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“Or,” broke out Orvos as he heard the sudden agreement with the captain’s actions. “What about that Probe Mr. Dan was just talking to us about? Eh?” He gave his eyebrows a wiggle and pointed a thumb behind him towards the occupied science station.

R’han was not moved by the change is Laraan’s volume. It was the XO’s duty to execute the captain’s order not the counselor especially when there were two higher ranked officers available. “Begging the Captain’s Pardon, What’s the rush? The anomaly will be there in an hour after we run a full scan of it.”


And without refrain, Orvos then pointed two fingers to the CTO. “I think he might have a point there. Why put the ship so quickly at risk?”

Luka looked at Laraan, frowning slightly. “I am not certain if you are accustomed to the chain of command, Counselor Laraan,” she stood to her full height, looking imposing, “But you do not have the authority to order the vessel to do anything when I am on the bridge. I am the officer who holds that position.”

Laraan’s eyes locked with Luka’s. “I’m not certain that you realised I just did a psychological assessment and then was merely repeating the Captain’s orders to confirm that this assessment has turned out well. Somethings should not be spelled out in order to preserve crew morale.” she said in a low voice to Luka. How dare this youngster quote protocol to her as if she was a greenhorn. Now Luka had forced her to spell out the truth that Laraan would rather have kept in a silent communication between her and Ghubari. This bridge crew needed to trust their Captain now, and not wonder why she was in need of a psychological assessment. She swallowed her anger about Luka though, if the new XO was clever, she let it lie. She would have to have a serious conversation with Luka when this was over, explaining a few of the finer point of crew dynamics.

“Captain, I must ask a similar question as R’han, simply because my duty is to put the safety of this vessel and her crew over my devotion to your orders. What reason do you have to go through the anomaly, and what makes you think we will not be torn asunder by passing through it?”

Luka, XO

It was then that Orvos shut up and listened intently.

Laraan managed to not roll her eyes at Luka’s words. She moved herself to stand next to Ghubari with her hands clasped behind her back and looked at the crew with certainty in her eyes, a silent move to back up her assessment with the gesture. She knew the look in Ghubari’s eyes, in fact she was joyful she had seen it again now. Ghubari was at her best when there was no doubt in her mind.

There were only a few people on the ship who truly understand how deeply her spiritual beliefs went and fewer still who had witnessed her in her deep meditations. But what happened when she was elsewhere was no less real and impactful than her conversations with Mshuri. Could she truly ask people to simply accept that and give her the benefit of the doubt?

Turning to face Luka more, Ghubari felt intensely calm as she drank in her new first officer. Luka was still learning about her captain and the ship and Ghubari understood that implicitly. “We won’t. I can’t explain how I know, other than someone else who would not want to see us harmed made that clear.” She exhaled forcibly as she glanced about the bridge and raised her voice slightly so everyone for sure could hear her. “We’ve been through many difficult times as a crew, and while I can’t tell you what is on the other side of that anomaly, I can tell you that it’s imperative we go through. You’ve all trusted me before. You need to trust me now.”

“Helm, set a course for the anomaly and engage.”

Luka could contradict her orders and declare her under an influence they were uncertain about, but as she gazed intently at the Laleri again, all had extreme clarity of mind, as if she had been caught in a storm and the clouds had just broken. She was certain, and she was calm. They would either go with her on this, or else this all ended here.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I do not have a lot of experience with you, Captain Ghubari, but even with my limited ability to read human non-verbal communication, I can see in your eyes the sincerity of your decision. You do not look like one deluded or lying.”

Another flood of relief flowed through Koraia and she felt more optimistic about the next set of events. Despite their doubts, she needed to know they trusted her implicitly.

A light smile returned to Laraan’s face. There was hope yet for the young XO.

She nodded to NE Packer at the Helm, who had been looking nervously at what seemed to be a brewing conflict. The young woman nodded back, and set the course as instructed. Within seconds, the Athena was drifting towards the anomaly.

