Christopher Bennett materialised from the pool area and appraised the newcomers with the practiced eye of the security professional. He drew himself up to his full 6ft4 and the frown on his face was distinctly shadowed with his partial Klingon ancestry giving him a brooding look.

K’Ehleyr moved her feet subtly into a wider stance but it was obvious that they were wary of attack.

“How did these two get on the planet without my knowledge” Christopher growled.

R’han had finished his diatribe having used it as a way to put the others at ease and give him time to think, a technique that had served him well with his former master. “They’re looking for Orvos” he replied ignoring the question entirely.

“So are we” Christopher muttered his facing darkening ever perceptibly, “Two of the guests have gone AWOL as well” he said never taking his eyes off the others.

They looked at each other. Every single one of them knew who had gone missing. They were a day away from momentous peace talks and they had two missing assassins and no weather engineer.

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Barclay and K’Ehleyr looked at each other and then turned to leave. Christopher looked like he was going to take umbrage and arrest them but R’han waved him down.

“Don’t bother Christopher, the last thing we need right now is more enemies”. He looked into the man’s eyes, “Speaking of enemies have the Gorns, Tholians and Breen been situated successfully?”

“Yes” Christopher said rattling off the facts, “We’ve added the necessary extra patrols and Jayden is putting the finishing touches to the contingency plans in case they become crucial during the talks.”

Both men looked at each other at that pronouncement hoping that it wouldn’t become necessary to use these “contingencies”.

Christopher continued, “Zogozin and the Gorn contingent are in the east wing, Thot Gor and the Breen delegates are in the west and Azrene and the Tholians are in the newly converted quarters in the old torture dungeon”

“Appropriate” R’han said satisfied, “That leaves the Romulan’s in the north wing and the south awaiting our human delegates who will be joining the Bajorans and Napean delegation. How are they faring?”

“Been too busy to check sir” Christopher replied wondering how that pronouncement would go over.

“Can’t expect you to be everywhere Christopher” R’han replied urbanely, “But surely you have some people in the vicinity?”

“We did” Christopher explained, “but then we had to deal with the sinkhole that opened up…”

R’han was about to interject with a pointed question about this “sinkhole” he’d heard nothing about when suddenly the peace of the day was shattered by a blood curdling scream…

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han hurried around the corner expecting the worst and then stopped in consternation as he saw his new comedian Conner Quinn extricating himself from a sudden tangle of limbs with Miss Cherry Blossom who had some unnamed creamy tropical drink spilt all down her front.
The hapless comedian then added insult to injury by attempting to wipe the cream off Cherry’s very expensive silk blouse.

The crack as she slapped him full across the face echoed off the building behind and poor Conner sat down with a large thump. Christopher, who had followed was openly grinning.

“Do you have any idea how much this top cost” Cherry screamed at a pitch that would have wounded an elephant at half a mile.

Conner got to his feet and tried to apologise but it was to no avail, eventually Cherry stormed off muttering dark threats of eternal retribution.

Conner looked at his boss and looked contrite. “Sorry” he said lamely.

R’han just shook his head and continued to look at him while Christopher grinned. Then a communicator chirped.

=/\= R’han, the rest of the delegates have just arrived in orbit =/\=

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

=/\= R’han here, acknowledged =/\=

It only took a minute to get to the official greeting slash beam down site. Once the necessary permissions were given and the site was secured, Rhan gave the order for the delegation to be beamed.

Surprisingly, only two people materialised, an Asian woman and a balding man, no entourage, no security.

The man stepped forward and offered his hand which R’han as per the custom took and shook once. “Eddington” the man said with a lazy self assured smile, “Michael Eddington” he turned to let the woman next to him, “and my associate Keiko Ishikawa”. The woman nodded and smiled wanly, then looked around as if she was expecting someone. Eddington continued “General O’Brien sends his apologies, he has been detained with a personal matter”.

to be continued…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC Dinner’s on the table people and all the places are set… please fly into that anomaly :-)

Appearing almost seemingly from thin air a grey figure walked into the area. Eddington and R’han’s security contingent instantly went on high alert but the woman, Keiko, didn’t flinch in the slightest.

Recognising the figure Eddington relaxed, a little, “Iliana, I had heard you had made a surprise appearance, Prophets treating you well?”

Iliana smirked a little at his somewhat mocking tone and just looked at him as she raised three fingers and silently counted down from three…

As the last finger fell Eddington’s communicator chirped.

=/\= Commander, there’s a strange anomaly appearing just beyond Risa, Our sensors are picking up a strong source of neutrinos, ionised hydrogen and theta radiation along with quantum level fluctuations. We think it’s a wormhole =/\=

to be continued…
Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

R’han quietly went to his happy place, the place he went to when things got out of control. Orvos missing, a strange sink hole, an assassin team of mother and daughter and a bunch of potentially nasty diplomatic envoys and now a strange +prophetic+ anomaly. I mean what could could make the day any better?

=/\= Commander =/\= The voice rang out again =/\= There is a ship emerging from the wormhole… I’ve never seen it’s like… =/\=

“I had to ask” R’han muttered to himself.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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