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Kin, Security

S’Raal and T’Pon continued to listen attentively not wanting to break the flow of the conversation.
S’Raal Cran Moonshadow
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“Yes, I think I can see your point on that. Even so, I love my job and the offer stands for all.” she said glancing at T’Pon and S’Raal.

Marishka had a feeling they wouldn’t need her in that way but she wanted to get to know them none the less.

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IC “Noted” S’Raal said with a smile, “Life for us is a little slow for us at the moment, the lack of impending doom lately has seriously taxed our need to be out and about”.

T’Pon patted her expanding girth and gave a small smile, “The out isn’t much of an issue for me presently but the aboutis certainly becoming more difficult”

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and T’Pon (+1)

Marishka wanted to get to know T’Pon and S’Raal. T’Pon had an interesting job and Julien had mentioned S’Raal’s name. It didn’t hurt that Marishka was the bartender.

“Well, whenever you’re out and about you always have a table here. I’ve heard you have an amazing arboretum T’Pon. Do you have anything interesting and unique? I’m looking for some flora to liven up the place.” Marishka said.

  • Marishka

Kin visibly perked up at the mention of gardens and her attention fell on the couple.

Kin, Security

T’Pon’s smile broadened seeming slightly out of place on her Vulcan visage. “The arboretum is a joy to work in and I’m building quite a collection of plants from across the quadrant. Getting them to work together is somewhat of a task but I enjoy the challenge. I’d be happy to work with you on some specimens to put in this space. I have some that give off a very pleasant aroma including a rare variety of Rikka flower from the Taresian system in the Delta Quadrant.”


Marishka couldn’t remember what color the Rikka flower was but that didn’t matter.

“Oh yes, I’m thinking the more exotic and luxurious the better and. perhaps, some things that you might find on Earth in the region of Greece. Dwarf olive trees, lemon trees, that type of thing. It sounds like you have quite an interesting puzzle. I’m going to have to take a walk there one of these nights when I can’t sleep.” Marishka decided.

  • Marishka

“I think I can accommodate you there,” T’Pon said with a nod of her head, “both with the trees and with a stroll through the place. I’ve set it up so that it affords plenty of private contemplative spaces. Security had a bit of an issue with some aspects of my design until I pointed out that my nook and crannies are no easier to hide in than a handy Jeffries tube.”

T’Pon Groundskeeper.

Familiar eyes with a familiar smile in a familiar uniform walked out of the bar with none the wiser that the mind behind the face was not the person they knew. The imposter walked down the corridor towards the turbolift and making sure that no one entered at the same time spoke the words that would take them to their next destination, and their next target.

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