Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Jayden replied back via message in acknowledgement.

Stark had remained silent throughout the narrative. He had run multiple scenarios through his mind, was the captain who returned the same Captain that left? In this forever degrading universe of anomalies and time distortions he knew nothing was certain and in times like that he chose to do nothing and see which way the cards fell. He was also wondering how they could have been sent to scan an anomaly that hadn’t appeared until they arrived. He quietly started looking over the communication logs looking for answers.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Laraan’s eyes were on Stark. She thought she had an idea what he was thinking about. Another part of her was annoyed with him because he took no measures to secure his furry butt! But in reality she was scared. She had the sinking feeling that this was all pre-ordained, all part of the larger picture that their unseen pupeteer was painting as they went along - laughing evilly.

  • Laraan, CNS

Luka blinked, and seemed to shift a little with discomfort, then smiled softly. She looked over at Ghubari and there was a strange expression in her eyes. If Ghubari looked at Luka in the moment, the XO would nod slightly, and Ghubari would see the same determination and clarity in the eyes of her new XO. “I understand now,” she whispered.

Luka, XO

Sensing the attention on her, Ghubari glanced over and caught the small nod. She smiled ever so sightly and nodded back, accepting the words as true. They calmed the slightly nervous part of the CO’s mind that right now was trying to desperately anticipate a situation she likely couldn’t fathom.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO


Almost as quickly as it had begun the journey ended and the Athena appeared in normal space again. Dead ahead was a planet, they had arrived almost within beam down range. Sensors sweeps would show It was orbited by two moons and located in a binary system about ninety light years from the Sol system. However readings would also show that there were subtle anomalies with the sensor readings that did not match with the computer banks known universe.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ghubari rose to her feet and took in the sight before her intently.

Dan looked up from the sensor station relieved that he and the ship were still in one piece. “We have arrived. Although I’m not entirely sure how we got here. As to here, we are in a binary star system about 90 light years from Sol system. Based on available data nothing else can be concluded. Sensor reading show slight anomalies that do not match up with the ship’s stellar data banks.”

Dan then ran a scan to see if chrono particles were present. Dan was sure they had not traveled through time but rather they had slipped sideways a bit and were in a slightly alternate reality.

Lt j.g.Dan Jones (Scientist)

“I think you’ll find Lieutenant, that we are in fact not in the same universe that we started out in,” Koraia said calmly. Sisko’s words rolled through her mind and she knew she’d have to give more information soon. But to whom and at what point was going to be something she had to trust her instincts with.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Mirror, Mirror,” Luka mouthed, looking at the sensor data and the viewscreen. Her eyes closed for a moment, recalling what she had seen in her brief vision. She glanced over at the Captain. Lu’ne’s words flashed in her mind. what you are doing… it is important. She was certain of that. She opened her eyes and stood up. “What is our next course of action, Captain?”

Luka, XO

Orvos kept his gaze transfixed on the viewscreen. Another universe. He could tell they weren’t in Kansas anymore. “And what universe are we expecting be in, captain?” he inquired aloud. He shot Stark a curious sidelong glance as he awaited the reply.

Orvos trained his mind also on the surroundings. Another time? Another place? His instincts would tell him.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

R’han looked at his tactical sensors. Whatever universe they were in, it was likely that it was less safe then then one they left. Although he guess statistically the odds were 50-50, but give the necessity of their presence, that implied danger.


Laraan closed her eyes, and braced herself. A big part of her was afraid of the what she was about to do, terriefied even. She knew she had to do it right away, otherwise she would loose her nerve.
Still super-charged with the energy of her time-displaced self, she was in all actual fact currently the greatest risk to this ship. If R’han knew, he’d probably stun her on the spot. She had obviously never been in a mirror universe, but her people had studied the implications of such an event extensively… because the energy, so they surmised, would be different as well.
There were several different scenarios their scientists had come up with, what would happen if a Heleen mingled with the energy of another universe. They ranged from nothing to an adverse effect that resulted in combustion… or explosion. Like mixing adverse substances in chemistry.

Yes she should have thought this over, discussed it with Ghubari and Stark, even Orvos, who could feel certain shifts in energy as well Laraan knew, though for him as an El-Aurian it felt different. But the longer she was in this other universe, the more she mingled with its energy anyhow, even if she didn’t channel and she would only worry them needlessly, as there was no way for them to change the fact… or help her. The implications were so massive she couldn’t even let herself start thinking about it.

She took a deep breath in and held onto her console and opened her senses to the energy around her.

  • Laraan, CNS

Ghubari breathed deeply and straightened her posture. She gave the order that brought them here and they followed. How could she tell them she didn’t know what was next. “If my source if correct, we are in the closest parallel universe to our, colloquially known as the Mirror Universe. As for what we do next, we wait. They’ll come to us, I’m certain of it,” she said, stepping away from her command chair to gaze deeply into the view screen.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

The Mirror Universe. He had been here before with Stark and Michail. And he had seen its effect in their own universe. This was by no means a ‘safe’ place to be. Orvos was on edge. He had never seen his own counterpart here. Perhaps he did not exist? Perhaps that man had stayed in the Nexus? It was impossible to tell. But he was aware that if he did indeed meet the man, as astronomically rare as they might be, he would need to be wise and careful. Not to toot his own horn, but Orvos was well aware of how different the El Aurian people were. Their age and knowledge were formidable weapons. A phaser in one man’s hand would pale in comparison to say, a well engineered drone in an El Aurian’s hand.

“There is a reason it is called the Mirror Universe. Anyone and anything we see here will likely mirror our own, revealing a backwards version of whatever we are or encountered in our own universe. I would advise exceptional caution.”

Orvos then did a basic systems check to ensure the ship was still running smoothly.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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