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Eddington looked around briefly before replying, =/\=Confirmed Captain =/\=

Iliana was looking expectantly at Eddington who in turn nodded at her unspoken request to “come with”. Eddington then looked at R’han, “I would appreciate your support in this matter”.

R’han wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and nodded quickly before turning to Christopher, “Find Jayden and make sure that people are kept away from that sinkhole, as for the other matters we’re dealing with, find my weather engineer and those two women, I want hourly updates, sooner if you discover anything”. All pretence of the jester was gone and R’han was all business.

Ten minutes later the three were in the Risian main transporter complex.

=/\= Ready when you are Captain Koraia =/\= Eddington said his eyes afire with curiosity.

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=/\=Stand by,=/\= Koraia said in reply.

As the three of them waited patiently there was a slight rumble and the room shook slightly. Rhan immediately looked over at his transporter chief who patched into the main sensor grid.

“Seismic shift” the young woman said to his unspoken question. “But…”

“We’re a pleasure planet with controlled weather and there shouldn’t BE any earthquakes” Rhan finished her sentence for her. He looked over at Eddington, “Nothing my Weather Engineer can’t fix, at least it would be if we could find where he’s gone”. Rhan was beginning to think that he should stay behind.

It was at that point that a very angry Napean burst in, daughter and large protector in tow. Loqaron levelled his gaze at the three people waiting on the transporter platform. “So when were you going to share the news that there is a strange ship in orbit?” he yelled his nostrils flaring dangerously.

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The call to be beamed up was received at the transporter station and the young woman at the controls looked over at Eddington for confirmation. The man nodded and then turned to Loqaron, “You’ll know everything we know when we know anything worth sharing” The man stated with a steely glare. Loqaron looked like he was about to speak more but then his daughter took a step forward gazing intently at Iliana Ghemor. The Cardasssian woman nodded and smiled eliciting a smile from Ghubari in return. Her father looked at his daughter with a questioning look but then the three on the platform were whisked away in a cloud of disassociated particles.

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“What was that all about,” Loqaron asked of his daughter still piqued by the cloak and dagger of the situation. Ghubari was about to answer when a sudden seismic shift rocked the building. They quickly exited the building in time to see Christopher and Jayden having a heated discussion with Zogozin the leader of the Gorn delegation.

“What desssception is thisss” Zogozin hissed his bulky frame threatening and on guard. “There isss a ssstrange sship in orbit”.

Coming from the other side of the quadrangle Azrene and the Tholians were approaching purposefully along with Thot Gor and his Breen delegation.

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The hail from the shuttle was answered by a lovely Asian woman who directed Orvos to land right next to the weather control center which adjoined the transporter room. The shuttle touched down majestically with nary even a thump to announce it’s arrival. Jayden and Christopher’s security team very quickly cordoned it off as the delegates for the Peace Talks surrounded the shuttle looking for answers.

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IC: Orvos had touched the shuttle down gently. He then stood up as he grabbed his gear and addressed the team. “Follow my lead. We are here to fix the weather control system so this planet can stabilize. Maybe we can take a look at the transporters too, but the primary point is the weather. If things get hairy, well…I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

He then moved to the door and opened it revealing the assembled people outside. “Well, this is…something,” he said under his breath before stepping out.

“Greetings,” said Orvos as he hoisted his kit up in plain sight. “Here to mend a weather control system. Who here can show us the way?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: What and who are we looking at as we exit? - Jules
OOC Couple of paragraphs up :-) Gorn, Breen, and Tholians.

Jayden came away from the ring of security guards keeping the Taurus Pact delegates at bay. He was staring at Orvos shrewdly when suddenly he turned back to them all and said loudly. “You know this man, he’s our weather engineer Orvos, now all of you calm down before things get ugly”.

Coming over Jayden whispered, “Play along, at least for now”.

Zogozin’s Gorn face was twisted and ugly as he spoke directly to Orvos “What explanation do you have for thissss weather malfunction, and why isss there a ssstrange sssship in orbit?”.

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“Well… usually we get a call… and we show up… like that Earth people… the Ghostbreakers? I don’t remember there name exactly my old cadet friend Schultz showed it to me… she was weird always had movie quotes…” Konral said, the tactic was designed to calm tensions, but while he did so he let his mind reach out as he tried to see what he might be picking up from those around him. He wasn’t sure he trusted this to go down smoothly, and knowing how everyone’s emotions were running would help him gauge how high his alert level should be.

Vander, CoS

The minds of those around them were a mixture of curiosity and outright suspicion but there was a strikingly beautiful half-Klingon woman standing further back. her mind was the sculpted blank of someone who has been trained to be that way. She looked at Konral and winked slightly.

Zogozin looked less than impressed by Vander’s pronouncement and his huge bulging muscles bunched in attack formation.

There was a sudden blur and a Varon T Disruptor suddenly appeared next to the Gorn’s temple. Christopher spoke quietly “You must be thinking, will he pull the trigger, or won’t he? Well, do you feel lucky Gorn, well do ya?”

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IC: Orvos raised an eyebrow. “I’ll give you a hint. You may not be so lucky.”

He then turned to Christopher. “I need to get back to the weather room while we are all still alive and able to at least attempt to get the weather back under control.”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: ok, and apparently Jayden (which species is he?) And maybe Marishka, who Julien would react on if it was her, a half Klingon?
Also who is Christopher again? I’m sorry, I read all sim posts but there are a lot of characters to remember from the first posts you described them, and some of those are months ago by now… my memory ain’t that good :-( sorry.

OOC It’s fine :-) Christopher is Jayden Bennett’s (who is a human character on Athena) father, separated in our realm but not here. They head up Rhan’s security force on Risa. You don’t know it yet but the Half Klingon is K’Ehleyr who is Barclay’s partner and part of Memory Omega… which you also don’t know about yet :-)
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IC Christopher slowly withdrew his weapon from the Gorn’s temple who hissed at him but became a little more retractible when Jayden arrived to take his place with the group. Together they slowly led the group towards the weather station. The delegates were all talking among themselves and pointing but then an Asian woman stepped out of the nearby transporter room and they all turned towards her en masse shouting questions.

Christopher nodded at Jayden and peeled off from the group to intercept the mob leaving them to enter the weather station with only the younger man as an escort.

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Julien kept at the outer ring of his group, trying to look like an unsuspicious generic medic but he couldn’t quite keep from assessing the half-Klingon woman quickly, who kept in the background just like him.

  • Julien

Jayden quickly led them into a large room full of machinery that looked a lot like the engine room on the Athena complete with a mezzanine floor level accessible by ladders and an open lift and several adjoining rooms. Jayden pointed to one of the adjoining rooms and spoke directly to Orvos. “Master control is in there”.

Turning to the others he looked them over with an appraising eye. “You don’t look like engineers,” he said flatly.

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Stark smiled showing every inch of canine he had, “You have Gorn, Tholians, Breen and Romulan’s on the planet. Where we hail from that calls for a security escort and an extremely paranoic attitude”. He motioned to the disruptor, “Which if you’ll pardon me for saying it, you seem to be fully aware of”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Julien just nodded and let Stark do the talking.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

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