Pre-sim - Recreation Hall

Posted June 10, 2019, 2:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) (Julia Hager)

OOC: This is open for anyone who would probably want more character development with Orvos. :) Any and all welcome!

IC: Orvos stepped into the recreation hall once again, like he had when he first had come aboard the Athena as the brand new chief engineer. The pool tables were clear for now, and thus he set up the table for a game. Even alone, it was worth it to freshen up those skills.

Much was on his mind, but for the moment, he chose to forget them as he chalked his cue.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: I’m open to after the chip is put in. Might make things interesting. But if you have a preference we can do yours. :)

OOC: Cool, afterwards then :)

Julien had just finished his daily training in the gym and taken a shower. Dressed in black slacks and a tank shirt, his short black locks still wet, he came out of the dressing rooms to the main hall with his duffel bag and spotted Orvos standing at the pool table with his back to him. Well he wanted to test the chip anyhow and also he was really curious about the El Aurian. He took a deep breath, concentrated on talking to Orvos and triggered the chip in his arm - or at least he thought he did. His system could ‘detect’ it there, even though he was still fuzzy on how it worked exactly. He then simply pronounced the words to Orvos in his mind rather than out loud and subconsciously touched his temple with two fingers. * You look like you could use some company. Pool is a boring game alone *

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