Holodeck self defence training

Posted June 20, 2019, 2:55 p.m. by Ensign Karina Niles (Doctor) (Melissa Aragon)

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As she would enter the holodeck, she would be greeted by the simulation of a weapons room that housed all sorts of close combat weapons that different species had to offer. The choice was vast, there was even the infamous electric whip that the Ferengi had used once upon a time.

Julien was standing in the middle of the room, bent down on one knee and tying his combat boot. He wore military slacks and a black tank shirt that revealed an impressive set of buldging muscles and deeply tanned skin along his arms, shoulders and neck. His short black curls looked wet, as if he had recently had a shower.

  • Julien

She entered and watched him a moment. She was off to his left and she could see a nice profile of him that made her breath hitch slightly. To cover it, she quickly looked around the room before he caught her staring. She laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. “Is it crazy I don’t know half of the weapons in here, but I am pretty sure I can tell you at a glance just how deep they go with how much pressure is needed to make it push thru muscle and bone?” She bit her lip and suddenly felt very much out of her realm. “Maybe this was a bad idea.” The last she hadn’t meant to say out loud, and laughed once more as she walked in the rest of the way.

Her own attire was very different. She was in a pair of tight fitting leggings and her boots, while lace up, were soft all the way around to make sure there was support without restriction around her feet and ankles. Her top, loose out over the top of her leggings, wasn’t too billowing, but slightly looser than a tunic top. It allowed for movement also, but wouldn’t hinder her in motion or get caught up in swift, close movements. Her hair was pulled back in a braided coil and pinned to her head so her tresses wouldn’t get in the way and cost her too dearly.


He looked up at her with his mismatched green eyes and smiled a welcoming smile. “It’s never a bad idea to learn to defend yourself. Officer training is good, but it needs to be done regularly in order to keep it up and paired with your knowledge as a doctor it will be very effective.” he said in his deep baritone and stood up, coming over to her.

“How much weight can you comfortably lift? I can give you a choice of suitable weapons if you tell me.” he said.

  • Julien

She nodded in agreement. “I keep in shape, but self defense is more of a reflex than anything, I suppose.” She had to look away and turn from him to hide her face a moment. The last mission had shaken her to the core. Training had prepared her for weapons’ fire and close hand to hand. But as a medical student it had focused more on protection of self and others rather offensive survival tactics. And the acid spitting, dripping?, creatures had showed her just how inadequate she was at either. A shudder went thru her as she tried to shake herself back to the here and now. She had survived, the ship had survived, so to speak, and she had kept her memories so she would remember. This moment made her realize it was that resolve that drove her to continue.

“Ummm… honestly I don’t know. Weight in my case has usually come with adrenaline.” Her fingers absently clenched and unclenched at her side as if imagining a grip being held. Feeling herself composed once more, she turned back to him with a smile but it was just coming back to completeness and he’d surely notice if he was looking. “I’ll let you choose for this. Seems I’m a bit out of my depth here.” The admission was a hard one, but she was smart enough to know that showing off, posturing and acting like a know-it-all would likely do more harm than good.


Julien nodded and thought for a few seconds, stroking the light stubble on his chin. Then he went to the wall and picked two Mekleth’s. “Let’s try two small ones first. The Mekleth is an offense and defense weapon.” he pointed at the hook at the hilt.
“You can stop any thrust of a weapon against you by catching it inside this hook, while using the double edged blade for attack. To fight with two is effective if you don’t strongly favour one hand… are you left or right handed, and how strongly?” he asked.

  • Julien

Karina listened intently and nodded. ” I’m right handed. I can use my left in a crunch. But one to one strength wise the left is only about 40-60% accurate or equal in initial strength.” She took the blade and held it the way she seen in holos. But that’s where get knowledge ended. She stood a moment and rolled her wrists, feeling the shift of the object in her hands.

After a couple seconds she nodded to him, her feet automatically shifting to balance her, her center of gravity dropping slightly. It was instinct after the last mission. But she was bracing herself to be shoved, not for motion.


Julien nodded. “Very good. Then you take the one Mekleth in your left hand like this…” and he adjusted her grip so that she held the blade facing backwards, covering her forearm “…and in the right hand you got it correctly.” he added, as she held it with the tip facing outward. He went to the wall and took a Batleth, returning with it to her and gave her a smile.

“Now, most close combat attacks come to you frontal. It’S something about the psyche of people, they all try to go for the face first. I’ll swing in slow motion and you just try to stop my blade with your left Mekleth. Use the strength in your arm and by swinging it sideways, you can deflect the force of the blow by making my blade slide down yours, until it gets trapped in the hook of the Mekleth.
Once any weapon is trapped in that hook, you have a second or two to counter-attack while your opponent still tries to free his blade. That’s when you use the Mekleth in your right to stab whichever vulnerable body part you can reach. Let’s try it, slow-mo.” he said.

He raised his Batleth in front of him and very slowly brought it down into the direction of her forehead.

  • Julien

The doctor nodded and shifted her grip as indicated. It occurred to her that the blade over her forearm was good protection and she understood the premise. “That makes sense.. Ok..”

As the Bat’leth came at her she had to stop the jerk reaction and slow herself down. Her mind focused on the reaction as her eyes watched his attack. Her right foot backed up half a step in response to bracing herself for the contact. Her left arm rose just too it meet his, then she pressed her right wrist down to the right to hook his weapon. As she did so, she hoped his body would twist just the right way to expose his ribs. She want sure she’d be able to be fast enough, or accurate enough, to go for his heart. But if Karina could get between her opponent’s tons, a myriad of viral organs awaited the weapon’s kiss. In hopes of a victory, she dropped her right wrist so the point of the blade would enter him somewhere between his ribs.


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