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Izzy took up a position near the door and waited patiently for their guest to arrive.

Delaney, Sec

“Yes” Stark remarked drily, “It’s like the universe has this perverse way of searching our inner psyche and dredging up our worst nightmare, next it’ll be a giant child who wants to dress “kitty” in baby clothes… no wait, that’s my nightmare, not yours”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Ghubari couldn’t help but smirk and gave a grateful look to her chosen-brother for lightening some fo the tension.

Just then, Kaylee walked in, giving a nod to the small assembled group.

When Kaylee arrived, Koraia steeled herself slightly to address her Chief Diplomatic Officer. “So, we find ourselves in the Mirror Universe. I’m not sure how much background you have on it, but suffice to say we’re about to meet a Commander Eddington from the Terran Alliance ship New Hope. They are aware of the Federation and requested to come aboard to meet with me. They seem rather… hospitable so far, but this is not home, and they have the advantage here as well as cloaking technology. What I can also tell you is that prior to entering, I…” Ghubari could feel the warmth in her cheeks that she knew would not be visible on her dark skin. “I had an interaction with the wormhole aliens the Bajorans call The Prophets and then their emissary, Captain Sisko himself, appeared. He told me that the Prophets need us to prevent the merger of this universe with ours. And so here we are.” She held up a hand to both him and Stark defensively. “And yes I took us here without having answers to the many, many questions I’m sure this all brings up, but I’m the Captain and I trust the reasoning, if not the circumstances.” She had not revealed this much on the bridge and it made her uncomfortable to do so. Then again, it was hard to explain how much the experience touched her spiritual side and it was harder to explain the concept of blind faith when she really didn’t believe in it most days.

“We all stand by your decision, Captain,” Kaylee said, no doubt speaking for her comrades. “Let us proceed with caution and an open mind.”

“And so now we’re going to meet Eddington and up to two members of his crew, or whatever,” Koraia said, turning to face the transporter. “Beam them over,” she instructed the operator.

OOC: James is on LOA but should be back soon. I wanted to brief Kaylee before Eddington came over, so forgive me for just skipping through.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Three people arrived at the transporter pad. The foremost was an ageing man with a balding head and a ready smile. Behind and to his right was a grey skinned Cardassian woman. Behind and to his left was a very familiar “Vulcan” face who looked extremely relaxed in a hawaiian themed ukulele shirt with matching shorts and sandals. All three stopped dead as they looked at the Captain obviously recognising but not recognising her.

*Well that makes things interesting,” Ghubari mused to herself.

“Ah” Eddington said breaking the silence, “Captain Ghubari Koraia, I should really have pieced this part of the jigsaw together, it seems the stories of the similarities between our universities are not over exaggerated”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Kaylee studied the three new faces she now saw before her. She gave a glance over towards Ghubari, since Eddington had addressed her. She felt a slight unease about being in the mirror universe, and the prospect of yet again being face to face with another Kaylee Baxter that was her, but not really her.

-Kaylee Baxter

The R’han lookalike to the left of Eddington was staring openly at Kaylee and then looked at a small PaDD device and back at her again, he seemed to tense up a little.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark sent a private message to R’han on the bridge. It read “Check the camera footage from Transporter One”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“I think we can all agree that any interactions between yourselves and my crew and I are going to be… awkward, at best,” Koraia said. “And I think you can also understand that given the circumstances, I’m not keen on parading you about my ship. You wanted to come aboard and discuss our appearance here, so, let’s discuss it.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Eddington’s face flickered with annoyance at the Cardassian woman brushed in front of him before he could speak. “My name is Iliana Ghemor, Captain and the Prophets of Bajor forewarned me of your coming. On the planet below we have members of many races joined together to form a new alliance to drive the former rulers of the Cardassian/Klingon alliance back into the far reaches of the galaxy but the Prophets have shared that there is a danger in the shadows that you and your crew have been brought here to stop”.

She was going to continue but Rhan interjected. “Your appearance has created quite a stir and I believe will continue to do so, especially as you Captain have a doppelganger on the planet below who is the daughter of a most annoying Napean diplomat and this woman here” he pointed at Kaylee “has a striking resemblance to an assassin who has disappeared along with her equally “assasinesque” mother at the same time as my Weather Engineer Orvos”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The comms activated, and a voice spoke that would be familiar to those of the visitors who had met Ghubari’s bodyguard. =^=Captain, the planet is experiencing some instability. Lt. Orvos believes that he may be able to treat this instability if he were allowed access to the control systems. Would you ask your guests if we can send a small team down to the surface to try to fix this?=^=

Luka, XO

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