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The two security NE’s took their place on either side of the door outside the conference room to make sure they were not disturbed. Every few minutes, they would sweep the area with their tricorder to determine if anything was amiss. Izzy was the last to enter the conference room. Tea and cookies looked and smelled delicious, but she refrained, taking up her assigned position at the door inside the conference room. She stood with her hands clasped loosely behind her. This allowed her to reach her phaser fast if needed but looked non threatening to others.

Iliana sat demurely but it was obvious from the way she kept looking around that she felt that this time was being wasted. R’han was openly appraising Laraan and seemed abjectly fascinated by her as if he’d never seen the like.

Outwardly she acted as if she hadn’t noticed the scrutiny, but she had and found that being under R’han’s scrutiny didn’t feel right to her no matter which universe it was.

Eddington swung a chair around and straddled it totally ignoring the food as he warmed to his subject. “Short version, a long time back the Terran’s controlled the sector but corruption drove them under in favor of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, Risa below was a pleasure planet for them but they had a penchant for Vulcan slaves and the Terran Rebellion was suddenly helped by an organization called Memory Omega who organised the Vulcan slaves to plant suggestions in their masters minds during massage “therapy”. There was a very short but bloody incident where all across the sector the Cardassians and Klingons went mad, attacking each other and killing themselves. That was 13 years ago and over that time we’ve been picking up the pieces and trying to create a Federation as you have in your universe. The Romulans were with us all along and now the Taurus Pact Alliance of the Gorns, Tholians, and Breen are on the planet about to start talks to join us as partners.”

He looked over at the Cardassian woman “It was at this point that Iliana told us that the Prophets had foretold your arrival here. She seems to think you have a part to play but I am of the opinion that your arrival here will more likely complicate an already tense negotiation”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

So there were duplicate events. Ghubari suppressed a slight shudder. “What do you plan to tell them? They will be clearly curious about the new arrival,” Koraia commented. She sat in her chair in mock relaxation, her senses highly alert. Wth all these new players and some who were duplicates of people she knew, well, this was only going to get messier. And yet, she kept Sisko’s words in her mind and had to trust.

Fl. Koraia, CO

“My 2IC will be dealing with the situation as we speak,” Eddington said definitively, “She’s been instructed to say that you were invited to help with negotiations because of your previous experience of such matters in the other realm, hopefully, that will placate them, but I doubt it”.

R’han spoke up “My security team will keep a lid on things but I’m more concerned with the fact that there are two assassins running around down there somewhere and my weather engineer is AWOL”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Her eyes swept the room seemingly indiscriminately, watching and waiting. Her eyes drank in body language, posture, and where the guests were looking. She listened, but listened to more than just the words being spoken, but also to how they were being spoken.

Delaney, Sec

Kaylee inhaled slowly, taking an easy deep breath. At the mention of the assassins yet again, the duplicate versions of herself and her mother, she felt her own anxiety rise. She knew that this was a very delicate situation, one that her own involvement in could be tricky, seeing as her counterpart was a cold blooded killer.

“We will provide assistance where we can,” Kaylee offered, looking over to Ghubari, hoping she wasn’t overstepping. “However, as we are all aware, we must act methodically and precisely to limit any adverse effects of having two sets of ourselves in the same place. Especially for those of us who’s mirror versions are quite…” She paused, pursing her lips tightly and exhaling before continuing. “Different.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Koraia tapped her fingers on the table for a moment and then leaned forward, giving Kaylee a slight nod of encouragement. “Though we recognize that it might be impossible to prevent all meetings. Especially since we’re apparently going to help with negotiations.” She was slightly amused, truth be told, but she was also weighing all the risks and variables that might need to be considered. “What can you tell us about the Taurus Pact?”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Laraan had returned to the replicator, keeping the profile of a waiter, her back turned to the group. The wig was itching her scalp, but she could ignore that, concentrating on what was said.

  • Laraan

Eddington took a second to rub his balding scalp before answering the question. “Back before the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance was dealt with, the Gorn, Tholians, and Breen created the Taurus Pact to give themselves the best chance of resisting the Alliance. In those days the Terran Rebellion had just come to an agreement with the Romulan’s and we were involved in hit and run attacks. We tried to coax the Pact to help but at that time they were in survival mode. Now, we stand paused to start a Federation of our own and the idea came largely from our dealings with your own universe. In essence, we got the idea from you.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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Karina’s next call was to the captain. =^=Captain… I think you need to get to medical. We have a situation you need to know about.=^=

Her voice, while relatively calm, definitely had an edge to it.


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