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Posted by Ensign Karina Niles (Doctor) in Side Sim - Curiosity and the Cat

Posted by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) in Side Sim - Curiosity and the Cat
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It did connect but strangely his upper right thigh where she hit him was hard as metal and depending on the force of the blow it would hurt her elbow, while he didn’t move one milimeter and even more strangely, didn’t show any expression of even having felt it.

He did react though, stepping back and his expression became remorseful. “Oh, I’m so sorry I’ve startled you.” he said. Darn him, that had been a bad idea, but he had not expected her to react that way. His eyes scanned sickbay for the next hypo, the blow had to have hurt her ellbow.

“Does your elbow hurt?” he asked.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

“Ow!” Karina growled thinking she’d swing and shifted enough to hit the chair. The angle was wrong, but she definitely hit something solid, and it wasn’t soft flesh.

Turning sideways in her seat as he stepped back, she cradled her arm. “Ummm… Kinda. Think I smacked the chair back to hard.” She forced a smile but the edge of her lip was between her teeth as she rubbed it feeling extremely foolish. “I’m sorry I swung. I’ve bee… We’ve been thru a lot lately. I guess I’m still jumpy.”

He quickly fetched a nearby hypo, getting a med tricorder as well.

Great, she thought to herself, wonder what the Councilor will make of my swinging at a fellow officer cause I wasn’t paying attention and got startled? Out loud she looked up at him. “Sorry, again. Was there something I could help you with?” She stood up, her good hand moving down to tap the screen clear as she rose and then went back to rubbing her elbow. She definitely bruise shortly, she could feel it.


He gave her a soft smile, thinking that there was a Starfleet Officer hiding in even the timid looking crewmembers. “First let me help you Karina.” he said gently in his deep baritone and quickly scanned her elbow. No fractures, but a bit of a swelling building up under the lower bone. He loaded the hypo with a pain killer and got a tissue regenerator.

“Just a bruise.” he said and took her upper arm gently in his left hand and administered first the hypo and then the dermal regenerator.

“I came to see why you were accessing my medical file. If you had questions about me, I’m happy to answer them in person.” he said frankly, his mismatched green eyes locking with hers.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Initially Karina tried to wave off Julien, but as he took her arm, she surrendered. “It wasn’t worth bothering you about, honestly. I was wondering if you had an allergic reaction to something the other night, or merely, as you said, too much real, rich food? Then I all but chased you into the gym when I should have let you go. You are a doctor, after all. Probably capable,” she sighed as the hard sting of the pain receded and the swelling began to recede, “ok, more than capable of taking care of yourself.”

She sighed and nodded with a soft smile. “Thank you. I’m sorry again for swinging. Maybe I need to turn the table so it faces the door.”


He listened to her while finishing the treatment, but let his hand rest on her arm, looking at her intently, searching her eyes. Was it true? Or was she the mole he suspected was hiding among the crew? The swing had been brave, but not the move of a trained fighter, or maybe she was that good an actor? He could find out…

He gave her his most charming smile, a dimple showing up in his left cheek. “You say ‘sorry’ way too often. It was a good swing and a Starfleet Officer needs to be able to defend herself. If you’d like I could show you a few more moves, especially for attacks from behind.” he offered.

  • Julien Smith

“Sor…” she started to murmur the word and blushed as she bit her lip. “I guess it’s an occupational hazard sometimes, and it becomes habit in response to … well to swinging at you, for starters.” She laughed nervously and looked at him with a bit of nervousness. “You want to teach me ‘moves’? I am as coordinated as a biobed, Julien. You are likely to get more hurt teaching me than in my clumsy reflexive swats.” She laughed and watched the dimple on his cheek.

She could imagine his girl friend, or wife, teasing him about that just to make it show up more often. “You know I only passed my Academy Self Defense class because I think my instructor was afraid I’d hurt too many people if he held me back.” She smiled at him.

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He gave her a deep look, his oddly mismatched green eyes - his human one was dark green and his artificial eye lighter green - locked with hers while he still smiled.

“I promise you you can not hurt me. And even if you do, I won’t feel much and heal quickly, I’ve got really good genes.” he said, hoping he was not letting on too much. She was either a Conclave agent or simply had an inquisitive mind, either way he had to find out which one.

