Lounge - A Visit (Tag Marishka)

Posted April 20, 2019, 3:17 a.m. by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) (Miriam W)

Allison waited until the lounge was due to be mostly empty, then she went in. She wore her duty clothes, of course. Not as if she had much else. She stepped through the doors and glanced around until she saw the person she was looking for. Behind the bar, of course. As a Lounge Host was apt to do. She didn’t want to startle the woman, but she would have to get her attention.

The science officer glanced around. Only one or two folks around. She could minimize the chance of people finding out. Her record stated she had been briefly stationed to the Genny, but she wasn’t sure if Marishka’s said as such. Allie stepped over to the bar and tapped on the smooth surface. “A Shirley Temple, if you will?” She spoke, wondering if the Orion/Klingon woman remembered her aversion to alcohol and how often she would get that particular drink back in the Genny days…

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