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The chip itself was connected to a system directly linked to Julien’s mind. It piggybacked on signal received from Julien’s mind to activate other parts of his non-biological parts. The catch was, the chip itself read the electric signal, translated it, and caused other aspects of him to respond to it. For the moment, it was programmed to create messages through his communicator, but here was still room for more applicable programming, should Julien ever desire it.

Stark heard the voice and turned away briefly to chuckle, “Wheels within wheels,” he thought to himself. The fact that Orvos was being so forthcoming with his natural “advantages” was also a key to the whole enigma. Stark’s eyes darkened for a moment as he thought of the Conclave but then brightened as he thought about the arsenal of humanoid weaponry that had suddenly sprouted on the Athena. “Poor sods don’t stand a chance,” he thought with a nasty smile.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos responded to Julien’s questions. “It has the ability to do quite a bit. Its still has room for more programming should you wish anything else special.”

He then pulled out a box. He opened it in front of Julien, revealing 5 pip looking buttons. “You can give these to five different people so as to get a hold of you through a very secure communications link. It sends the signal to the chip and then the chip relays the message to you. It may take some getting used to and I can make adjustments as needed. No sound will come through your communicator though. Quite literally, the message will be relayed to you as though you heard it. You’ll need to practice a few times as you will have to respond with your mind instead of your mouth.”

Orvos paused allowing for more questions and comments.

He finally concluded. “This is all classified information. The only ones who need know about it are those who will do work on you. In the event that anyone other than myself tries to hack it, replicate it, reprogram it, etc, the chip is designed to total shutdown and be rendered inert. Nobody, and I mean nobody other than myself, should be able to do anything to it. So be careful, because when that chip shuts down, these abilities will no longer exist in you unless I redesign and program another chip. Is that clear?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Julien’s face hardened every so slightly. Even while Orvos had been explaining, Julien’s right eye’s iris had zoomed in a little on Orvos, taking in his micro expressions. He couldn’t detect any deception, but that didn’t mean…

“Well.” he said in his deep baritone voice, leaving the word hanging for a bit. “I wished you explained that before you put it in my system.”
Orvos now had leverage on Julien and he wasn’t completely sure he was comfortable with an El Aurian of advanced age and unknown history and access to futuristic tech - just like his former time-travelling CSO - to have that kind of leverage. He also had no clue of what else that chip could do…

“But it’s ok, I did ask and you helped me.” he took the box with the pips and gave one to Orvos, one to Stark and one to S’Raal. That would leave one for Marishka and one for Ghubari. He quickly considered Rovan but decided against it.
“That means that whenever you have a problem, you can call on me to help you, because you wouldn’t want me on the opposite side in any case.” he said and then smiled softly.
He meant it too, but he also needed to know that Julien didn’t tolerate anybody messing with him or his. He had too much bad history with people who had tried to take advantage of him. Placing that much trust in a relatively unknown person was almost a leap of faith for Julien and not easy.

  • Julien

Stark watched the interplay between the two with interest. Orvos he understood to a point, the newcomer, well… time would tell.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

S’Raal was still geeking over the tech and was completely oblivious to everything but it. He had a huge grin on his face as he took reading after reading in quick succession.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

Orvos studied Julien after his ‘big reveal’. It was quite understandable for him to be a bit upset it hadn’t been shared sooner, but Orvos had his reasons. After all, it was reactions that often indicated the character of a man. So far, Orvos was content.

But he couldn’t leave the man as he was. An explanation was perhaps in order. “That second process was actually meant as a secondary ability in case the programming of the chip hadn’t jived well with your systems. But since everything checks out, its a bonus for you. I can always remove the chip if you are unsatisfied though.” He paused studying the man’s reaction once more.

And he then stressed again, “But I must be the only one to take it out. No tampering with it. Unless of course you are proficient in El Aurian programming language, which I doubt. So…be careful!”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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