Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Shortly after the Captain had vacated the bridge routine scans of the planet below began to show an increase in seismic activity.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Orvos noted the anomaly in the sensor scans. Seismic activity? Not odd for a planet, but why now?

He got up and strolled over to Dan’s spot at his science station. “What info do we have on the planet? Do we know what type of planet, perhaps even its equivalent to our own universe maybe? Are there any abnormalities?” he inquired of the young officer.

Orvos could have likely gone to one of the other stations to look it up himself, but preferred the man instead. He knew what he was doing and likely had some information already available. The Chief Engineer’s console handled all things inside the ship.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Looking over at Orvos, Dan said “We know very little of the planet in this dimension. I shall run a sensor sweep to check seismic activity”.
Dan entered the command into the science station for a scan of the planet.

Lt j.g.Dan Jones (Scientist)

R’han glanced at the scurry of motion at the science station. Normally scans like this were so routine that science wouldn’t need to clear the operation with anyone, but this was not a routine situation. He looked over at Luka for a moment to see how she would respond. Offering some information, “I do not need the lateral arrays at this time.”


The scan of the planet showed upturns in seismic activity and also cold front rainy weather systems. Both were normally kept in check by gravimetric adjustment from the planets complicated weather and seismic systems which needed careful and constant fine tuning. It was obvious from the scans that the equipment was not doing its usual job properly. More concerning however was that the surface scan showed a geological instability near the resort below where a sink hole had opened up in the ground and penetrated deep into the planet’s crust.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

OOC: Not trying to jump the gun on what Dan is going to relay. Just wanted to get my bit posted due to time constraints at the moment. Feel free to insert where necessary! :)

IC: Orvos was already looking over the results with Dan the man Jones. “Forward those readouts on the weather and seismic systems to my console,” he said aloud as he hurried back to this Chief Engineer’s spot.

Orvos looked over the data. An entire system that needed to be constantly checked on. Seems whoever was in charge of it either lost control or was asleep at the wheel. Either way, if things kept going the way there, Orvos had a feeling bad things would come to the planet if they weren’t fixed. “Commander Luka, it appears that the reasoning for these seismic activities is due to some form of negligence on maintaining some elaborate weather systems on the planet. If I were to guess, I would suspect that it had to be recent. Leaving systems like this go for too long would probably result in much more than what we are seeing now. And while my next thought may be quite the bit risky, if something is not done soon, I suspect it will simply escalate. If they will have us, it would may be good to get a team down there to stabilize things?”

And there it was. Orvos was more than itching to get down there. Curiosity and the desire to protect others nearly always got the best of him. But it sounded reasonable. Help these people and maybe, just maybe, the Athena would have an ally here for the time being instead of wondering what was going on and who to trust. But he trusted Commander Luka. If he had to stay put for now, then so be it, but if he could get down there....

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Konral began reading off the data to himself. He was already thinking of what security check points to set up. Unlike most he didn’t have as much of a curious bone, but pragmatic at times.

Vander, CoS

Luka was quiet, thinking. Her eyes closed, and there was a small frown on her face. “It might be helpful, but I am not certain that would be wise before Ghubari is finished her discussion. We do not want to do anything too unexpected.

Luka, XO

The data flowing in from the planet continued to show slow but steady increases in instability. Orvos’ wrist shield device started to stutter, like it was receiving a faint activation signal from somewhere even though he himself wasn’t using it.

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A private message to R’han appeared on the bridge at his station. It read “Check the camera footage from Transporter One”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos’s attention was caught up with the stutter of his wrist device. He quickly grabbed the engineering kit next to his console that he kept there for emergencies. He quickly opened it, pulled out a tool that many would likely have no idea about (unless they had extensive knowledge in engineering skills), and attempted to recalibrate the signal receptor on his device. He could not afford for his device to go off here on the bridge at a time like this.

The signal receptor on his device was getting a signal, a faint one, from the planet below. Someone was using the same device on the same frequency, somewhere below.

Once his work was complete, he looked over the data flowing in from the sensor readings of the planet’s weather systems. “Readings are indicating that while its a semi-slow progression, it most certainly is not getting better. I doubt it will any time soon. Perhaps if we could quietly get a message to the captain, or even someone in the room with her, that these people might need some help with their weather systems? Perhaps they would welcome the assistance?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

R’han pursed his lips, a secret communication. He liked secrets, but rarely liked what caused the need for them. He pulled up the transporter camera on a split screen on his station. He exhaled loudly. “What the hell am I wearing.” He presumed that he was a Machiavellian mastermind in charge of half the known galaxy… not a Hawaiian shirt wearing… hippy. This had better be a secret plan to make people underestimate him…


Dan contemplated the data as it came in. Dan wondered why the planet needed this level of maintenance. Planets reach a sort of equilibrium in weather and tectonics over time. Rather than type this in manually Dan gave the computer verbal instructions. “Computer. Take into account the weather, seismic activity, and pollutants present on the planet. What catastrophic event, natural or man-made, could account for these events? Rank answers by highest probability to lowest.”

Lt j.g.Dan Jones (Scientist)

=/\= Highest probability seismic instability near the core of the planet due to super dense solids being present, next highest probability is lack of maintenance on systems designed to keep planet’s natural unstable habitat controlled, next highest probability is the removal of material near the core of the planet =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Luka touched the device on her arm and spoke out a message for the Captain and her visitors. =^=Captain, the planet is experiencing some instability. Lt. Orvos believes that he may be able to treat this instability if he were allowed access to the control systems. Would you ask your guests if we can send a small team down to the surface to try to fix this?=^=

Luka, XO

“I would bet on the latter two.” There was no reason to worry about the one chance that it was a natural phenomena. The other two were ‘man’ made and thus of a concern.


“I tend to agree, besides caution never hurt anyone. Taking an extra step can’t hurt.” Konral chimed in.

Vander, COS

“What if it’s all three?” pondered Orvos aloud as he awaited the captain’s reply. “What if the systems were meant to fix the natural phenomena. And now that the systems are not in current working order, the seismic activity is occurring? Add them all together and its a recipe for disaster. Best to start with the man-made stuff and go from there.”

Orvos looked over to the CTO and COS. “Might need some security if we go. I can defend well enough, but I’m a better engineer to fair.”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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