  • Julien

Katina smiled. “Why do guys always say that? I know it’s not meant that way, but it always comes out sounding like you’re weak but it’s ok if your nails scratch me?”

He nodded and declined his head in feigned retreat. If she was an agent she woud soon find out that he was not like normal men.

After another heartbeat, she nodded. ” I suppose saying no wouldn’t be very smart, considering everything I’ve been thru just in this ship.” It was gracious, but still sounded like a surrender. “I could probably use a couple pointers. Knocking out knees isn’t the best defense, is it?”


“It depends on your opponent. When would you like to do it?” he asked.

She shrugged. “Well, I’m off duty if you want. Though I imagine doing it in here, like this,” she nodded to their attire, “isn’t the best. How about one of the holodecks in half an hour?”

They agreed and she tapped the lock code swiftly on the computer before heading out before him. Whatever else he was, he was nice and didn’t have to be. Especially since she had swung at him. She chided herself for the knee jerk reaction. “One minute you are trying to figure him out, then you are trying to knock him out… good job, Ri…” she whispered her own chastisement as she went to her quarters to change.

OOC: Rather than playing it all out, I’ll fast forward us to a training simulation on the Holodeck if you don’t mind :-) … cool

As she would enter the holodeck, she would be greeted by the simulation of a weapons room that housed all sorts of close combat weapons that different species had to offer. The choice was vast, there was even the infamous electric whip that the Ferengi had used once upon a time.

Julien was standing in the middle of the room, bent down on one knee and tying his combat boot. He wore military slacks and a black tank shirt that revealed an impressive set of buldging muscles and deeply tanned skin along his arms, shoulders and neck. His short black curls looked wet, as if he had recently had a shower.

  • Julien

She entered and watched him a moment. She was off to his left and she could see a nice profile of him that made her breath hitch slightly. To cover it, she quickly looked around the room before he caught her staring. She laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. “Is it crazy I don’t know half of the weapons in here, but I am pretty sure I can tell you at a glance just how deep they go with how much pressure is needed to make it push thru muscle and bone?” She bit her lip and suddenly felt very much out of her realm. “Maybe this was a bad idea.” The last she hadn’t meant to say out loud, and laughed once more as she walked in the rest of the way.

Her own attire was very different. She was in a pair of tight fitting leggings and her boots, while lace up, were soft all the way around to make sure there was support without restriction around her feet and ankles. Her top, loose out over the top of her leggings, wasn’t too billowing, but slightly looser than a tunic top. It allowed for movement also, but wouldn’t hinder her in motion or get caught up in swift, close movements. Her hair was pulled back in a braided coil and pinned to her head so her tresses wouldn’t get in the way and cost her too dearly.


He looked up at her with his mismatched green eyes and smiled a welcoming smile. “It’s never a bad idea to learn to defend yourself. Officer training is good, but it needs to be done regularly in order to keep it up and paired with your knowledge as a doctor it will be very effective.” he said in his deep baritone and stood up, coming over to her.

“How much weight can you comfortably lift? I can give you a choice of suitable weapons if you tell me.” he said.

  • Julien

She nodded in agreement. “I keep in shape, but self defense is more of a reflex than anything, I suppose.” She had to look away and turn from him to hide her face a moment. The last mission had shaken her to the core. Training had prepared her for weapons’ fire and close hand to hand. But as a medical student it had focused more on protection of self and others rather offensive survival tactics. And the acid spitting, dripping?, creatures had showed her just how inadequate she was at either. A shudder went thru her as she tried to shake herself back to the here and now. She had survived, the ship had survived, so to speak, and she had kept her memories so she would remember. This moment made her realize it was that resolve that drove her to continue.

“Ummm… honestly I don’t know. Weight in my case has usually come with adrenaline.” Her fingers absently clenched and unclenched at her side as if imagining a grip being held. Feeling herself composed once more, she turned back to him with a smile but it was just coming back to completeness and he’d surely notice if he was looking. “I’ll let you choose for this. Seems I’m a bit out of my depth here.” The admission was a hard one, but she was smart enough to know that showing off, posturing and acting like a know-it-all would likely do more harm than good.


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