Deck 39 Secret Lab (Orvos, S'Raal, Stark)

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Orvos eyed the readouts closely. “Does it take into account areas of your body that are organic? Or would you need a doctor for such things as that?” he inquired as he started pushing buttons on the display.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“Well the only cross-over are all my body fluids. That’s why I can actually regulate them to a certain extend, like make myself vomit to get out of a conversation.. something I’d prefer not to have to do again, which is why I’d like you to build in a trigger that gives a signal to all of you, so you can com me and give some pretense that allows me to leave a situation where my cover may be blown. Last night the XO wanted to chat me up in the arboretum and she doesn’t know my real identity yet.
Anyhow. Most of my organs are regrown human tissue, except for my liver, so that would be Dr. S’Raal’s part.” he looked at S’Raal and grinned.

“Yes that means I can theoretically flush out any toxins from my blood stream if I choose to. It works both ways. On the Genesis we were once attacked by kraken-like aliens that attached themselves to our bodies and injected a toxin to kill us slowly. It came in very handy back then.” he said, the memories coming back to his mind.

  • Julien

“What maintains the bio-cybernetic interfaces?” S’Raal asked collecting readings, “I’m assuming the compatibility issues between them come at an elevated cost in power to keep them functioning within normal?”

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow CMO

Julien was silent for a minute, reflecting yet again how strange it was that he was more ok with talking about his android body parts than about his very own genetic abnormality.
“Yeah, you cut right to the chase there. I’m not surprised.” he said. From the little he had already seen, S’Raal was a first-rate physician. He drew a deep breath.
“That’s what makes this whole set-up kind of unique I guess. When I was an embryo I had a genetic defect. My mother, who is a genetic scientist, changed that and while she was at it, quite a bit more in my favour.”
He knew he shouldn’t feel guilty for it, but he had never quite been able to shake it and there was this other thought of not knowing who he would have been without the meddling.
“She upped my IQ, my body ages slower and heals faster. When they found out, after the fighter accident that ripped me apart, they knew I was the perfect subject for their trial run of merging android with human parts. While I was in a koma, they made my mother sign the approval. She had no choice really, as it was clear she had meddled with my genes. The answer is, the bio-cybernetic interfaces don’t really work, but due to my extra genetic make-up they do. They simply heal faster than they break down.” he said.

  • Julien

S’Raal looked at his readings again and his smile returned, “I had kind of figured that out but I wasn’t sure if it was something you wanted revealed”. He looked at a readout and zoomed in to the cellular level, “A pretty efficient solution all up, I was trying to achieve it with the Captain with nanites but this system eliminates the middle man and elevates your own cellular function to a level to match your implants.” He stopped and looked at Julien, “You must be almost perpetually hungry” he said with another smile.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

Julien gave him a half smile, not in the least surprised that S’Raal had figured it out so quickly. “I do eat a lot, and I take some supplements twice a day. In emergency situations though I can lower my metabolism though forcibly, almost to a state where I appear uncoscious but am not. I just can’t keep that up for a prolonged time.”

  • Julien

“Useful” S’Raal said nodding briefly as he poured over the readings, “But remind me never to shout you anywhere expensive for dinner”. He started squinting at the data, “You know if we added a few parts in the redundant systems I bet we could introduce some glucose shunts that would tide you over in an emergency…” he paused in his diatribe knowing that Orvos probably had some questions from his side of the fence.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

JUlien looked a bit doubtful, but interested. “Redundand systems?” he asked with a half smile. “What would those be?”

The systems you’re running have multiple redundancies so that they don’t overtax your neuron ganglia and dendrites by running charge through one set for too long, they flip from nerve system to nerve system systematically so as to keep heat and wear and tear at a manageable level. Plenty of space left within that system to piggyback some other forms of tech”.

It was at that point that Orvos pulled out a chip. “This, my friend, is a rather unique device I’ve designed so you need not worry about getting a hold of any of us if you need to get called out of a situation. I’ve pre-programmed it with ‘calls’ from various people with multiple requests. Once in your system you will be able to generate these commands through a wireless connection to your combadge.”

Orvos then pulled out two bands with devices on them. He put one on a nearby table and tossed the other to Stark. “I’m not sure if you had anything like that on you as well Stark, so I made you and I each one as well. Only difference is, you and I can wear ours on our person in hidden places, whereas Julien here can hide his own chip conveniently within his own android systems.”

Stark smiled, “I have so many things hidden in my hidden places that I’ll have to start an inventory” he said drily “Or give up one of my favourite knives…” he nodded at Orvos, “My thanks” he finished with his characteristic vicious grin.

He then grinned broadly staring at Julien. “I can install the device if you like right now?” he inquired. Orvos was hoping that his feeling of humor was not radiating in his eyes, but even so, Julien was in for a fun time.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark Nightstalker CIO
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Julien was still holding the device in his hand and staring at it, a strange look on his face. In fact, Julien was trying hard to keep his composure. Maybe Orvos called many people ‘my friend’, but in any case… for some weird reason it touched Julien deeply and he quickly realised it was because he was missing his friends, his senior staff. He looked up at Orvos, his mismatched green eyes eager.

“Thank you, that’s an amazing idea. Yes please install it, while I’m open.” he said, referring to the panel on his arm, even though it had currently a double meaning. “Next time I bump into Karina, I’ll need it I guess.” he added.

“And there’s the first thing we can use those redundancy backups for” S’Raal pronounced, “Plenty of power for a communicator, love it when a plan comes together” he smiled and his golden eyes twinkled merrily.

