Luncheon with the XO - All JOs invited

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Conner smiled in return and sat. “Yes,” He said happily and held a hand out, “ I’m Cadet Conner Quinn, I’m on Placement here in medical.”

Karina smiled. “Welcome… we were just discussing a possible dance class for those interested.” She poured a glass of ice water and passed it to the newest member of the table.


Accepting the water with a thanks Conner laughed. “Two left feet here I’m am afraid but it sounds interesting.” He took a sip and listened to the conversation.

Luka nodded slightly, pulling her presence back a little and allowing the JOs to mingle without her interruptions. She glanced at her U.R.I., at the list of people whom she had invited and noticed a few individuals had not arrived yet. Hmm. She pinged them, re-sending the invitation.

Luka, XO

Cadet Quinn

“Two left feet sounds like a good reason not to attend a dance class, but you never know if two left feet is only a temporary thing. Afterall, one of the points of dance is to better your body.”

Delaney, Sec

Conner laughed. “I may actually cause more damage than good to be fair, I’ve tried to learn before. Too many times I’ve had to apologise or give medical treatment to my partner for bruised toes.” He winked and grinned,

Cadet Quinn

Ensign Luj, who had been focusing on his sammiches for a while finally perked up. “Dancing? Interesting.”

Ens. Caser Luj

Marishka had been paying attention to the conversations and had high hopes for a dance class of some kind.

“Consider it a community building activity. I’m sure others will follow.” she said amiably.

  • Marishka

Karina laughed at the poor man. Having to give medical to a partner cause of an accident had happened to her in the past. It’s worse when high heels are involved. “Well at least it was just bruises.” She winked and smiled at him to reassure him it wasn’t such a horrible thing and she understood.


Janna, realizing she had been distracted, focused her attention on Marishka. “Tomorrow will do nicely. I’ll double check the appointment schedule but I think it’s heaviest in the morning. I think we can squeeze in a brainstorming session over lunch.” She didn’t mind working lunches at all, and indeed it seemed to be the going norm for her right now. She knew it would pass.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

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