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The Mirror Universe. He had been here before with Stark and Michail. And he had seen its effect in their own universe. This was by no means a ‘safe’ place to be. Orvos was on edge. He had never seen his own counterpart here. Perhaps he did not exist? Perhaps that man had stayed in the Nexus? It was impossible to tell. But he was aware that if he did indeed meet the man, as astronomically rare as they might be, he would need to be wise and careful. Not to toot his own horn, but Orvos was well aware of how different the El Aurian people were. Their age and knowledge were formidable weapons. A phaser in one man’s hand would pale in comparison to say, a well engineered drone in an El Aurian’s hand.

“There is a reason it is called the Mirror Universe. Anyone and anything we see here will likely mirror our own, revealing a backwards version of whatever we are or encountered in our own universe. I would advise exceptional caution.”

Orvos then did a basic systems check to ensure the ship was still running smoothly.

The check came back all in the green with only one anomaly, somehow the fusion reaction chamber had been slightly modified. Everything was working normally but the energy flowing through it was slightly different and now in tune with where they were.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Odd thought Orvos. He then quickly looked up engineering logs pertaining to the Mirror Universe and whether this was a normal occurrence or if this was out of the ordinary. Most importantly, he wanted to know whether someone had made modifications to handle this universe’s difference in fusion reaction.

“Well, we are here now. What is our mission, and what are your orders… Captain?” He stared at the screen. Alternate universe, mirror universe, sunshine universe, it was completely unpredictable aside from the fact, that is they were hear, the alternate version of their own ship was more likely than not to be close.

R’han CTO

Ghubari turned slightly and cast her gaze over to tactical. Oh, she knew before she spoke how her ‘orders’ we’re going to be perceived, but still, it all was what it was. “We’ve been… compelled to do what we always do, protect and serve, Commander. And here, apparently, we’re going to somehow prevent the merger of this universe with our own. “she paused briefly to let her words settle in amongst her bridge crew. “How exactly, I’ve no idea, but I am sure we won’t be left guessing for too long,” she said, her voice carrying a certain measure of surety. If people had had their own experiences while transiting the wormhole, then she wouldn’t need to explain. She knew for certain that her and Luka were on the same page, and Laraan had already declared her clear minded. But the rest would simply have to trust her. It would ease her mind, though, if she had a few more details, but she was, as ever, ready to delve into the challenge laid before them.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Anything capable of merging universes, intentionally or unintentionally would require massive amounts of power. Probably detectable from light years away.”

Stark’s hyperawareness nearly made him dizzy, he returned Orvos look with one of triumph. Skotos was here in this universe, the dark sentient silicon sword of destiny was calling to him stronger than ever. He couldn’t help but smile a little as he looked down on the planet below. Then he noticed Laraan’s tension and unconsciously moved closer.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Suddenly there was an incoming message. =/\= Unidentified vessel this is the Terran Alliance ship “New Hope”, state your intentions=/\=.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han scoffed. “That is an unexpected name for a Terran Ship.”


Dan looked up from the display at the science station as the voice came through the speakers on the bridge. Dan wondered what this “Terran Alliance” was and what was the reasoning behind the name of the ship. Typically “New Hope” would be a positive, but this being a mirror universe all bets were off. Dan initiated a scan of the system to determine if other ships were in the vicinity.

Addressing the Captain Dan said, “I recommend caution in conversing with this ship Captain. This is a mirror universe so we can not make any assumptions about their motives for being in space and they may not be friendly. My advice would be to make nice with them but be prepared for a flight or fight any any minute. I will scan for any other ships in the area.”

Lt j.g.Dan Jones (Scientist)

“Indeed, Lieutnenant,” Koraia said quietly.

The scan came back negative for any ships in the area, including the one that was talking to them.

The Mirror Universe. She had heard of it. Anyone in StarFleet would have heard of it in their Academy lessons. It made her uneasy to be here. The Captain made her uneasy. Izzy was still fairly new to the ship and had little interaction with the Captain even though her husband was Izzy’s Department Head. Everything about this was strange. She felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle in response. It was only through sheer force of Will that kept her from flinching in surprise at the sudden transmission. She immediately began an assessment of the ship.

Delaney, Sec

All systems showed nominal and ready for action apart from some of the readings seeming slightly off from normal. Well within established parameters but a few gradients off what they were used to seeing.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Orvos listened for the reply to the incoming hail.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Their intentions. Well, that was awkward because she wasn’t even fully sure what they are. But dissembling about their identity was not going to go far, so, as she already knew to be and her crew advised as well, she would tread cautiously. “New Hope, this is Captain Ghubari Koraia of the Federation Starship Athena. We seem to have gotten ourselves a little lost,” she said, casting a glance at Luka with a ‘well, here goes nothing’ expression. If Sisko was right and the Prophets were playing a part in this, then she would need to trust a tiny bit. but not too much, of course.

Koraia looked to R’han at tactical and mouthed the words, ‘be ready,” carefully to him. If they needed to take action, she was giving her permission to do so, but for the moment she didn’t want to jump the gun.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Always” R’han responded silently, however (if I understand the GMs post correctly) he couldn’t detect anything to be ready for. “I have no sensor contacts.” He looked over to the science department. He could shoot just fine without a target, he just would be hitting anything.

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=/\= Captain Koraia, this is Commander Eddington, we tracked your entrance into this sector from a wormhole like anomaly. We are aware of the Federation and it’s existence in a universe parallel to our own. Your appearance at this time seems to have been expected by some but you’ll have to pardon our suspicion. Make no aggressive moves, we have a cloaked ship in orbit. As a gesture of faith I’m prepared to meet with you on your ship to discuss your rather unique situation =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Konral stood silent at his station and listened, he maintained a few on security readings wanting to make sure everything stayed alert.

Vander, COS

Koraia took in the response with curiosity and slight surprise. She didn’t doubt they knew about the Federation, given previous incursions between the two Universes, but this was more complicated. They were expected? Sisko’s words floated through her mind and still she felt a chill run through her. =/\=Understood. We’ll give you coordinates for our transporter room in ten minutes. Yourself and no more than two others accompanying you.=/\= After all, fair was fair.

Leaning over to Luka, Ghubari said softly. “Call Commander Baxter to Transporter Room One. I’ll brief her before our guests arrive.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Laraan also made to leave the bridge with Ghubari, there was no real necessity for her to remain on the bridge as the counselor.

  • Laraan, CNS

Luka nodded quietly, leaning over to the comm and connecting with Cmdr. Baxter. =^=Bridge to Baxter, you are required in Transporter Room One. You will be briefed upon arrival.=^= she then leaned back slightly in her chair. “Hold position until further notice,” she spoke to the pilot, then nodded to Ghubari. “We will hold down the fort, as they say.”

Luka, XO

Eddington’s voice came over the conn =/\=Confirmed Captain =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Izzy looked up at Konral. “Permission to attend the Transporter Room and perform security escort duties sir?”

Delaney, Sec

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