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Posted by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) in Medical Check-in, Allison Fleet (Pre-Sim) (Tag Julien?)

After a… strange encounter with Commander Stark Nightstalker, Allison stepped into Sickbay, glancing around with a small smile on her face. The smile turned into a sad one as she thought about the many months she had spent unconscious in a sickbay much like this one. She found an empty spot against the wall and stood, waiting quietly for someone to notice.

She glanced around sickbay, committing faces to memory, preparing for when she would learn their names eventually.

Allison Fleet, Sci

OOC: Hey Julia, I’d love to have Allie interact with Julien if you’re free!! ;)

  • Miriam

Julien came out from one of the labs, studying a PADD with some interesting genetic abnormalities when his unruly black lock fell into his forehead again and he brushed it back, looking up and seeing… Allison! Bloody hell, had all of his ex crew members transferred to the Athena? How was he supposed to keep up his cover under such circumstances… unless… somebody tried to expose him that way?

It was too late to make an unobstrusive retreat, so he edged to the side exit checking if she had seen and recognised him as well. If she had, he’d have to act fast.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Allison’s eyes locked onto Julien and she had to do a double take. Ah, Captain Julien is here. Wait, what? she got a confused expression on her face, but quickly cleared it as she noticed more details. He wore doctor’s colours and some of his pips were missing, showing him as just a Lt. She quietly glanced down to the floor, her brain racing. She looked up again and locked eyes with her former Captain, the question in her eyes.

She stayed silent, her mind working overtime. *There must be something going on. Captain Julien wouldn’t quit his Captain job and hop onto a doctor position for no reason. Rovan was here and hadn’t mentioned him, which meant that whatever that reason was, it was secret. And given that Rovan had likely had a medical check-up already, he was probably in on the secret.

He saw the second of recognition and processing. He knew very well how fast Allison was able to think on her feet, so he just remained silent.

She began to walk towards Julien, pretending that she hadn’t recognized him, although the brief moment of eye contact had likely communicated that she had, indeed, recognized him. He would know by now that Allison Fleet never forgot a face. “Excuse me, Doctor,” she approached him, her voice going soft as she gave him an opportunity. “I was wondering if you could do my general examination somewhere a little more private than general sickbay? I have some things on my health record I’d rather not have the rest of the ship know about.”

Allison Fleet, sci

OOC: Oh my…lol. Julien and his more private check ups. Orvos didnt even request his! :P
OOC: it’s true though, there are things on her medical record that only medical and command can know about. Lol. She’s using it as an excuse though.
OOC: Love this :-) So what would he see on the medical record that’s out of the ordinary - he never did look closer when he was her CO.

OOC: oof, well. In a few words: she is able to recover from injuries that should be fatal and has perfect memory.
In a few more words: Her time on that planetoid made her the closest to immortal a human can be, in order to keep her from aging or dying of injury while she was there. The effects will fade over time, but right now she’s not aging and doesn’t look a day older than she was when she was taken off the planetoid, even though that was about 3 years ago. She also has a perfect memory, so good that it’s actually impossible for her to forget anything. She heals from any injury, and doesn’t have any scar tissue, even in places where he knows she should have it. She got some massive head trauma which should have been fatal but only placed her in a coma for 3 months while he was captain, but there is no physical record of that on her brain - any scans will register as her seeming to not have had that injury. He should know a few of these details, but might not know everything. The aliens who imprisoned her on that planetoid did some strange stuff to her biologically.

OOC: Right, thanks, I remember :)

He gave her a smile that made a dimple appear in his left cheek and surprised himself as he realized he felt proud. So very clever, adapting to the new situation within seconds. A true Genesis crew member, no matter if that was in their past.

He gave a nod. “Yes of course.” he said in his deep baritone. “Please follow me.” he added and went with her into the surgical biobed room which housed two biobeds that were currently empty. Letting her go in first, he closed the door and got out the PADD he had from Stark, securing the room against all sensors.

Allison followed Julien into the room, keeping a neutral expression on her face.

Then he turned around, went over to Allison with a broad grin and gave her a big hug. “Allison.” he simply said.

  • Julien

She accepted the hug, and after a brief moment of hesitation, she hugged him back. “I assume that whatever you did on that PaDD blocked anyone from seeing us, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be hugging me,” she said with a small laugh.

He just gave a nod.

After a moment, she pulled back, holding her former captain at arm’s length. “First Rovan, now you… are there any other under-cover Genesis crew members I should know about before I accidentally bump into them?” she asked, shaking her head slightly as if to clear it. “What are you doing here and not in your Captain’s seat on the Genesis? When I left, you were still in command.”

Allison Fleet, Science

He gave a rumbling laugh and shook his head, his unruly black curl falling into his forehead again.
“No nobody else.” he said, then his expression became wistful, with a hint of sadness.
“La’kia got pregnant from me… again. We were about to go on a 3 year deep space science mission when she was about to deliver. Her species has this biological dependency on their home planet and it’s most acute with newly borns. Besides we were already separated, she just came to the Genesis for a visit and to tell me.”
He shook his head “I couldn’t take her and my son with us, and I couldn’t just leave her to fend for her own. The inter-species birth is very complicated and me and Sage were the only doctors who had experience with it through my son’s birth. I just couldn’t live with the thought of flying off while my daughter and her mother might die, leaving my son alone… so I resigned my Captaincy. I went back to Earth with them, birthed my daughter Flavia and then went with them to Zahara where I stayed for 6 months, until La’kia said I needed to get back to work… and I did.
By then of course the Genesis had moved on to Calvin, he’s the new CO. So I just put myself out there, Fleet Captain for hire” he chuckled. “I’ve known Ghubari for a very long time now, and she needed discreet and very specific help. It’s not my first time in covert opps and I didn’t feel ready for another Captaincy. I’m still mourning the Genny to be honest.” he explained and his face was full of emotions.

