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Posted May 15, 2019, 7:14 p.m. by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) (Miriam W)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rovan Moor (Engineer/Pilot) in Runabout to Athena

Posted by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) in Runabout to Athena

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rovan Moor (Engineer/Pilot) in Runabout to Athena

Posted by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) in Runabout to Athena

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rovan Moor (Engineer/Pilot) in Runabout to Athena

Posted by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) in Runabout to Athena


“You mean I get to be with a gorgeous woman that I love that might just take a little longer to age beautifully, while you get a guy that’s going to wrinkle earlier than you? I’m sure I should be the one hoping it doesn’t change anything.” Rovan grinned, and then leaned in to kiss her again. “I love you, Allison Fleet. The whole you and you as you are and will be. It changes nothing for me.”

Allison leaned into the brief kiss, smiling contentedly. “I’m relieved, to be honest,” she murmured, kissing his nose.

He turned his head to look out over the lake with Allie beside him and ran his fingers through her hair. “Arda has a requirement that all buildings are made to blend with the local environment, not destroy it. We’ll use normal exterior materials to make it last but I’d like the inside to be wood in many places, and make it a home we can spend our lives in.” He looked back to her and smiled again, “we can build it when we have leave. I have some savings put aside from my parents and such, it’s going to be our home, together.

Lt j.g. Moor

Allison nodded quietly. “I can already picture it,” she said, gesturing towards the lake, already planning out the floorplan, thinking about how many bedrooms and bathrooms they might need, wondering about the climate on Arda in this zone, thinking about the kitchen, dining room, places to store things and places to entertain guests…

“The house will be down there,” he motioned towards the lake more, down the hill, “and I think it should face straight out.” He motioned out ahead of them towards the horizon and smiled, dropping his hand down to Allie and tracing his fingertips over her cheek and chin, following her jaw line to her neck, then he leaned down and softly kissed her neck at the last spot his fingers had touched before lifting his head and looking at her once more. “That way gets the sun and the moons, the rings and everything. All over the lake and every morning and night our house will have a view better than anywhere close by, except this spot right here. This spot is our tree, our hill. From here we can look over everything that is ours, everything we make together.”

Her eyes closed, picturing the scene. “It will be wonderful. I have some savings as well. A surprising amount, actually. Kenny put in an investment and it’s been growing for quite a while, passing through the family name in anticipation of my return. It’s more than enough to support us and whatever family we decide to make for ourselves,” she said cheerfully, squeezing his hand.

Allison Fleet, Sci

“Family.” Rovan repeated the word, and a slow and wide smile grew on his lips. He pushed his fingers through hers and lay down again beside her, bringing her fingers to her lips as a shooting star flashed above them and he laughed. “Make a wish?” He closed his eyes as he said it.

She closed her eyes as well, her nose scrunching up as she focused on her wish. She knew exactly what to wish for.

Opening his eyes again, he looked over at her. “So, what did you wish for?” He grinned and bit his lip playfully.

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor

Allie stuck out her tongue. “I can’t tell you, silly, or else it won’t come true,” she said teasingly. She reached up and tapped his nose with her finger, then stood up and stretched. “I think this valley can wait, we have a ship to catch,” she said with a small smile, turning towards the runabout.

Rovan just groaned, not because they had to return to the Athena, but because they had to return to the Athena and leave their future for the moment.

“Although we should finish up our picnic first, shouldn’t we…” She flopped back down onto the blanket, grabbing her plate and a fork and starting to happily munch on her serving.

Allison Fleet, Sci

“Yes, we, should,” he said slowly, and made sure to emphasise each and every word as he pushed himself to a sitting position and picked up his plate, spearing some food with his fork and eating as well. Then, he looked at her seriously for a moment. “You know, when we make ourselves a family, we should have some names ready to go for the children,” he worked hard to keep his face straight, only his eyes might have given away the humor. “I hear that Grumpthengrendureckt is a popular name on Ktaria at the moment.”

Allison gave him the most deadpan look at the name suggestion, raising an eyebrow after a moment. “What?” She asked. There was no way that wasn’t a joke.

He raised an eyebrow and looked at her, then broke into a grin and laughed. “There is no way I want any child of ours to be subjected to anything like that kind of name, but maybe if we find a rather mean natured Altonian housecat in the near future we can call it something like that, but, shorter. Like Grumpy or something.”

“What about naming them after our parents? It’s a bit of a tradition in my family, giving the kids names based on their grandparents. My mom’s mom was Elizabeth, hence my middle name,” she explained briefly, smiling slightly. “What do you think of Grace?”

All too soon, the food was finished and their plates clean.

Placing his empty plate back into the basket, he began to gather the various containers and pack up around them. “We should head out for the Athena though, get the runabout back and get you settled into your quarters. Maybe we can bribe the quartermaster to give us a couples quarters?” Rovan gave Allie a wink as he stood, everything ready to go back with them except the freshly planted moonflower and picture of the two of them resting against the seat under the tree.

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, Engineer/Pilot

Allie grinned slightly, shaking her head in amusement. She stepped over and grabbed his collar so she could tug his head down for a light peck on the lips, then smiled and kissed his cheek. “If you can get it done before I finish my medical check-in…” She grew quiet, a thoughtful smile on her face. “We shared quarters on the Genesis enough times, after all. Might as well make it official so someone else can take the empty room…”

“At least this time we won’t have to worry about who gets the top bunk,” she added with a wink as she grabbed the photo from under the tree. She gave one last glance at the Moon-blossom. “We’ll be back. I promise,” she murmured to the small flower, then took Rovan’s free hand and started walking.

Allison Fleet, Sci

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