“I said it before, and I will say it again. We have no knowledge of how bumpy this transition is going to be, so I will suggest now that everyone find somewhere to sit, and hold on tight. We do not want people flying across the bridge if this ride gets bumpy…” to prove her point, she grabbed onto the arms of her chair. If they had seatbelts, she would suggest those as well. She pressed the comm button and sent out a call on all speakers. =^=Bridge to Athena, this is a general call. Everyone hold onto something. We may experience some turbulence as we enter the anomaly…=^=

Luka, XO

Ghubari resumed her seat in the captains chair, resting her arms on the chair arms and wrapping her fingers over the ends. She watched the anomaly becomes gradually larger on the screen, and mentally braced herself for whatever came next. On a whim, she said a silent prayer to the Ancestors.

Laraan returned to her aux station, sat down and fastened the emergency seat belt.

The wormhole seemed to almost expand towards the Athena as the ship sailed into the unknown. Flying arcs of pure energy flew around the ship but without touching and people’s faces lit up in time with the flashes. There was a presence here, it was palpable, this was no mere ordinary phenomenon, there was an intelligence at work and although no one could point to it, everyone knew that in this corridor of space, they were not alone.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
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Orvos sighed inwardly. Truth be told, could someone speak something untrue without realizing they were wrong, and still come across as telling the truth? He trusted the captain, that much was certain. And he was fully aware that this crew, as unique as they each were, were bound to encounter crazy situations. He was in this for the long haul. Besides, for all he knew, time was causing his race to be run all the quicker. Why not embrace it?

He took his seat, sending a message to main engineering. =/\=Secure yourselves and all equipment. Report any abnormalities as necessary.=/\= And with that, he kept his eyes moving from the viewscreen and his readouts.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Jayden replied back via message in acknowledgement.

Stark had remained silent throughout the narrative. He had run multiple scenarios through his mind, was the captain who returned the same Captain that left? In this forever degrading universe of anomalies and time distortions he knew nothing was certain and in times like that he chose to do nothing and see which way the cards fell. He was also wondering how they could have been sent to scan an anomaly that hadn’t appeared until they arrived. He quietly started looking over the communication logs looking for answers.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Laraan’s eyes were on Stark. She thought she had an idea what he was thinking about. Another part of her was annoyed with him because he took no measures to secure his furry butt! But in reality she was scared. She had the sinking feeling that this was all pre-ordained, all part of the larger picture that their unseen pupeteer was painting as they went along - laughing evilly.

  • Laraan, CNS

Luka blinked, and seemed to shift a little with discomfort, then smiled softly. She looked over at Ghubari and there was a strange expression in her eyes. If Ghubari looked at Luka in the moment, the XO would nod slightly, and Ghubari would see the same determination and clarity in the eyes of her new XO. “I understand now,” she whispered.

Luka, XO

Sensing the attention on her, Ghubari glanced over and caught the small nod. She smiled ever so sightly and nodded back, accepting the words as true. They calmed the slightly nervous part of the CO’s mind that right now was trying to desperately anticipate a situation she likely couldn’t fathom.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO


Almost as quickly as it had begun the journey ended and the Athena appeared in normal space again. Dead ahead was a planet, they had arrived almost within beam down range. Sensors sweeps would show It was orbited by two moons and located in a binary system about ninety light years from the Sol system. However readings would also show that there were subtle anomalies with the sensor readings that did not match with the computer banks known universe.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Dan looked up from the sensor station relieved that he and the ship were still in one piece. “We have arrived. Although I’m not entirely sure how we got here. As to here, we are in a binary star system about 90 light years from Sol system. Based on available data nothing else can be concluded. Sensor reading show slight anomalies that do not match up with the ship’s stellar data banks.”

Dan then ran a scan to see if chrono particles were present. Dan was sure they had not traveled through time but rather they had slipped sideways a bit and were in a slightly alternate reality.

Lt j.g.Dan Jones (Scientist)

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