  • Julien

“Got La’kia… But aren’t you in a relationship with Marishka?” Allison tried to process the situation based on what she knew. Either her captain was polyamorous and his two lovers were in full knowledge of it, or he was cheating on one of them with the other…

Julien nodded. “I was. That was after La’kia resolved our engagment and left for Zahara. But we already had a son back then. After she left me, I got together with Marishka. Ah yes, there will be another surprise waiting for you when you go to the lounge. Marishka is there, as the new lounge host and, yes that is to a certain extend also intended. I mean who would give up Lieutenant pips and a CIO position for becoming a lounge host. I must confess I didn’t know it myself, it was quite a surprise when I saw her in the lounge, though… not an unwelcome one.” he said and winked.

She stared at him for a moment, then shook her head. As curious as she was, it was his private life. “We might as well get my scan done,” she commented, looking at the floor briefly. “I could just tell you all the details, or you could scan me and read my file and get the information yourself. In as few details as possible, the time I spent on the planetoid in that Nebula did some really strange things to my biology, including giving me the inability to forget anything, and what I call ‘the closest thing to immortal a human can get.’“

Allison Fleet, Science

He gave her a smile. “Do you really think I didn’t look at your full file when I was the Captain of the ship that picked you up? I’m not acting the doctor part Allison, I started my career in Starfleet in the medical department. When you joined my crew I had to read all the information Sage gathered about you, it fascinated me.” he said and started scanning.

“Have you met our CE yet?” he asked while studying the scan.

  • Julien

Allison listened with a small smile. “Well, I had no guarantee you’d remembered that stuff. It’s been a while since I left the Genesis. And I don’t really have a good sense of how permanent the memories of normal people are, at this point. Although…” she tapped her head, on the same side as his cybernetic eye. “I guess you’re no more normal than I am, if you really think about it. We both have… strange qualities.”

She looked at Julian again with a small tilt of her head. “Why did you and La’kia get back together after she left you? … What did Marishka think of that?” She was a little concerned about the complex nature of the relationships of her Captain, a little more as they related to the ideals she had been taught growing up. Perhaps a little more restrictive than what was known to pass for proper relationships these days, but her parents had taught her not to get sexually involved with someone unless you were willing to risk the chance of impregnation, or had some really good prevention strategies. A particular Chief Engineer on her first ship had learned that lesson quite hard when he got pregnant from one of their early first-contact missions…

Her scans showed exactly what was expected. If Julian scanned for traces of the injury which had put her in a coma for five months, he would find not even a trace of scar tissue in the area.

Allison Fleet, Science

Julien lowered the scanner momentarily and averted his eyes to hide the flash of pain lacing through them. How could she understand the complexity of the situation if he himself didn’t fully understand. He drew a breath.
“We didn’t get back together. It was… I was visiting my son, that was before I got together with Marishka.” he looked up at her, his mismatched green eyes full of heartache.

“I’m sorry,” Allison said, dipping her head slightly. “Despite having over two and a half centuries of life under my belt, I don’t really have the social graces that should come with it…”

“I don’t expect you to understand, but despite the fact that La’kia and I were separated and knew full well we could never be together for a prolonged amount of time, we still loved each other. It’s hard to not want to be … close to somebody you love.”

Allison took a deep breath. She understood more than he knew. Yes, her situation was not exact to his, but she had experienced separation. Extended separation. And if she had the chance to see her brother again… She wouldn’t care about the effect it might have on the timeline. Just to see him or her parents…

He remembered the one night they had together, one night that should not have happened, and was all it took, against all odds, for her to be pregnant again. He shook his head. He had never believed that he could love two women, even though they were so drastically different as La’kia and Marishka. But destiny didn’t care what you believed.

He looked at the scan result to distract himself, get grounded again in his work. “Well this is extraordinary. You’re right we’re both special. I’ve saved your medical files in my memory chip, I guess it’s a bit pathetic that I didn’t delete the data from the Genny, but I still miss my crew. Anyhow, you haven’t aged a day and and signs of past injury are completely healed.” he said and looked into her eyes again, his brains going full time now. They did have more in common than even she was aware of. And it made him wonder…

  • Julien

“I know,” she sighed lightly, closing her eyes and reciting the exact numbers and words the tricorder was telling Julien. “In the past few weeks, I’ve gone through so many physical and mental examinations, even someone without my extraordinary memory could remember those figures… I don’t age. I don’t have any scars. I am incapable of forgetting anything. I heal more than a human should be able to. I don’t know why. It’s just how it is… How I am now. I’m just grateful they decided not to keep me as a lab subject.”

Allison Fleet, Sci

He gave a low chuckle. “On this ship, they have their pick in possible lab subjects, believe me. Unusal is normal on the Athena.” he looked into her eyes, his mismatched green eyes full of deep thought.
“We share this trait you know. I haven’t told many people this, but the reason that my body can tolerate its android parts is that I heal very fast. It’s the only way the both parts work together without breaking apart. My mother is a genticist. When they discovered that I had a genetic defect as an embryo, she started meddling, although it was prohibited. And she thought that while she was at it, she could give me a few genetic advantages along the way. The problem with it is… you start wondering. What or who would you be without it? Do you even have a right to be better than normal humans? I don’t know about you, but the question has shaped me as much as my altered genetic setup.” he said.

  • Julien

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