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Posted April 19, 2019, 2:23 a.m. by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) (Julia Hager)

Marishka didn’t bother keeping track of time very often anymore but it was sometime after the party in the lounge and she had promised to announce it’s new name by tomorrow afternoon. So she said goodnight to her staff and walked into her office and, seemingly, straight through the wall behind her desk. Stark wasn’t the only one with tricks. She had spent extra time in her office setting up holo-projectors that created a small secret room big enough for two to four people to sit cozy if necessary. It had been an amazing evening but now, she was alone with other matters to attend to. Instead of making any comms, she sent Julien a text.

‘If you’re awake, please come to my office. I have a legitimate medical reason to see you at this strange time.’ she sent and waited.

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‘On my way’ came the short answer.

Julien hadn’t even known there was an office attached to the lounge, but then this huge ship had a lot of extra facilities that, given the size of the crew, made not only sense but were necessary. Like a reception room and waiting room for five counselor suites for crying out loud. The Genny was tiny against this ship.

He entered the office as the door wasn’t locked, but it was empty. Empty to most of his senses… but not his nose. And her scent was unique in all of the galaxy and inhaling it, a smile spreading over his lips, he knew she was here… somewhere. How like her, he thought and switched to heat vision on his android eye. His smile broadened as he closed in on the holographic wall and walked through it.

He had a med kit with him, although he was doubtful about her reason of calling him, but he hadn’t bothered putting on his uniform, he had been off duty so he still wore his black slacks and a simple black shirt, his usual MO.

“Here I am. What is the nature of your legitimate medical emergency?” he asked with mischief in his mismatched green eyes.

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Marishka had watched him walk in in one of the small monitors that showed most of the bar, the rest would be installed tomorrow. She was still dressed for a party in the black velvet gown with the sheer pale gold dragon winding around every curve so that the head rested on the left breast.

“Well before I tell you, I wanted to thank you. A VIP suite for a simple physical? Really? You’ll have the whole ship thinking I’m some mercurial diva who wants to be everywhere, and know everyone, or just be left the hell alone. Excellent!” she paused, “My legitimate medical need has to do with a recurring throat ailment I’ve had since I was quite young. It only really bothers me when I sing which I’ve had to do a lot of in the last three months.” Marishka explained as she poured them some wine.

As she spoke, his eyes lingered on the head of the golden dragon quite a bit longer than was socially acceptable and what she said made him chuckle. But on her last words he looked at her with surprise.

She realized that she had never sang for Julien, or anyone else on the Geny.

“And it looks like I will have to be singing quite a bit on this ship. Something about being an entertainer.” she stated.

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He sat down and beckoned her to sit next to him while opening his med kit. “I didn’t know you sing, I can’t wait to hear it, I’m sure it’s beautiful, like everything about you.” he said.
He took the med scan first and held it close to her throat. He couldn’t quite stop himself from caressing the side of her neck upwards to her chin and lifting it up a little. Unnecessary for the scan to work, but enjoyable for him.

“I hope you’re prepared though that on this ship, you’ll always be second best though, with a Heleen on board. Good thing is, mostly otherwise occupied.” he said.

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Marishka sat where Julien had indicated and quite enjoyed having his full attention. She leaned into his caress and smiled softly.

“I’m sure we have different agendas, the Heleen and I, no need to worry about that. No, it’s something I never got a chance to do on the Genesis. I never even got a chance to say goodbye actually. My transport was delayed and then, all of a sudden, it was there.”

He lost his smile as he realised he was not the only one missing the Genny and her crew and it touched him deeply. His glance veered from the scanner to her eyes.

Marishka’s silver eyes seemed distant. She had never figured out how to say goodbye to Riley and David face to face. They were the brothers she wished she had grown up with but she had to believe everything happened for a reason.

Juline’s scans showed a slight throat ailment as Marishka had described that only impaired the vocal cords after strenuous use.

“I did miss you terribly.” she said softly.

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Her words unlocked something in him. He placed the scanner to the side and gathered her in his arms, holding her close and he burrowed his face in her neck and hair.
“I missed you too, so very much you wouldnt believe it.” he said in a rough voice into her neck.
He hadn’t allowed those feelings to surface. He remembered very well how La’kia leaving him had all but destroyed him and the truth was, when he had to leave the Genny and Marishka he had locked down on his emotional grid because he was afraid. It was a feature each good Captain had but it had a high cost. The emotions weren’t really gone, just pushed down where they consumed energy.

“I didn’t want to leave you Marishka, I hated it, still hate having had to do it and to lay down my command. But if Flavia would have died in childbirth… letting my child die would have destroyed me for good, I knew that.”

He brought a little distance between their faces so he could focus on her eyes. “Why are you realy here? And where have you been in the months in between?” he asked her.
She was part of Starfleet Intel, she could have known about his assignment to the Athena. Did she come for him? He was almost afraid to ask, daring to hope… she still loved him?
He had spent the last 6 months trying to come to terms with having lost her and her love, unsuccessfully.

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