“Are you two by the way busy for the rest of the evening shift? Or do you have some time to spare. I used to have a hot tub in my quarters, but I’m sure Marishka will have a quiet corner for us and I know she has some good stuff, not only the replicated fare.” he said.

  • Julien

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

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IC: Orvos was busy ensuring the chip was installed properly, so he nodded as he listened Julien absentmindedly. “I’m free,” he added in reply to his inquiry.

Finally finished, he got back up and looked around with a grin. “All good to go,” stated Orvos proudly. Withholding a snicker, he added. “Care to give her a go?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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Julien’s reply was a bit delayed, it always took some time until his neural pathways were able to process new input from the android ones. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and it looked as if he was in REM sleep, this eyes moving rapidly behind the lids. After a few seconds he opened them again.
“Sure, lets give it a try”, and he triggered the chip.

  • Julien

S’Raal looked on with abject intensity and curiosity.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

“The chip is designed to react to feelings and mental signals. You won’t be able to directly effect how it works unless you somehow change your mental state. Keeps a bit of a security check so you don’t out right use a familiar voice. It responds to you.” explained Orvos.

Julien’s eyebrows went up so high, they almost touched his hairline. How was that even possible, where did Orvos get this kind of tech from??? But his curiosity was peaked. He nodded and imagined himself in a situation he needed to get out of, that sense of urgency and avoidance with a slash of danger. The last bit brought his thoughts to Marishka for a second, until he managed to get them back on track.

As soon as the chip was activated a sultry woman’s voice came through. =/\=Dr. Smith to sickbay. Your next patient is awaiting her..physical.=/\=

Obviously, that was not exactly what Orvos had expected, but nonetheless, a quizzical eyebrow was raised. He looked the man in the eye. “Remind me again why there were scratches on your back?” he said almost accusatorially. He was unaware of any relationship with Marishka, and thus it never popped into his mind.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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The left half of Julien’s face blushed ever so slightly for a second. “Erm… how is this even possible? What kind of tech is that, last time I checked there was only one emotion chip of that sort and it was lost with Commander Data. How do you have such advanced tech and … what else does it do?” he asked, puzzled and amazed at the same time.

  • Julien

S’Raal was looking at Orvos in a new light and then started to take readings at an accelerated rate of speed. He was particularly interested in the neural interface on the piece.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow (Doctor)

The chip itself was connected to a system directly linked to Julien’s mind. It piggybacked on signal received from Julien’s mind to activate other parts of his non-biological parts. The catch was, the chip itself read the electric signal, translated it, and caused other aspects of him to respond to it. For the moment, it was programmed to create messages through his communicator, but here was still room for more applicable programming, should Julien ever desire it.

Stark heard the voice and turned away briefly to chuckle, “Wheels within wheels,” he thought to himself. The fact that Orvos was being so forthcoming with his natural “advantages” was also a key to the whole enigma. Stark’s eyes darkened for a moment as he thought of the Conclave but then brightened as he thought about the arsenal of humanoid weaponry that had suddenly sprouted on the Athena. “Poor sods don’t stand a chance,” he thought with a nasty smile.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos responded to Julien’s questions. “It has the ability to do quite a bit. Its still has room for more programming should you wish anything else special.”

He then pulled out a box. He opened it in front of Julien, revealing 5 pip looking buttons. “You can give these to five different people so as to get a hold of you through a very secure communications link. It sends the signal to the chip and then the chip relays the message to you. It may take some getting used to and I can make adjustments as needed. No sound will come through your communicator though. Quite literally, the message will be relayed to you as though you heard it. You’ll need to practice a few times as you will have to respond with your mind instead of your mouth.”

Orvos paused allowing for more questions and comments.

He finally concluded. “This is all classified information. The only ones who need know about it are those who will do work on you. In the event that anyone other than myself tries to hack it, replicate it, reprogram it, etc, the chip is designed to total shutdown and be rendered inert. Nobody, and I mean nobody other than myself, should be able to do anything to it. So be careful, because when that chip shuts down, these abilities will no longer exist in you unless I redesign and program another chip. Is that clear?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Julien’s face hardened every so slightly. Even while Orvos had been explaining, Julien’s right eye’s iris had zoomed in a little on Orvos, taking in his micro expressions. He couldn’t detect any deception, but that didn’t mean…

“Well.” he said in his deep baritone voice, leaving the word hanging for a bit. “I wished you explained that before you put it in my system.”
Orvos now had leverage on Julien and he wasn’t completely sure he was comfortable with an El Aurian of advanced age and unknown history and access to futuristic tech - just like his former time-travelling CSO - to have that kind of leverage. He also had no clue of what else that chip could do…

“But it’s ok, I did ask and you helped me.” he took the box with the pips and gave one to Orvos, one to Stark and one to S’Raal. That would leave one for Marishka and one for Ghubari. He quickly considered Rovan but decided against it.
“That means that whenever you have a problem, you can call on me to help you, because you wouldn’t want me on the opposite side in any case.” he said and then smiled softly.
He meant it too, but he also needed to know that Julien didn’t tolerate anybody messing with him or his. He had too much bad history with people who had tried to take advantage of him. Placing that much trust in a relatively unknown person was almost a leap of faith for Julien and not easy.

  • Julien

Stark watched the interplay between the two with interest. Orvos he understood to a point, the newcomer, well… time would tell.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

S’Raal was still geeking over the tech and was completely oblivious to everything but it. He had a huge grin on his face as he took reading after reading in quick succession.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

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